Which Women Sports Stars Have Shaken Their Sports?

There have been a ton of world-shaking women sports stars who have managed to exceed all expectations, so much so that trying to mention them all in just one single article would be outright impossible. Saying that, it is still entirely possible to curate a list of some of the most notable women athletes, and this is exactly what we have done for you here today.

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at some of the most influential women athletes in world history that have managed to send shockwaves throughout the respective circles they roam, as well as giving a little information about each entry to showcase just how impressive they truly are.


Serena Williams

Out of all of the influential women athletes who have had an impact on their respective sports, Serena Williams is undoubtedly top among them. On top of just dominating in the world of cricket for years now, Serena also showed the world that women do have the capabilities to make it to the top echelon of athletes, and we have no doubt that she has inspired millions of women all over the world.

Sure, she might have been involved in a few controversies throughout the past few years because of her unsportsmanlike behaviour – but that’s not to say that this completely negates all the achievements she has achieved in the past.

The net impact that Serena Williams has had on the world of sports has been incredibly positive, and she has been able to change the way that the general public views women in tennis as well as in sport as a whole. 

Annie Duke

If you go and take a look at any list of the most famous female gamblers, Annie Duke is going to be on said list without fail. Annie Duke’s career is one for the history books, and the number of record-breaking achievements she has garnered is truly mind-boggling.

Perhaps the most notable of all her many accomplishments would be her win of the highly prestigious National Heads-Up Poker Championship – Annie is the only female gambler to have ever reached such heights. She also managed to get a gold bracelet at the World Series of Poker in 2004; something that is more than worthy of respect in its own right.

Annie Duke shocked the world of poker time and time again, and she is still listed as one of the most successful women poker players ever even after finishing her career over ten years ago.

There is perhaps no other woman that is as well known in poker as Annie Duke, and when you factor in her contributions to the sport as well as what she was able to do for women everywhere, this comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone.

Jutta Kleinschmidt

Just as was the case with the other two entries on our list, Jutta Kleinschmidt also happened to excel in a sport that has been male-dominated for years. Jutta is perhaps the most successful women race car driver ever, and her very existence just goes to show that anyone can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it.

While Jutta Kleinschmidt has won a myriad of races and tournaments, perhaps the most memorable is her first-place finish in the Dakar Race. Jutta is the first and only woman to have ever won this specific race, and as you would expect, this made the rest of the world think twice before putting women race car drivers below men race car drivers.

She also happens to be a pretty prominent figure in the industry too, with her giving her opinions on a wide range of different subjects like gender, diversity, as well as just offering out general life advice on a frequent basis.

Jutta Kleinschmidt is a role model for millions of women around the world, and the impact she has had on her sport as well as the world as a whole is truly incalculable. 

We hope you have enjoyed our article. It was truly a pleasure to reminisce and talk about some of the most incredible women in sports, and with any luck, we may even be able to create another article like this in the near future if women keep demolishing records at the rate they are now.

If you were looking for an idol to look up to, you could not go wrong if you decided to follow any of the women we featured on this list. See you in the next one.