Weaknesses or qualities? How to get a new job

We all have weaknesses or defects which we often try to keep them hidden. They don’t recommend us in a positive way and therefore they we are hiding them hoping that they will not be seen. But have you thought that a defect can recommend you for a particular job?

Others may find some features of yours real weaknesses. But once you acknowledge the need to overcome your weaknesses, these can be used to your advantage and will be better polished by working on them and honing your skills by furthering your education through online universities like RMIT University. Do not hurry to change yourself, but try to transform these weaknesses in real qualities and you will see that you can use these “gifts” for a job.

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1. You’re too talkative

You are often told that you are talking too much and you prefer to talk instead of working. Your coffee breaks are extended beyond the imposed limit, and sometimes colleagues even avoid you because they know they can attract warnings because of the inactivity.

What jobs would suit you?

Public Relations Specialist

This one has to keep in touch with people within the company, and with all the external environment of the company. You need to be more than just a pleasant person, you need to know to talk more, to give the right answers when the company is assaulted by the press and you have to verbal handle in crisis situations, to come with solutions and with more energy .

Sales Agent

You have to know how to talk and convince people to buy your product. Here are not recommended introverted persons, so you fit into the prototype of the ideal candidate for such a post. And you even have to talk much, because it will mainly be your job: to talk longer or shorter with different clients. Of course that the ability to persuade must be added at this ability.

Travel guide

After a thorough documentation and training, you will be able to provide a lot of information to the tourists which are coming to visit the touristic destination where you are working . Therefore you have to really like to talk, to communicate with people and be spontaneous in the moments when you are asked difficult questions.

2. You are lazy during daytime, active at night

There are people, including you, which can count that they have more energy at night. If during the day at a desk, you’d be able to sleep with your head on the keyboard, you hardly wait the evening t to get out of the house. For you, the night is your day.

What jobs would suit you?

Receptionist at the airport

This job requires working very often on night shifts, because the flow of customers it is a continuous one. You would like to be active during the night in an environment where other people operate like during the day.

Dispatcher for 911

The energy you have during the night will keep you awake and active to hours which others can not conceive to stay awake. But there are events and unpleasant problems that occur during the night, too. You will be there and will be able to help those who are facing extreme situations.

Waitress in the club

Your energy during the night took you naturally to the fun of the clubs. Why not have fun and earn money at the same time? You can easily find a job as a waitress in your favorite club. You will be guaranteed the money, as well as the fun.

3.You are too shy

women programmer

You’re too shy and you feel often entangled in your activities because of this issue. For you, shyness is a real burden and you don’t know how to escape.

What jobs would suit you?

Laboratory Technician

Shyness often stops you to be a sociable person. You will first prefer the solitude, and on the other hand, individual work in the detrimental of the team one. Therefore, the lab technician can be part of a team, but your work will depend on him. You will enjoy full peace and you will have to be responsable for your work just in front of a very few people.


A library is a real oasis of peace and relaxation. If you’re passionate about people and books, you can spend some time reading at work. You will advise customers on the books in the store, and discussions will be relaxing and enjoyable.

Data Analyst

Companies need people to look calm and patient and to sort information formed of figures and other accurate data. Just a quiet and somewhat withdrawn person can find the patience to work on such a post.

4. You have too much energy

You do not really succeed stay in a place. You’re always on the run, get bored quickly and always looking for something new.

What jobs would suit you?


You need a lot of energy, both in rehearsal, and on stage. You must always be motivated to love what you do and use your entire physical capacity for the roles that you play.

Public person

You can be a public person of any kind: television star, singer or a personality. You will always be in the spotlight and you will know how to do to be always noticed because your enthusiasm will never disappear.

Fitness Instructor

An overflowing energy fits perfectly with the rhythm present on fitness gyms. If you like movement, you can use the “disadvantage” of being too active teaching others to love sport. You will have an enviable body and the earning will be on the measure of your effort.

If you lost your job for some time and still have not found another job, do not despair. There are several things you can do with this free unwanted time of yours now more than ever.

1. Study a foreign language

If you have not managed to learn French at an advanced level, now is the time to do it, because you will continuously hit this “disabled”.

If you know French and do not have any problem in this aspect, learn another foreign language: Dutch, German, Spanish … One never knows what job offer you can get or what requirements can have job s that you’re dreaming of for a long time. So learn permanently and you will not have to lose, on the contrary

2. Do volunteer

Have you ever avoided a voluntary action on the idea that you have no time and the job is exhausting you to get involved in voluntary actions. But now, the lack of occupations must determine you exactly to find one.

3. Learn HTML (or other programming language)

Due to a high demand on the tech industry, learning html or other programming language will help you get back on track. If you find yourself interested in coding, you can enroll for classes online or attend trainings. As you improve your logical thinking and problem-solving skills, you can find the best software engineering jobs and be part of their team in no time.