10 Influential Books You Need to Read to Be Successful

Perhaps, every person wants to be rich, famous and successful. But, unfortunately, not everyone reach these aims. Some of us do not do our best just because of their family issues; others say that they do not have enough time or enough many to run own business. The reasons can be different. But is it really so? Do we really avoid our own happiness and success?

The question is rather difficult. But, nevertheless, if you want to be successful, you have to focus on the final result and do everything you can and even more in order to reach your aim. You should be extremely motivated and inspired.

There are a lot of possible sources of motivations. On one hand, you can watch some movie or videos about famous people and their pass to success. On the other hand, you can read the books about great people or ones written by them. Sometimes, it is better to read something than to watch.

Nowadays, there are many books devoted to success, famous, richness and other staff. And you can get them easily, for example, by using Booksrun. But not all of them are really good. Do not forget that with the help of books, some authors just want to make more money – they are not interested in your personal success. Thus, there are the books that really inspire and that will show you the right direction for your personal and carrier development. Here are some of them.

  1. ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie

This book was firstly publishes in 1937 and now it is considered to be the all-time book. It excellent work will show you how to make people like you, how to deal with people of different characters, how to convince others and many other useful things that business people should possess. Dale Carnegie has made the basis for all further management books. It is a classical example of personal development book. Without any doubts, it is a must-read book.

  1. ‘The Seven habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey

It is very popular book. It helps people to increase their effectiveness. The author does not persuade you that everything will be simple and fast. No, he tells the whole true and describes in details the difficult and rather long way to your personal improvements. Stephen Covey singles out seven essential habits of every successful person.

  1. ‘Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress Free Productivity’ by David Allen

If you have some difficulties with planning and organizing wisely your personal and carrier life, then this book will help to solve these problems. This book will give you the effective solution for stopping all the chaos of your life. If you have everything in order, then you will have more time and effort for further growth and improvements.

  1. ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Our attitude to different things plays an important role too. You should believe in your forces and abilities. Sure, only positive thinking will not make you successful but it will help you to be more self-confident. Stop thinking negatively! Be focused on your future wins!

  1. ‘Nine Steps to Financial Freedom: Practical and Spiritual Steps So You Can Stop Worrying’ by Sure Orman

The book was written by a financial expert so do not be afraid that the recommendations and provided practices are not effective. The book will teach you how to manage your finances. The author demonstrates and describes the most common financial fears of the majority of people and helps to cope with them. The book will help to you get your financial freedom.

  1. ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Viktor Frankel

To have a defined purpose, it is very important. Everyday people face difficult and urgent tasks and they are trying to do everything immediately. But in such cases, people forget about the perspective. It is very important to keep things in perspective. The main goal of this book is to open your eyes on the truly successful experience of the whole mankind.

  1. ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill

The author of this book has made a research of the lives of most famous people and the histories of their success. The results of his investigation are described in this book in a form of 13 key principles for successful life. Napoleon Hill will change your vision of own life and will help you to be more effective.

  1. ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ by George S. Clason

The book contains the story about two friends that from the very beginning lived in the similar conditions but later one of them became the richest man in Babylon. This book demonstrates the situation that is well-known for modern society. After reading the book, the planning of your future will not be a challenge anymore. You will learn how to make investments and how to use your money properly.

  1. The Monk and the Riddle by Randy Komisar

If you want to know how to run your own business, then this book is surely for you. It will help you to be passionate of what you are doing. The basic technical aspects of running you start-up are described by the author. The book will show all common pitfalls that you may face at the very beginning of your business. The bright examples and lessons are well illustrated the book.

  1. ‘The Effective Executive’ by Peter F. Drucker

You can find this book on the shelves of the majority of successful leader. It is a classical book that will help you to develop your leadership skills and abilities. The author singles out the importance of ‘doing the right things’. Besides that, the book explains why some people have the inborn leadership skills. It will also help you to develop and improve your abilities and enhance your productivity.

There are many other good books for self-development and business management. But the right book will not ensure your success. Everything depends fully on you and you effort. Do your best and make your dreams come true!