80+ Adorable Yorkie Haircuts For Your Puppy

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most appealing proxy of the dog world. The hallmark of the dog is its coat. The long, shiny,straight hair is cut in various styles. Mostly, the owners trim it short. Some keep it long. However, the design of the Yorkie’s hair depend on their owners choice to make their puppy stand out. The Yorkshire Terrier, is particularly an indoor dog. Thus, high maintenance and grooming is essential. Since the dog has got a lovely long hair , any kind of impressive hair styles work.

Classy Yorkie haircuts

Yorkie haircuts can be styled with any hair length. It all depends on how you want your dog to look. On the other hand, the color of the hair is the mainstream. The haircut hugely determines the personality of any being and indeed the Yorkie.
Furthermore,the hairstyle of the Yorkie depends on the gender of the Yorkie. The female Yorkie and the male Yorkie are differently styled. So get your hands on some basic dog grooming tools and get started.
Here are some exciting ideas on how you can style your pup 
1. The Short

The short haircut for your puppy is a good decision to make if you live in a hot climate. It lets the dog be comfortable in its skin. You can add a tiny sized coat to make your puppy stand out.
2. Classy Statement
The elegant Yorkie haircut can be a statement to make. The shiny hair colors give a polished look to your puppy. However, make sure to keep the hair well groomed. Two lock-ups in the hair is a stylish look to adopt.
3. Round Yorkie
This round improper haircut design shows the prominent features of the puppy. It is an easy going comfortable haircut idea. The head, eyes, ears and the legs should differently colored. The neck is blue. Do style it with a neck band.
4. Short and Clean Yorkie 
The haircut is designed for the humid type of climate. Especially those owners who do not prefer a high maintenance hair, prefer this kind of design. The fur is short in the body. However, hair is slight bushy in the face region,tail and the legs.
5. Dapper YorkieThe prominent design especially focusing the face,the legs, as well as the tail. Body has lining designs made which give a very trendy fashion. A bow clip in the hair gives a pretty narration.
6. Cute Muddled Yorkie Haircut For Female

This type of haircut, gives a clear and comfortable vision to the eyes. The ears and the nose get a slight focus by a faint bushy texture.

7. Tiny Lion Yorkie

This design gives the lion like feature to the Yorkie. Body is clean shaved. The face and legs are fuzzy. Besides, make sure that the length of the hair is petite.

8. Cute Round CutThe round cut for the cute look. Just a little fur around the nose and your Yorkie is the cutest to look at.
9. Dyed The color contrast is an important point to consider. Body fur is long and dyed. The nose is made distinct by trimming the hair in the face area.
10. Messy Stains

Improper cut with multicolored dyes give a messy style to your Yorkie. The informal touch gives a homely feeling.

11. Innocent Homebody

Soft bushy pattern all over the body for your Yorkie. A very low maintenance haircut. However, make sure to keep the length of the hair short.

12. Mane

Soft long fluffy hair on the body and neat bush in the face is the another classy look for your Yorkie. The comfort of the Yorkie needs to be taken into consideration. Moreover, vision of the puppy should not obscure.

13. Classic Chic YorkieThis kind of cut adds value to the face and the legs.the body is kept fuzz. The legs and the face have longer hair of different shades. Additionally a ponytail gives an altogether chic look.
14. low-lightsThe parts of the hair have a darker color in this kind of style. Face is prominent and and the pony tail gives an excellent outlook to the puppy. Ears get a unique style to make a statement.
15. Vintage YorkieThis kind of style gives an idea of a classic fashion. Legs have a bell bottomed pant kind of statement. The face hair is long. Moreover, correct type of hair color adds to the beauty.
16. Bald Patch Body Body hair is clean shaved. Legs are notable in this style. Similarly, the face and the tail hair is basic trimmed and dyed. Comparatively, a quite simpler look .
17. Dark Parallels

This form gets the body to have distinct parallel lines. The legs and the face are fluffy. However, contrasting colors are used for the design.

18. Faux Legs Yorkie

This trend focuses the legs. The fur in the legs are long. Likewise,face fur is asymmetrically trimmed. Furthermore, the face and the neck have distinct shades.

19. The Majestic Yorkie

This Yorkie haircut makes your puppy look like a dignified living being. A royal shade of gold and the grey sums up the imperial look. Make sure to add a few comfortable jewelries to give that highborn vibe .

20. Keen Listener

Ears are visible in this style. A little bush around the nose and the legs and a slightly more around the ears. The Yorkie looks adorable in the cut.

21. Symmetrical Partition

This trend makes the Yorkie look like its parting its hair on both sides symmetrically. However, body hair is minimal and the legs are flossy.

22. Trendy Yorkie LadyThe Yorkie haircut styles the long hair with two long pony tails. The body hair is minimal. However, legs are fluffy. This design gives a feminine outlook to your puppy.
23. Butterfly YorkieThe colorful butterfly like hairstyle for your Yorkie. There is variations in colors which gives a vibrant look to your puppy. Notably, only the face fur is bushy in this kind of design.
24. Clear Cut Nose

The Yorkie has a well trimmed fur around the nose. This highlights the nose as well as the eyes. This haircut gives a cute standpoint to the puppy. A small necklace adds to the look.

25. Style Frame

The passing fancy cut for your Yorkie. This style keeps long multicolored stained hair. Get a pony alongside the ears for the revelation. You could even add a clip to give a lovely girl like statement.

