What Female Founders Should Know About Work-Life Balance

You’ve gained years of experience in your specific industry and now is the time to spark up your entrepreneurial passion. You’ve gone through some unique California business names and picked a business name that aligns well with your business philosophy.

Now what?

You’re ready to enter the market and combat your competitors with a powerful brand – a brand of your own!

Though this surely is exciting, you’re aware that it requires a higher level of dedication as compared to a nine-to-five job.

But ask yourself, “Will I be overdoing it?” 

If you said, “Yes,” you should know that work stress may drain your energy. This could also affect your productivity. Instead, you should act as a calm yet professional female founder who knows how to boost her productivity without getting mentally and physically exhausted.

So, what exactly should you do to create a work-life balance right from the beginning?

Follow these tips.

Create A Style Statement

Picture this: your toddler keeps you busy right from the moment you step into your home. But your all-day exhaustion shouldn’t force you to compromise on your wardrobe. Remember this: while you’re a busy mom at home, you’re a CEO at work. Balancing two roles at the same time is a challenge, but worth trying!

You should have a style statement that reflects empowerment at work. Your dressing should also reflect that you’re a confident, successful, and professional female founder.

Instead of greeting employees in casual pants (unless you’re a fashion designer or an artist), create a lasting impression by knowing how to dress for success. You don’t have to go completely formal, though. Just make these changes in your appearance:

  • Instead of a sleeveless blouse, wear a blazer
  • Instead of a brightly colored t-shirt, wear a white button-up shirt
  • Tie your hair to give a neat look
  • Prefer neutral hues
  • Avoid the disastrous effect caused by wearing too many matching pieces. Just a bracelet will complete the look

When In Vacations, Stay Away From Work

Customer satisfaction. Employee retention. Skyrocketing profits.

Undeniably, you want to have it all!

But when you’re traveling with family, forget for a few days that you’re the business owner. If you’ve kids, enjoy the mom in you while exploring the fun offered by mesmerizing theme parks of Orlando. Even if you’re single, live the best moments with friends at a Malaysian island without checking emails.

Not sure how to disconnect from work without worrying about project deadlines and upcoming meetings with clients?

You can do this easily by managing the entire workforce remotely. A wise option is to prepare payroll in just a few minutes by using Clockspot.com. Besides, you can also use timesheets to track employees’ performance. That way, you’ll not have to inquire about each of your staff’s daily performance when you deserve to make the most of your vacations.

Say Goodbye To Late Sittings

Deadlines have piled up. Meetings can’t be rescheduled. New employees need to be trained before the new project begins. In a situation like this, you might think everything is messed up. Since you’re in charge of everything, there isn’t any other option other than extending your work hours.

But are late sittings worthwhile enough?

You might not notice but working for more than forty-eight hours a week could be devastating for your health. This may also lead you to sacrifice your sleep.

On the contrary, a better way to manage your work schedule is to get up from your desk at the usual closing time so you can go to bed at the earliest. What’s next? You’ll wake up an hour before the office hours. Why not utilize that extra hour in a morning walk?