2017 New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Lovers

In 2017, you will embark on a new mission to improve your quality of life. But why go at it alone when you can bring along a buddy?

Fortunately, you’re not late in making some New Year’s resolutions for your endearing canine. Your best friend deserves a healthy and prosperous life too.

On that note, here are some resolutions designed for the well-being of your four-legged family member.

  1. Go Extra Mile for His/her health

Keeping an eye out for health-related symptoms should be routine, but is often forgotten or delayed, even by affectionate owners. Dog nausea symptoms and other health-related issues should be checked for frequently to ensure you have enough time to take adequate measures. Do that in the upcoming year, and learn from resources that educate dog owners on their pet’s health. For instance, to prevent dog nausea, avoid feeding before travel, and stick to old fashioned meals. Foods like processed meats and fatty foods should be avoided.

  1. Let Them Spend Time with Their Kind

Dogs, like people, love to socialize. Therefore, make it a New Year’s resolution to allow your loved pet to hang out in a group. This is healthy for them in several aspects, as it leads to healthy behavior. Get together with peers or relatives who have dogs at least twice a month, and allow your dog to enjoy group time. Make sure your dog is in a group that has familiar dogs; new introductions should always be supervised. That said, long hours won’t be needed as dogs figure out social patterns relatively quick. Dogs with fearful patterns (growling, hiding, etc.) should be kept away from the group.

  1. Find a Reliable Veterinarian

A veterinarian who listens and doesn’t rush through. Find a doctor who spends time with your dog, and answers your concerns and questions calmly. Avoid a veterinarian who rushes through the appointment and considers you just one of the several dog owners he/she will see in a day. Also, make it a resolution that you will be punctual for appointments. That you will not let yourself and your dog get into a time crunch where you’re both running late. Also, you’ll jot down questions and concerns in advance to ensure that the appointment turns out valuable for you and your pet.

  1. Attempt Natural Therapies

One neat resolution dog owners should make is avoid giving drugs to their pet whenever possible. Natural therapies like cold laser, chiropractor, acupuncture, homeopathics and herbs are able to treat several conditions. If it comes down to no other option than drugs, promise yourself that you’ll start with the lowest possible dose and provide dosage for the shortest period required to treat your dog’s condition. Also, you’ll rigorously monitor your dog for any signs of withdrawal or drug-based side effects.

  1. Toys over Treats

Treats are a staple, but in 2017, make sure your dog has enough toys to play with. Playful toys can get their tail wagging as excitingly as treats can. It’s also a great way for you to get some exercise. But do take into account what your pet finds motivating. For instance, if your dog likes the outdoors, then perhaps a ball could be their new best friend. But if he/she loves staying indoors, you’ll have to get something else, a pet puzzle for instance.

By making these resolutions, you’ll ensure that your canine companion has a healthy and happy 2017.