Bosses Don’t Need To Be Bosses To Keep Employees Happy

Keeping subordinates and employees happy isn’t an impossible feat.  However, when it comes to management and directors, it’s often something that is overlooked. Some of them have taken the climb up the success ladder too hard, too slow and it’s making them overlook the softness of their personalities.

Top management may forget what it was like to be at the bottom of the pyramid. Such offices and companies don’t do well in the long run because they lose out on the best minds and team only because the boss had such airs around him/herself. There are cases of some lady employers who tend to be a little over professional and demanding, but there is a fine line between professionalism and being harsh.

Employees need to be motivated, happy and satisfied for the success of the business. There are some ideas that bosses can follow for keeping employees happy and see them excel as a team. Here are few of them;


Create a comfortable environment

If comfortable environment is being set up for the clients to feel at ease, as mentioned in a previous post; it is of utmost importance that employees that are working round the clock should have a comfortable environment as well.

The ambience contributes greatly to the productivity of the employee, so if they need to put up a picture of their family or the dog, send them a standard sixed photo frame. Even though a lot of employees may be wasting their time in the eyes of the boss at the coffee maker, socialization too is very necessary.

Eloquent praise

Bosses and management may not be used to saying the two magic words called “Please” and “thank you”. Employees and subordinates working without any vocal praise or gratitude from the management may not be motivated or productive as their full potential.

When an employee or subordinate does something good or finishes a job well done, pat them on the back when they are amongst their co-workers; this boosts their moral and sets off a positive trigger amongst the others to try harder. It’s the same as when we were back in school and the teacher would appreciate our peers; this would make us try harder to get into the teacher’s good books.

Occasional lunches or even gifts

Treat employee of the month out to a homemade lunch or one at the café downtown; this will motivate the team to work harder and win a spot at the lunch table with the boss. Offering to buy someone lunch is extending a hand of friendship towards them.

It is important that bosses treat their subordinates like a team and not a leader/follower relationship. There’s also no harm in rewarding a job well done with some gift ideas that are appropriate. Keep the office environment motivated yet professional; maybe have a special treat for an employee who comes on time every day and has never taken a day off.

It’s not hard to keep employees happy the above mentioned ideas. They’ll work if when keeping the attitude in check yet maintaining a certain air of authority.