26. Lovely Ears

The main focus is ears in this Yorkie haircut. The fur close by the ears are lengthy and the application of a bright shade of gold is made. The legs have a comparatively lighter golden shade.

27. Messy Tot

The homebody Yorkie looks like a ‘just woke up’ puppy. The fur is cut in an improper way  and is not groomed. Hair alongside the ears is long. Don’t forget to get a bow clip for the hair.

28. Brown SnoutThe only part which is made distinct is the nose. It is slightly brown. Body fur is of a fair length. The cute and a calm outlook.
29. Grimy

A rough hair cut for the Yorkie. The style makes your puppy look more like a soft-toy. Do style it with a polka dot ribbon around the neck.

30. The AdorableThe soft bush around the face and relatively less bush in the body. A very light shade color . Indeed a very affectionate look to liquefy you.
31. Dusty ShadeThe grimy shade in the body. As well as,the improper trim. Not to mention, the long hair. This altogether give a shady sluggish look to your puppy
32. The GeekThe straight cut hair styled above the eyes give a nerd kind of premonition. Especially, styling with a tie makes your Yorkie look like, he is ready for his office.
33. FuzzyThe feather like hair in the whole body. If you are looking for a safe look for your puppy, this is the one.
34. Slimy HarlequinThe multicolored messy look to your Yorkie. The whole body has dark shades. In particular, this look gives a typical homebody clue.
35. ShaggyThe furry puppy. Soft fur Yorkie is the another basic style. Make sure to style it with ribbon like neck-wear. This gives an adorable presentment.
36. Indelicate Fur

The improper cut for your Yorkie. The multicolored blotchy dye gives a chaotic peek.  Furthermore, the irregular hair style gives a frigid kind of look.

37. Neat PonyTwo pony tails for your pet. Notably,the fur is very light hued in this style. Additionally, a small scarf goes a long way to maintain the cute attribute.
38. Mainstream ExemplaryThe model Yorkie. Considering this Yorkie hairstyle,it takes a huge amount of time to get this look. This is because,the  length of the hair is patiently grown. Moreover, the color of the hair dye should be carefully chosen.
39. Fashion EbonyThe dark colored posh Yorkie. This style gives an altogether different outlook to your puppy. Notably, the high-class chic kind of statement. A red bow clip in the hair is great to add to the beauty.
40. Darling Yorkie

Mostly suitable for the small Yorkie. The rough cut fur in this approach. Ash color is preferred in the body. Additionally, the hair is trimmed precisely  .

41. Chaotic HeadDisordered fur in the head. Furthermore, the rough haircut in the body and the legs collectively give a messy outlook. I’just woke up’ feel.
42. Cute Pet

Homely pet. Light easy hair for the Yorkie. However,two different kind of shades is preferable for this kind of style. Make sure to style the neck with a pretty neck belt.

43. Sloppy FrontalDisheveled face is the another Yorkie haircut. It mirrors the slight messy face of the puppy. The ears look furry and full. A cute vision.  Indeed the face is the basic feature of any puppy.
44. Silvery Gold

The acute combination of the silver and the gold. Face fur is a light shade of gold, whereas the body is silver. Trim the face hair straight downwards.

45. Curly Jumble



Messy curls for your Yorkie. The puppy is 3 colored dyed. Specifically, the head part is a slight dark golden shade. The upper half of the body is silver. However, the lower body is light gold. The ears are bright and focused. A front pony gives a charming charisma to your Yorkie.

46. Style Cabinet

The style statement Yorkie. The hair is Long and shiny. The face is gold and ash color. The body is dark clouded. The hair is styled with a bow clip. Indeed a female Yorkie look.

47. Tiny Tot

If your Yorkie is very young, then this easy hairstyle is preferable. Two colored. Dark shades. Short cut feathers. A comfortable effortless smooth look for your tiny tot.

48. The GandalfThe model. The classy look for your elegant Yorkie. The hair is long. The Yorkie has three color dyes. The ash black for the body.The golden silver for the front. However,high maintenance is essential to sustain this style. Frequent grooming is essential.
49. V Cuts This Yorkie haircut has V lines on the body. A prominent look is noticeable when the puppy is two colored.  A new trendy design this is. Not only to the female,but this style is equally  relevant to the male puppy.
50. Dark Shades Yorkie.The adorable Yorkie has the vibrant dark color pints. The outrageous view to look at.  Moreover a very cute outlook on a different level. This look showcases a very overpowering  attitude of your puppy.
51. Golden HomebodyThis Yorkie hairstyle presents the bright vibrant shades of gold. The puppy looks bright with this kind of genre. Further, styling with a t-shirt enhances the appearance.
52. Woolly Snout22The male Yorkie. The elongated fur in the nose and the legs. The eye region is clean shaved. In particular, the pup looks like it has a mustache.
53. Mare Yorkie Cut

This Yorkie cut makes the puppy look like a lady furry horse. The face and the legs and the tail hair is long. However the body hair is minimal. You can style the hair with a ponytail.

54. Shiny Yorkie

This Yorkie Haircut makes the puppy look like a furry doll. The coat is long and shiny. Face is light golden, whereas, the body is of grey color.
Here are a few more pictures of relevant Yorkie haircuts. Make sure to get the best one for your little pet.