How to overcome laziness and become successful?

Laziness is the drawback of every other person on the planet, so the question “how to overcome laziness?” never loses its relevance. Everyone wants to be productive and successful, so when laziness comes to us, we often feel guilty and don’t know what to do about it. No worries, after reading this article you’ll be equipped with tips and tricks on how to get rid of laziness for good.

Simple tips on how to avoid laziness

  • Create reachable goals

This rule applies to basically every task you might have as a student or a working person. If the task is too big, you feel lost and overwhelmed, but once you break it into smaller sub-tasks, the workflow will become a pleasant thing, and you’ll feel satisfied with your own productivity.

  • Listen to your body

Sometimes you lack energy and therefore feel lazy to do anything useful just because you don’t sleep enough or maybe need more fresh air and physical activity. A well-established health routine will improve your energy levels and make you more enduring and productive overall.

  • Delegate tasks and use external help

Imagine a boss of a big corporation who answers every mail and plans all the meetings on his own, can you? We can’t as well. Now all this job is done by his personal assistant. Imagine a manager who keeps all the tasks for the day/week/month in their head instead of using convenient digital calendars and planners that remind of any important tasks and events. Can you picture a professor who will check plagiarism in his students’ essays by going to the library or searching the articles on the Internet? Hardly possible. Nowadays, even professors check plagiarism free of charge on numerous websites. Sometimes students are caring enough and go to free plagiarism checker to review their essays themselves before giving them to the teachers. We believe you got the idea. It can be used in any area of your life. Want to lose weight but don’t feel like counting calories manually? There’s a bunch of apps on the phone for it, etc.

  • Know your motivation

If you don’t see why you should do something, it will result in you lying on the sofa, watching Netflix and procrastinating. Opposite to this, if you know for sure what outcome to expect, you’ll work harder for that. For example, you need to make a presentation at work: if you do the job well, the company will win the tender, and the boss will promote you. You want to get that promotion. You work hard on that presentation. Simple as it is.

  • Concentrate on benefits

Quite frequently, people focus attention on the negative aspects of any task. It can be difficult, too challenging, too responsible you name it. Yes, any task and any goal require your dedication and sometimes inconvenience. But if you ignored the “drawbacks” of the situation and saw only the final result and how you could benefit from that? Like with the promotion at work or reaching the personal record in the running, etc. In such a case you’d feel inspired and motivated enough to achieve anything without having to fight laziness.

  • Do one task at a time

It’s already proven that multitasking doesn’t make us more productive, just more stressed and overwhelmed. Start a day by creating a list of tasks. Make sure there are not more than 5 of them. Then, choose the one that is most important (or maybe unpleasant) and start doing it right away! That faster you’ll eat that frog, the better for you. Procrastination which is a form of laziness, will have no power over you.

  • Visualise

Sometimes it is really helpful to see yourself as if all the goals are achieved and you live the life of your dreams. Everything is perfect thanks to your effort. Such visions will fill you with the energy and enthusiasm needed to perform the tasks.

  • Treat the task as a physical exercise

If you do it, you’ll become stronger. The more tasks are done, the stronger you are. Just stay positive and repeat to yourself that you can and will do this. The power of positive affirmations is underrated, so be ahead of others and use it to your advantage.

  • Look up to successful people

Look around. Are your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, teachers successful? Can you find a person to follow as an example? Surely you can. Plus, there are so many books from people who achieved so much in different spheres of life. You can do that too. You can feel this atmosphere by talking to hard-working people, by reading about them, by watching interviews with the best of the best and following their advice on fighting procrastination and getting  or other useful sites or apps.

We’ve got amazingly inspired by the words of Francis Bacon, who saw the laziness and procrastination this way: “Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand-and melting like a snowflake.”

Get motivated as we did, follow the productive routine and achieve all the goals you have putting laziness aside.