The Best Bits About Living In Tennessee

Sometimes, it’s good to sit back and appreciate what you’ve got. Or hell, maybe you already live in Tennessee and want to fall in love all over again with its vibrant cities and beautiful countryside. This list entails the quirkiest and the best: from romantic booze cruises to browsing homes for sale in Tennessee, this will help relight that spark with the place you live.

Local Distilleries

There’s nothing sexier than a sophisticated man with a glass of whiskey on the rocks. The whiskey world leader – Jack Daniels – have their major brewery nestled right in the heart of Lynchburg, the “city of one stop light”. Go and waltz round their brewery floor, discovering the process of distillation and flavoring – not without tasting some yourself!

And if you’re not a fan of the strong stuff, take a look at one of the several distillery tours dotting the state. Nashville alone is home to over 20 craft breweries and bars, boasting new and exciting IPAs such as the Tiny Bomb American Pilsner, or Basecamp Blonde IPA.

Or, if you’re more into cocktails, Tennessee still provides some fantastic speakeasies, such as the Blind Bear, which has a secret password to enter this roaring 20s-themed bar.

Live Music

Tennessee is a world-leader in its music output over the last century: Johnny Cash and Elvis both saw their start in that state, and it’s why Graceland is one of the most popular destinations in Memphis. It’s as popular as the White House in Washington, and for good reason.

Ever since Elvis’ death, his stately home has been preserved exactly the way it was before he died. Along with a stunning collection of Elvis cars, aircraft, and memorabilia, tread his steps in the living quarters, which include the music room.

Admire the flashy costumes on display whilst you learn about the influences on his rise to stardom. With exclusive access to the family tomb, you can see for yourself how fans have been moved to tears.

Open houses

Have you ever had fun touring a friend’s new flat? Maybe admiring or deriding their choice in interior design? Well, let me tell you that grabbing a friend and touring Tennessee’s open houses is one of the funnest ways to spend time together. From dinky apartments to thousands-of-square-feet places, take your pick from hundreds of options.

Sure, serious buyers might brag about “the importance of home inspections”: they’ll blab on and on about serious cracks in the walls, or maybe a speck of mold they found somewhere in the bathroom.

But for a day trip (perhaps after browsing aforementioned breweries), open houses make for some incredibly fun times. You get to ignore any and all of the serious repercussions of home buying! Instead, you can fully focus your attention on judging that absolutely dreadful choice in curtain fabric.

Or perhaps, instead of simply roasting the ever-living hell out of the current owners’ choice in soft furnishings, you and your mates can elaborate on each others’ imaginations. An imaginary home redesign includes a limitless budget, so go crazy!