Stay at home moms and work

Stay at home moms must make a decision that affects the finances of the whole family. More often these days, stay at home moms can find work to do from the home to help out. There are lots of choices, from baby sitting to working online. If you do something that requires you to keep product in your house, you may want to look into to make sure that you product is safe.


One of the most common reasons moms choose to stay at home with their children, is the cost of child care. In today’s economy, child care can literally eat up over half of your pay check. If you have more than one child, child care costs can take all of your pay check and are just not worth the effort. Add to that the cost of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle and the benefits of remaining home with your child are much greater then remaining in the work field. There are ways to add to your income and remain home with your child.

If you like children, you can open your own in home day care to a few children that can help supplement your household finances. There are a few hoops to jump through for this though and you would want to make sure you are well insured against injury etc. Many moms sell products like Avon or Mary Kay. You can take your child with you on deliveries and even if you go door to door. Strollers work great, but weather can make that a bit of a problem.

Working online is one if the best ways to bring in extra money to the home, and there are many ways to do just that. As a data entry or online concierge, you can make a decent living, but you must beware of the scams that are very prevalent on the web. Do not ever trust anything that says you are going to get rich. You won’t. You will just waste money on something that does not work in the least. A good typist can make about forty dollars a day or more if you apply to the right company.

Remember that applying for these types of jobs is just like a regular employment process and you may have to go to a local office to take an assessment test as well as an interview. Make sure they are aware that you want to work from home, and not in their local office. They will sometimes try to fill their ranks that way, so you want to be sure up front before you waste your time and gas.

Apply to companies that you are familiar with. If you have never heard of them before I would be leery about working online with them. Many will get you to work for them and then not pay you for your work. That makes for a waste of time and effort that will only discourage you from trying again.