How to keep up energy when dieting

Introducing a diet plan to your daily routine is indeed one of the best ways to reduce the body weight, but at the same time the body often tends to feel more fatigued and tired due to it. The tendency to feel tired because of dieting is one of the major problems, why people find it so difficult to keep up the diet plan for an effectively long period. The data from surveys clearly reflect that every 4 out of 10 persons follow an ill-structured routine and then end up putting all the blame on dieting. If you are someone who is also facing the same problem of tiredness, here are some tips which can help you boost your energy without letting you compromise with your diet plan:

Maintain an adjustment period

If you are planning to lose weight overnight, you’re clearly on a wrong track because weight loss is about long-term changes. Cutting off all your favorite food items and exposing yourself to long workout hours will only result in an exhausted body. Instead of decreasing your calorie intake substantially, you should plan a gradual drop of about 200 calories on a daily basis. This will enable your body to get adjusted to the new diet structure and will eventually help in maintaining the energy level of the body.

Keep an eye on your diet’s calorie count

As per the American College of Sports Medicine, the minimum calorie count of women is 1200 calories per day and that of men is around 1700 calories per day in order to ensure a safe and effective weight loss. However, you shouldn’t just stick to this minimum value as the body can get drained out of energy at the end of the day. The safe and secure method is to maintain a balanced calorie intake so that you can lose some extra kilograms and remain energized at the same time.

Increase the iron content in your diet

The iron content in food plays a crucial role in maintaining the energy level of the body, so you shouldn’t just skip the iron-rich foods like beans, eggs, nuts and also red meat. Researchers have shown that women need at least twice the iron content in comparison to that required by a male. While preparing your diet plan, add adequate iron content as your body will need energy during the workout and other physical activities.

Concentrate on nutrition rather than just calorie count

For the matter of fact, you can practically lose weight if you rely on processed food possessing high levels of Sodium and sugar by keeping the calorie count low. However, your body needs nutritious food containing vitamins and minerals in order to maintain a significant energy level. Therefore, do not forget to add whole grains, fresh fruits, green vegetables etc. in your daily diet for the supply of energy requirement.

Maintain a snack eating habit

In simpler words, allow the body to have more often food intake rather than eating all at once. This not only helps in regulating the body metabolism, but also boosts the energy level of the body. Eating more often tricks the body to get prevented from starvation and thus escaping the state of tiredness and excess fatigue.

Increase the level of exercise gradually

One of the most common mistakes people commits during dieting is the sudden implementation of a heavy workout. As a result, the body loses all the energy at once and leaves the person drained and exhausted. Make sure to gradually adapt the habit of exercising and don’t be in a haste to jump into an extensive workout all at once. This will not only help your body adapt to the changes, but also regulate the energy level.

Have a sound sleep

Studies done by a National Sleep Foundation, shows that the body of an adult requires approximately 7-9 hours of daily sleep in order to ensure, the proper functioning of the body. However, what actually matters is the quality of sleep rather than the number of hours you are sleeping. The body as well as mind undergoes relaxation while you sleep so that you can carry on the daily chores effectively. While we are talking about the quality sleep, it comes handy to mention that the choice of mattress plays an important role in deciding the relaxation of the body by maintaining the sleep quality. Considering the recommendations from best mattress. reviews, you need to go through the various types of mattresses available in the market and then decide the one that suits your body the most. 


In the light of the above discussion it can be concluded that dieting is not only about eating less, but also about making sure a lot more factors mentioned above. If you are making your mind to adopt a diet plan, you must consider all of these points thoroughly so that you don’t end up blaming “dieting” for the exhausted body.