Cute animals driving cars

For some inexplicable reason, we humans love animals to imitate our own actions. It could be a strange sort of narcissism. Sometimes we recognise it occurring naturally, but sometimes we just have to force it into being. Add a dash of cuteness into the mix and the result is irresistible.

No animals were harmed in the collection of the images and videos for this list, hopefully none were injured in the making and taking of them.

This little tabby went to market. This little kitten looks pretty confident at the wheel for such a young driver.
cat driving car

Chihuahuas seem to be naturally smart drivers. Right at the end you might notice Pinky has a friend in the driver’s seat with her and her owner, another Chihuahua. Don’t try this at home, kids.

It seems quite the thing to film your Chihuahua driving a car in the US. Just ignore the child in the back seat and watch the cute dogs, the parents do.

While it might be better to have the sound down on the videos above, turn this one right up. A sports car, some doof doof and an air of disdain is all you need to impress the girls in the canine world too.

This cheeky chappy looks like he’s spotted a lady dog he likes and is honking the horn to get her attention. Almost certainly he winked after this shot was taken.

dog driving

A gentleman driver who’s got his gal already takes her for a sedate drive. She does not look amused.

Animals Driving Cars LIFE

Oh dear. I knew we should have got the convertible.


Bunnies are always cute and even though the car isn’t real, the baby rabbits are

Another toy car, but chimps are high in the cuteness and human imitating stakes. He seems to be asking for directions, but the kid isn’t playing. It’s his turn in the car.
monkey in car

Monkey races were part of carnival entertainment in the 50s and 60s. Step back ladies. These guys look competitive.

Monkey car 3

Small is cute and this is small and cute – the toy car is just the right size.

rat driving

You’ve got to love this. The dogs and cars don’t even have to be real to be cute.

And if you can’t get enough of cuteness and cars with animal drivers, then you need some curtains, clothes or bags made from fabric with prints of them on it. The Japanese are masters of cute design.

Guest blogger Midge wrote this after working on an article for 4wd cars for mitsubishi asx and finding a whole bunch of cute animals. In the same vein as LOL cats these cute drivers inspired her to divert from her normal style and put together this highly cute list.