Top 10 Career Fields Women are Dominating in 2019

The job market in the U.S. has witnessed considerable changes in recent years. The most notable change is the increase in the number of women participating in the workforce. By the year 2016, women held almost less than half of all jobs in the U.S. but their number has been increasing steadily.

Even though women still don’t earn as much as their male counterparts, the jobs they participate in are high-paying. We expect that if the current trend continues, they will soon close the gender pay gap. There are more women working now than ever before. Keep reading for top 10 career fields women are dominating in 2019.

  1. Women Are Dominating as Child-Care Providers

This career requires certification and licensure which varies from state to state. Currently, more than ninety percent of the workforce in this profession are women. They ensure the well being of children when their parents are away.

Child-care providers comprise of nutritionists, daycare workers, nurses, tutors, teachers, and all other professionals found in daycare centers.

  1. Home Health Care Providers

Like in the above case, this career needs certification and licensure. The services of home health care providers are in great demand, especially among the retired baby boomers who need special care at their residential places.

The care providers help these retirees to remain independent from the family members in terms of cleaning the homes, running errands, washing clothes, and cooking meals. Apart from that, they also take care of their medical needs. The job is very stressful and strenuous because some of these patients are disabled which make them more irritable.


This job requires a doctorate’s degree and licensure. Many Americans love their pets and they want them to receive more attention, and that’s why things that were unheard of two decades ago, like pet care, grooming, and insurance, are now very popular. This has made the demand for veterinarians to soar and women have stepped in to meet this demand.

In fact, more than eighty percent of the professionals in this field are women. Veterinarians take care of animals, they give them injections, perform bi-annual checkups on them, and vaccinate them. They also provide them with medication to treat their various medical conditions.

Most of them work in private hospitals, clinics, laboratories, farms, and classrooms. Some also work in public facilities.

  1. Social Services Workers

For many years, communication experts and psychologists have claimed that women are better than men in talking and also in taking care of help-seekers. This has been proven in the social services career where the ratio of women to men is 4:1. This job requires at least a bachelor’s degree, and it also needs the individual to be naturally social.

A social services worker helps people to solve or cope with their problems. Most social workers work in welfare environments, mental health facilities, schools, immigration services, hospitals, settlement houses, and churches.

They make resources available for those in need and also strive to help in the reduction of poverty-related situations, crime rates, and addictions. That makes it one of the best jobs for women.

  1. Educators

This is also among the more female-dominated jobs. The career needs a bachelor’s degree and has a vast category ranging from preschool educators to high school educators.

The ratio of women to men in this career is 8:1, and this could be for the same reasons why women dominate the social services career – they like helping people in need. Educators work in both private and public schools where they can take up academic or nonacademic roles.

  1. Sorters and Graders of Agricultural Products

The number of sorters and graders of agricultural product nearly tripled between 2000 and 2007, and it was women who accounted for the majority of this increase. In 2016, the ratio of women to men in this career stood at 13:7 and it is expected that women will continue dominating in this career.

  1. Fundraising and Public Relations Managers

Public relations managers are charged with the responsibility of creating a good company image to the public. In this responsibility, men can never do better than women.

That’s why women are dominating in this career. Women are also good at appealing to people’s emotions and that explains why they make good fundraising managers. More than half of Fundraising and Public relations managers in the U.S. are women.

  1. Pharmacists and Medical Secretaries

Some would find it difficult to believe that more than half of the pharmacists in the U.S. are women. In just less than two decades ago, there were more men pharmacists in the U.S. than women, but this has changed as many women are now training and getting employed as pharmacists.

Many women are also taking jobs as medical secretaries. The duties of a medical secretary include billing patients, scheduling appointments and also compiling and recording medical reports, charts, and correspondence.

  1. Natural Sciences Managers

Natural sciences managers plan and direct the work of scientists in the fields of statistics, math, physical sciences, and life sciences. Within the last 20 years, the number of women in this career was less than a third of the total workforce, but this has changed. Today, women take more than half of the total number of employees in this field.

  1. Lodging Managers

Lodging managers, also known as bed and breakfast, motel, or hotel managers, are the people who ensure that guests on business travel or on vacation have a pleasant experience in motels, hotels, and other types of facilities that offer accommodation services.

They also ensure that the facilities they manage to run efficiently. The number of women working in this profession has been increasing over the years while that of men has remained unchanged. Currently, there are more women than men participating in this career.

Women Are Dominating in More and More Career Fields

Women are actively involved in some of the most lucrative careers in the U.S. This could be attributed to the personalities that make them the best fit for these careers. It is, therefore, not surprising that in most job adverts, the managers specify that they require only female applicants.

Another reason is that women are nowadays daring to take up courses and careers that were traditionally “preserved” for men, like those that involve math and sciences. If the current trend continues, it is expected that in the near future they will be dominating in more and more careers.

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