My experience with the Kool8 Bottle

I love staying active.

One of my favorite things to do is going to the gym and leaving feeling like I can’t walk any more.

It’s the feeling of knowing I gave it my all and left everything out on the floor that drives me.

Whether it’s with squats or on the rowing machine, it doesn’t matter.

With this in mind, I drink A LOT of water.

Probably a lot more than the average person.

When I’m working out, I tend to finish my bottle at least twice before I leave.

You should also know that I’m don’t throw money at anything I don’t trust or think is poor value for money. For this reason, I hate plastic water bottles. You can’t use them more than once and even if you tried, they start to make the water taste horrible.

I need a proper reusable water bottle that I can take with me to the gym that will outlast me!

I did some research but it didn’t take long to find the Kool8 water bottle on Google. Their website looked great and the company’s values met with my own. So I looked for reviews (I don’t waste money remember!) before deciding to try it out. By the way, this review from South Florida Reporter is what made me buy the thing to begin with.

Here’s my review.

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed after unboxing was its design. The website said it was ‘sleek and modern’ and I had a good idea of what to expect from there. But let me tell you – it looks even better in person.

I’ve seen a lot of water bottles online and used a few of them myself, and they all look and feel similar. This Kool8 water bottle though had something different.

I thought they must have had a fashion designer come in because it just goes with all my outfits, no matter if I’m in my gym gear or casual clothes.

The next thing I tested was its durability. When I go to the gym, I don’t always carefully place my bottle down on the floor in between sets. I sometimes just throw it down and jump back into the exercise.

So, as I stood there admiring the design, I threw it on the ground just as I would if I was working out. I picked it up and examined the bottle again.

Not a single dent or scratch. Not bad. I checked for any leaks or spillages that could have occurred mid-flight. Nothing.

Overall, the first impressions were very good. The next test was to take a drink out of it.

A Pleasant Experience

When you get a water bottle, the main thing it should do is give you easy access to the contents inside. That’s exactly what I checked for.

When I go to the gym, I need to fill it up regularly. This means my water bottle needs to fit underneath the head of a water fountain. The bottle’s mouth is certainly wide enough so no problems there.

I filled it all the way with cold water from the fridge and gave it a go. Needless to say, it was a pleasant experience. The stainless steel didn’t take away any of the taste that you can get from plastic.

So I screwed the top back on, put it in my bag and got on with my day.

It wasn’t too long before I needed another drink though. I reached for my bottle and I was surprised by the temperature of the bottle.

From the website, the sellers claim their insulation technology ‘maintains your desired beverage temperature for hours.’ Well, from personal experience, I can honestly say I stand by their statement.

I knew from the second I touched the bottle that the water inside would be cool and refreshing. And I wasn’t let down.

At this point, I’m thinking that’s it, it’s hit its peak. But there’s more…

Tea Lover

While it may seem like I’m a gym nut, water isn’t the only thing I drink. In fact, I love a good cup of tea. Whether it’s traditional English Breakfast or trying out a fruit tea, I’m a fan.

The Kool8 bottle comes with a tea infuser, adding to its appeal.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was about to sit down and watch the soccer. I was really in the mood for a berry tea so went to the kitchen and boiled the kettle.

I reached for a mug in the cupboard but then I remembered my water bottle and its infuser. So I thought I’d give it a go.

I went into it thinking even if it sucks for tea, it’s still the best water bottle I’ve ever used in my life. After finishing up, I went back to my couch put my feet up and took a sip.

The taste was amazing. I never knew drinking tea out of metal could be such a fantastic experience but I was wrong.

I didn’t want to put it down. It was exactly what I needed. I put it down on the coffee table and started watching the game. I got a phone call from my friend who said he was in the neighborhood so I invited him over for the game.

He arrived 20 minutes later. We greeted each other and I offered him a drink. He accepted so I picked up my Kool8 bottle with the intention of refiling it with another round of water or tea.

But it was still warm! After all this time, I couldn’t believe it! I explained it to my friend and let him try it for himself. He was just as surprised as I and wanted to know where to get one for himself!

This bottle has so many great uses and I’m yet to find a fault.


Buy this bottle. It’s as simple as that. Coming from someone that is very cautious about where to use their money, you will not regret it.

Kool8 have done an incredible job and I thank them for creating this water bottle.