Women’s Top 15 Guilty Pleasures Revealed

Who doesn’t have at least a couple of guilty pleasures? From indulging in cheesy romance novels to blasting cringe-worthy pop songs in our car, there’s a long list of habits us women don’t want to admit to – not even to our closest pals! But the fact is that guilty pleasures are rarely that ‘guilty’ at all…often they’re harmless ways to relax and have fun, which help us feel good in the long-run. So embrace your everyday pleasures without shame! You’re not alone – in fact, you may find yourself relating to more than a few guilty pleasures on this list…

  1. Binge watching trashy TV shows
    We’re not kidding ourselves – we know it’s not prime-time quality TV, but there’s no denying that the worst possible show often makes for the best entertainment. The line between atrocious and amazing is weirdly thin when it comes to TV. Sometimes it’s a daytime soap that totally transfixes us because we’ve ‘accidentally’ become way too invested in the characters and thin plot. At other times it’s just a comfort to have that outrageous reality TV show running in the background as we go about our chores. The scandalous drama reminds us our own life isn’t that messed up after all.
  2. Lazy PJ days

Many women love the feeling of getting dressed up. But while pairing accessories to outfits can be great fun when we’ve got some place to go – nothing beats a PJ day at home. Leave the heels in the closet and put the curlers away – snug pants and a fluffy dressing gown are the way to go when it’s time for a lazy afternoon of movies, face masks and snacks. Animal-themed slippers? Even better…

  1. Late night baking

A craving for sugar can hit at the most inconvenient of times. Those of us with a true sweet tooth will have brought out the midnight mixing bowl on more than one occasion. Many of us even have our favourite mug cake recipes memorized, and – if the stores are closed – will have no problem getting a little creative in the kitchen for the sake of a few spoonfuls’ chocolate cake.

  1. Stalking crushes on social media

Who can blame us for checking out the social media profiles of the new guy at work, or the handsome guy we met at a party some weeks ago? It’s not stalking, per se – just gathering information for practical purposes…like, for example, knowing whether we want to ask them out! Although we will probably avoid mentioning to them the fact that we’ve scanned through over one hundred of their photos. You gotta play it cool!

  1. Trying on clothes we’ve no intention of buying

A ridiculously extravagant ball gown, an outrageously revealing lace top; these are just a few of countless clothing items that can catch our eye and tempt us into the changing rooms – even while we know full well it’s not a buy we can justify! Sometimes just seeing ourselves in the mirror and posing for a couple of photos is enough to make us feel bold, fabulous and satisfied.

  1. Playing mobile casino games

From Candy Crush to mobile casinos such as https://www.playfrank.com/en-gb, colourful and quirky mobile games are a go-to pleasure on boring commutes or while killing time in waiting rooms. There’s something undeniably satisfying about dipping into a playful world where rewards await, even if we suspect we’re probably a little too old for that kind of thing. With literally millions of mobile games to choose between, why should we deny ourselves from silly distractions during the day’s duller moments?

  1. Having a private dance party

Curtains drawn, music on; nothing beats a solo dance party when we want to get totally ridiculous. A hairbrush makes the perfect microphone substitute, while a full-length mirror will confirm your star power. It’s not a performance we’d put on to another living soul, but in the privacy of our own homes we can bring out some wild moves to Cyndi Lauper or Ariana Grande.

  1. Reading gossip magazines

We’ve got better things to do, obviously – but simply flicking through the latest gossip mag doesn’t hurt, right? One needs to stay informed, after all! Most of us rely on authoritative sources for our daily news, but it’s difficult to resist reading about what the Royal family is up to, or what our favourite celebrity couple are holidaying these days.

  1. Planning weddings in secret

So what, if only a tenth of our extravagant wedding ideas can realistically come true? In our fantasy there is no budget – just a vision of the perfect wedding that most of us have nursed since we were little girls! The dress, the cake, the venue…making plans is amazingly fun, but best kept secret if we’re dating someone who could easily get scared off.

  1. Having someone flirt with us

We may be in a fully committed relationship, or single and loving it – but the fact remains that a harmless flirt with the coffee barista can be a bit of fun. An exchange of complements or playful jibes can be a real confidence booster, providing the guy is respectful and knows it needn’t go further than that!

  1. Splurging a little extra

It’s payday, and there’s a sale – we’ve all been known to spend a little more than we intended on beauty products, make up or accessories. Nobody knows how to treat you better than yourself, so an occasional shopping spree is warranted, so long as we’re better at sticking to our budgets the rest of the time.

  1. Cheesy romance novels

The cover alone is enough to make you blush! These books aren’t the ones we read on the subway (lest they prompt the raised eyebrows of fellow passengers) but they sure make for great beach day or bedtime reading. The writing tends to be awful, the cliches overused – yet there’s something to be said for a passionate, fiery romance story that manages to compel by virtue of being ridiculous.

  1. A home spa day

Everyone has their favourite form of pampering. A bubble bath to unwind, a foot massage to relax. A home spa day can involve a variety of treatments, however the secret to enjoyment is always in the setting. Many of us women might be embarrassed to admit we like to go that extra mile when it comes to candles, lighting, lotions and wine. Call it ‘self-care’, the way we indulge in luxurious soaps and rosé to the sweet tunes of some RnB.

  1. Daydreaming about our fave celebs

Imagine a skiing trip with Rihanna, or dinner with Harry Styles. Oh, you already have? Fancying ourselves the love interest of celebrities is something that we will occasionally indulge in, however silly it might be. We let our mind drift, and poof! – we’re in Rome with Tom Hardy.

  1. Stacking up on hotel toiletries

Sure, we already have endless shampoo, conditioner and body scrubs at home – but that won’t stop us from filling our bag with the adorable miniature bottles from hotel bathrooms. It’s a souvenir of sorts – even if these little hair balm and exfoliators then sit untouched on our home shelves for years. If you’re not taking with you at least one of the little hotel freebies, then you’re missing out on part of the hotel-staying pleasure!

There it is; fifteen mostly harmless but amazingly fun guilty pleasures to be enjoyed on a semi-regular basis. How many can you relate to? Remember – if you keep it secret, you’ll never know whether or not your best friend does exactly the same thing! Afterall, the shame is way more fun when shared.