10 Serial Killers you probably haven’t heard of

Serial killers are a menace to society today. There are literally hundreds if not thousands active at this moment, all over the world. They hunt, stalk and kill their prey just as easily as a cat would a bird. They seem to have no emotion, no remorse, no guilt and no feelings about killing others, other than they like it and it’s addictive to them. That’s what makes them so dangerous!

It’s getting to the point where as a tourist in certain countries you have to be extremely careful. In 1993, a German woman went to car hire Florida and then drove her car through Miami where she was assaulted, robbed and killed. The resulting outcry turned the act in to an international incident  and in turn the German government issued a list of “precautionary measures” for nationals planning to visit Florida, the first time in memory such a travel advisory has been issued for a U.S. destination. And recently, the Norway explosion and massacre has stunned the world.

However, not all serial killers are high profile and some virtually go unnoticed and barely cause a stir when they are caught and put on trial. Just because you haven’t heard of them or what they did, doesn’t mean they are any less evil than the likes of the high calibre serial killers such as Charles Manson and Henry Lee Lucas.

How these killers stay out of the limelight when they have done such horrid acts and stayed so un-talked about, is a mystery to me. Maybe it’s because there was a more interesting story in the Media at the same time or that they were only convicted of a couple of their kills. But whatever the reasons every person should know what these brutal and sadistic killers have done. They should be named and shamed till the end of their days. Their victims families and friends have to live with what they have done every day, so why shouldn’t they!

Bobby Joe Long


Bobby Joe Long was a distant relative of infamous serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. He raped and killed 9 women from May to November in 1984 in the Tampa Bay area. He used local classified ads to find his potential victims and then visited the women when their husbands were at work.
He was charged with raping 50 women and murdering 9, for which he was sentenced to death.

Bobby Joe Long Wiki

Fritz Harrmann


Fritz Haarmann was a German serial killer known as the vampire of Hanover and was active around 1918 to 1924. He was convicted of killing 24 boys and young men in 1924 for which he was decapitated by Guillotine.

Fritz Haarmann Wiki

Gerald Schaefer


Gerald Schaefer was an American Serial Killer who was charged with the murder of 2 women in Florida in 1973. He often boasted that he had actually killed more that 30 women and girls. He was sentenced to life imprisonment but was stabbed to death in 1995 by his cellmate.

Gerald Schaefer Wiki

Arthur Shawcross


Arthur Shawcross was an American serial killer known as the Genesee River Killer. After he was parolled early for the manslaughter of 2 children, Shawcross went on to murder a further 12 women, primarily prostitutes in 1988 and 1989. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole but died after a cardiac arrest in 2008.

Arthur Shawcross Wiki

Andrei Chikatilo


Andrei Chikatilo was a Russian serial killer know as the The Forrest Strip Killer or the Butcher of Rostov. He was charged in 1994 with the murders of 52 women and children between 1978 and 1990. He was sentenced to death by a gunshot to the head in 1994.

Andrei Chikatilo Wiki

Gary Ridgway


Gary Ridgway was an America serial killer known as the Green River Killer. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of 49 women from 1982 up until he was captured in 2001 but the authorities thought it was more likely that he had killed more than 90.

Gary Ridgway Wiki

Richard Chase


Richard Trenton Chase was an American serial killer more commonly know as the Vampire of Sacramento. He killed 6 people over the course of a month, this in itself was not the most shocking thing about the murders. He believed he would be kept alive by drinking the blood of his victims so he basically cannibalised their bodies. Chase was sentenced to life imprisonment for his crimes but committed suicide within 2 years of being imprisoned.

Richard Trenton Chase Wiki

Rod Ferrell


Rod Ferrell was part of a gang called the Vampire Clan, he believed himself to be a 500 year old vampire called Vesago. He beat a couple to death in their home with a crowbar in Florida on  November 25th 1996. For this he was sentenced death and was the youngest person in history to be on Death Row, however this was later reduced to life imprisonment without parole.

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Tommy Lynn Sells


Tommy Lynn Sells was an American serial killer also known as the Cross Country Killer. Sells was convicted of murdering 13 year old Kaylene Harris and attempting to kill friend, 10 year old Krystal Surles, he was sentenced to death. Although he has confessed to committing over 70 murders in Missouri, New York, Illinois and Texas.

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Robert Charles Browne


Robert Charles Browne was an American serial killer who was charged with murdering 2 people after he was apprehended in 1995. He did however confess to another 48 murders in over 25 years from 1970 to when he was arrested in 1995. These murders were never traced as they covered quite a few states such as Colorado, Washington, California, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Robert Charles Browne Wiki

Hope you enjoyed the dark insight into these lesser know Serial Killers, look them up to see their full stories and why authorities think they kill. Off to bed now, don’t have nightmares!!

Demon Chick xx