The best apps to keep you entertained this Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year for most of us. It’s the one stage of winter that’s filled with glittery lights, music and spending time with friends and family. You get to give gifts to the ones you love and see their faces light up with excitement.

There are the nonstop Christmas parties where you can reconnect with friends from far and wide. Even the work Christmas parties can be fun – and you get to enjoy all the Christmas booze for free!

But there are parts of Christmas that not everyone enjoys. There are the long train rides home and the endless queues at the supermarket. Sometimes even the time at home with family can become a bit of a chore. But there are lots of ways you can keep yourself entertained.

Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, there are countless new and exciting apps to try out. These are specifically made to chill you out, keep you entertained or simply to get your brain going and not let the Christmas brain fog get you down.

We’ll be taking you through some of the best apps to keep you entertained this Christmas, no matter what your interests are.

Most entertaining apps

  • Insight Timer

Meditation is constantly gaining popularity due to its calming effect on people. Sometimes the noise of day to day life can leave us feeling exhausted and like our minds are constantly set to go. It can be difficult to stay calm and collected, even when you’re on your Christmas break.

But with Insight Timer, keeping a level head couldn’t be easier. Not only are there countless guided meditations to follow but there are lots of articles containing advice for relationships. These aren’t just about romantic relationships either so, if you’re having to deal with a particularly difficult relative this Christmas, Insight Timer can give you the tools to cope with it.

If you find a particular teacher you like, you can follow their specific meditation guides to keep up with everything they’re doing. You can even meditate along with others if they have the app as well. And even if your friends don’t have the Insight Timer app, you can meet friends on the app and meditate along with them. This is optional though so you can enjoy the meditation without anyone else.

  • Jackpot Party

For those who want to add some more sparkle to their Christmas, there’s Jackpot Party. Sometimes we don’t love the relatives we’re around at Christmas or there isn’t as much excitement as you’d like. Well, that won’t be the case if Jackpot Party is your chosen app of the season.

As the name suggests, the party never stops at Jackpot Party. There are constantly all kinds of different games to play so no matter what your favourite is, you’ll never be bored. If you love slot games, there are almost too many to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of traditional slots or fancy the chance at a big pay out with progressive slots, there’s a game for everyone.

Maybe you fancy giving yourself a little treat this festive season? Then why not check out how you could win thousands of free coins by downloading the app! Christmas might be the time for giving, but there’s no need to eradicate yourself from that mantra. You could make this Christmas even more glorious by winning big so don’t miss out.

  • Flow Free

If you’re a fan of a brain teasing puzzle that keeps you on your toes, then Flow Free is the app for you this Christmas. This game might seem simple at first but as the levels go on, your problem solving skills are tested to the limit.

You get to solve a puzzle per day but there’s no limit to the number of puzzles you complete if you want to really get involved. Each day the puzzle will increase in difficulty as you move up the levels.

Flow Free gets a massive 4.5 star rating so you know that you’re downloading something worthwhile.

  • Can You Escape

This is another great puzzle for those who like to test their mental agility. If you love escape rooms in real life, why not bring the fun of an escape room to your phone? This has all the fun of being in a real escape room – but without the hindrance of having other people spoiling your brilliant plans!

If you ever feel like escaping the forced family fun at your Christmas do, why not escape to Can you Escape on your phone and test you escape room skills. You can even get some practice in before you have the chance to get to a real life one!

Christmas might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but these apps are sure to keep you entertained even through the limbo between Christmas and New Year. Which one are you going to download this festive season?