What You Must Know Before Moving to Houston

Houston, Texas has been a city of tremendous growth in recent years. Like its sister city, Dallas, the housing market has reached all-time highs and the population has boomed. Car transport Houston experts, Executive Auto Shippers, attribute this to the bustling business district, education options, and entertainment and attraction options.

Before packing up and heading to Houston, here’s what you must know about living in this vivacious city.


When it comes to Houston, the climate is labeled by meteorologists as “humid subtropical.” That means you can expect lots of hot days, lots of rain, and the occasional severe storm. Sometimes these storms come in the form of heavy rain, other times tornados, tropical cyclones, and hurricanes make an appearance.

The temperature never drops below freezing in the winter, but sometimes climbs over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. An air conditioner is a must for this hot, humid, city. So are hair products and ample hydration if you’re sensitive to humidity. It is called the Bayou City after all.


Some cities are set up to be a pedestrian paradise. Houston is not one of those cities, and you should plan on having your vehicle shipped to you when you move there. The urban sprawl is immense, covering 655 square miles, making it the fourth largest city in the USA. For context, New York City is only 303 square miles.

In relation to the size of the city, the public transport system leaves a lot to be desired. It is not easily accessible if you don’t live in proximity to your workplace, which is why a vehicle is a must. Due to the exponential growth, traffic has been especially problematic in recent years. The city is continuously working to optimize travel routes and encourage the development of more service stations and exits, as well as investing in bettering the public transport system.


The Houston housing market has experienced an interesting reaction to 2017’s Hurricane Harvey disaster. After the cleanup was underway, real estate investors swooped in to buy damaged houses for cheap with the intention of fixing them up and flipping them. Sellers of those houses started shifting to areas of the city that were less impacted by the disaster, with hopes that they’d be immune to future flooding. As a result, the housing market has been booming in the last year.

In addition to home purchases and prices increasing and selling quickly, the rental market has also picked up tremendously. Many citizens who were displaced from their homes because of the storm are still in rentals for the time being. As many of the houses sell the moment they hit the market and are even subject to bidding wars, people are opting to rent rather than enter the fray.


Houston is known worldwide for its work in the energy industry, particularly oil and natural gas. This is one of the main reasons professionals flock to the city. It’s also a huge destination for international business relations. Furthermore, the cutting-edge broadcasting system contributes 24,000 jobs to the economy while the continuous growth and development mean a correlating increase in opportunity. In summation, there are plenty of job opportunities for those moving to the Houston area.


Taxes are relatively low in Houston. The general sales tax rate is 6.25% with the Houston tax rate adding another 0-1%. County sale tax is non-existent in Houston. Of course, these numbers may change based on economic fluctuations or the product or service being purchased.

Whatever your motivation for moving to Houston, know that you’re headed to an enormous metropolis where there is always something to see and do.