What does the PG/VG ratio do for your e-liquid?

If you’ve ever used an e-cigarette you’ve probably seen the PG/VG ratio for your e-liquid. But do you know what the abbreviations mean and what the ratio stands for? It is not always clear for anyone what it is and what it means, so we are happy to tell you all about it.

PG and VG
Let’s first clarify what the abbreviations stand for and what PG and VG are. PG is short for Propylene Glycol and VG for Vegetable Glycerine and both are often used in the food industry. PG is a preservative and is primarily used as the base of the e-liquid. It’s a colorless liquid and has a slightly sweet taste. VG is also colorless, but has a thicker consistency.

The ratio
For your e-liquids there is a certain ratio of the PG/VG available. This ratio shows how much of either of the substances is in it. This way you can decide whatever is most fit for you. A ratio with more than 50% of PG in it, means that there is a strong throat hit, a strong flavor and a small vapour. When you go for a 50/50 ratio you’ll have a medium level of all three effects. If VG is more dominant in the e-liquid you’ll get a smoother throat hit, medium flavour and a bigger vape cloud.

Which PG/VG Ratio Is Needed For The Vape Tank Or Kit?

When it comes to choosing a PG/VG ratio for your vape juice, a high-PG liquid will result in a more intense throat hit and will reduce vapor production. It can also make your mouth feel dry and cause a sore throat. If you are unsure of the right proportion for your vape, read on to learn more.

PG is a liquid that is almost tasteless and has a slight sweetness. PG is also used in medicines and processed foods. Vegetable Glycerin, on the other hand, is a thick liquid made from vegetable fat. Both are acceptable to use in your vape kit or tank. If you’re unsure of which ratio to use in your liquid, start by reading this infographic.

When selecting your e-liquid, you should keep in mind that the PG/VG ratio of your juice will determine the flavour and throat hit. For those who prefer a more potent vape, it’s best to use a higher PG/VG ratio. You’ll notice an increase in vapor production when you select a higher PG/VG ratio.

Coil resistance
For the e-liquid to turn into vape, a coil is needed. This is the wire in your e-cigarette that heats up the liquid. Because there’s a different in the thickness of the e-liquid depending on the PG/VG ratio, it is important to take in mind that not every coil is suitable for every e-liquid. If the coil has a resistance of 1 ohm or less, you can use liquids with a dominance of VG and for 1 ohm and higher an e-liquid with more PG will be best.

Other ingredients
E-liquids have some other ingredients as well, next to the PG and VG. For instance there is an aroma added to the liquid to give it the taste and smell. On top of that there is the possibility to buy e-liquids with nicotine in it. Although this is not necessarily always in there: you can also choose for a nicotine free option. Anyway, these are all things you have to take into account while choosing your liquid.

What Are The Key Differences Between PG And VG For Vapers?

The Odour And Taste

Among the key differences between PG and VG for vapers, the most important is their odour and taste. While PG has a sweet and sour taste, VG doesn’t. It’s clear and doesn’t have a distinct taste. Regardless of what flavor you’re after, a VG-based vape juice will be better for you.

Smoother Throat Feel

VG has a smoother throat feel. Compared to PG, VG juices are more likely to have a smoother throat feeling, which is a good thing for new vapers. However, if you’re allergic to PG or if you find it irritating, you might want to go with a juice with higher VG content. Long-time vapers are increasingly choosing higher VG juices.

Less Dehydrating

PG is 100% natural and suitable for health-conscious vapers. Unlike VG, PG is less dehydrating. VG, on the other hand, is more effective at carrying flavour. Compared to PG, VG is better for throat hits and flavor release. As the most popular e-liquids, both types of VG and PG have their advantages.

Proper Flavour

PG is a petroleum by-product. It is a humectant, and it carries flavors better than VGs. It is also used in cosmetics, soaps, and in the chemical industry. It is easy to vaporize. The choice between PG and VG is dependent on your preferences. In this article, we’ll compare the two most common e-liquids and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Higher Smoke Point

VG is the main ingredient in E-Liquids. It has a slightly sweet taste and a higher smoke point than PG. VG is also best for sub-ohm vaping, but it reduces coil life. In general, PG and VG are similar in their purpose and odour. The two ingredients have different effects. While PG is more commonly used in e-liquids, VG is better for e-cigarettes.


PG-based e-liquids tend to be more expensive than those made from VG-based liquids. PG-based e-liquids contain no nicotine, so there’s no need to worry about them being harsh on the throat. Rather, they’ll give you an intense nicotine hit, with very little throat hit. As a result, they’re popular among beginners who don’t like the throat sensation associated with VG-based e-liquids.