10 Strange Competitions

I had such a giggle at some of the silly contests I found whilst browsing online that I just had to share them!

I think Virgin boss, Richard Branson would win a Competition for the most successful Enterprises all running at the same time with his planes, trains, spaceships and various music ventures all to his name, he would take the crown easily. Either that or he would win a Competition for the most pointless beard ever…hands down. Anyway enough of poking fun at Richard Branson’s beard and on with the show.


There are hundreds of strange competitions out there to discover and every Country has different sometimes even wacky ideas as to what would make good competitions. Everything is possible from massive moustaches to jumbo noses and sporting events (if you can call them that) such as cheese rolling and wife carrying. Even the Animals are getting in on the act with the cutest kitty or puppy contests and just when you think you’ve seen it all, rabbit jumping competitions.


So here are some Strange Competitions that are bound to make you chuckle…

Shovel Racing


This began in the 1970’s when lift operators were looking for a quick and easy way of getting down the slopes once the ski lifts had closed. These Shovel Races are majorly hair raising as you can reach anything up to 60mph on a modified shovel.

Strange Garden Competitions


Competitions for Strange Gardens or Aquascaping as it is now know, is a worldwide Competition that originated in Spain many years ago. Competitors travel from all over the World to take part in this Contest. They use glass tanks to create stunning garden like landscapes, structures and sometimes even include fish, these are then judged and awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes in the show.

Ostrich Racing


Ostrich Racing at the Ostrich Festival in Arizona. Men cling on to this giant sprinting birds as best they can as this birds race for the finish line.

Gurning Contests


Competitors in the Gurning Contests are judged on the most peculiar and funny looking face they can pull,while having their head through a horses collar. The World Gurning Championships take place in Egremont, in the Lake District every year at the Egremont Crab Fair.

Floor Swimming?


In a North Western Pennsylvania Town, teenagers Compete in strange competitions at their local school gym, these contests are meant to establish their standings amongst one another.

Roach Racing


Roach Racing takes place at the Purdue University in West Lafayette know as the Bug Bowl. Numerous different insect related competitions take place here every spring such as cricket spitting in which you spit dead crickets and the one spit the longest distance wins the contest. There are also Bug inspired cake baking contests and a Monarch butterfly exhibit.

Rabbit Jumping


Rabbit jumping is basically an obstacle course race for bunnies. It began as a sporting competition in Sweden during the late 70’s and is still a popular Event today. Rabbits compete against each other in the straight course, the crooked course, the long jump and the high jump.

Click here for a video of bunny jumping

Quiche Throwing Contest


Kent in England holds an annual quiche throwing competition and around 12 teams take part. This wacky competition and the teams are scored on where the quiche hits the rival team members. Looks great fun!

Wife Carrying Competition


The world wife carrying championship is held each year in the finnish town of Sonkajavi. Husbands are required to carry their wives or partners 235.5 metres along a grassy track, which also contains a 1 metre deep water obstacle.

Extreme Ironing


Extreme Ironing is a Worldwide phenomena to find the best and strangest places to iron, other than in the confines of a house and anything goes! This will totally crease you up, the places and extremes that they will go to to win the title are just astounding and of course it had to be thought up by a Brit!

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into Strange Competitions!

Demon Chick xx