Why Every Day Should Be Womans Day

The celebration of International Working Women’s Day, which was its original name, after the celebration was not recognised or very popular. In 1891, Clara Zetkin encouraged other women of the company she was employed at to celebrate equal rights for women being able to vote for the first time. Obviously, this wasn’t celebrated everywhere – countries that were under Fascism were in a tight situation, once the countries leaders got the power and then even more so where women’s rights weren’t even whispered in government as for years it was filled with the male gender and oppressed women.

For years the wonderful women of the world have gone under the radar ceding the spotlight to our male counterparts. Not only have men changed the world, but women have been a huge influence to the world we live in today. We should praise the existence of women, because without women no man would walk the earth. We should celebrate and respect women everyday of our lives, not only one day.

Women that made the world better.

Many women of our history have famously dedicated their lives to helping others for the greater good, for example; Florence Knightingale, you most likely know her name but not her story, right? Being born into a wealthy family in Italy, who didn’t accept her as entering a nursing profession was frowned upon. She dedicated her life to helping others wherever she could – including British soldiers of the Crimean War. Her name got around from stories of her work and in that time she then received a letter from the Secretary of War to form a team that could help the soldiers in the Crimean, as I mentioned above. She became such a legend that multiple countries have decided to honour her in the years since she was active, with the UK putting Florence Nightingale on a £2 coin in remembrance of how she helped so many British soliders..

In the 1858, Emmeline Pankhurst was the founder of a group of women called the ‘Suffragettes’. She demanded and fought unbelievably hard to have the right to vote in the UK. While the men were fighting in the World War One, she took jobs that usually men would do if not at war, and because of that she earned lots of respect from her peers and men, by showing that women are just as capable as men. This showed how much women contributed to society – which therefore deserved a say in the voting process.

What is life like for women today?

To modern day we live in a world where being a woman is praised and most men are supportive of Women’s needs and goals. These women fought for the grounds not only women, but men have too in the modern world. Women have the right to do any job, and most do it. Game technology engineer is something that would never be a considered role by a woman, but in the expanding world of tech, women are showing that they have what it takes to head things up. Starting from Ada Lovelace which was the first woman to propose mechanical general-purpose computer, and the Analytical Engine.

In recent years, the landscape of the women’s world has been changed completely, when you compare how women were treated even 10 years ago is completely different to today. Even so with all the progress that has happened, women are still given a disadvantage in life by simply being female. Through systematic & internal biases, men are still in a position of power over women, so it’s important to bring attention to this fact and celebrate women around the world to bring light to their struggles. Also for companies to champion equal pay and fair hiring processes, which give women a fair chance in business. Businesses in various industries are great hubs for women workers, like the social media industry as well as the gaming industry are both becoming increasingly diverse.

Casinos is another industry that is good for women, especially with employers such as LeoVegas Casino with 275 female employees employed and  25% of the LeoVegas leadership team is Female. It’s something to take in account our history of women’s rights and the origin of the topic. Not only being in 9-5 job, but in sports where the Olympics, where the public bet more on women athletes than men in the cross-country with 50% of the public voting on the women athletes and the same in the Biathlon at 52.8%

To take from this is to celebrate women’s achievements of today and our history.