4 Reasons I Called Time on Going to the Grocery Store

I think my malaise towards heading to the grocery store started many years ago when my mom would drag me there to wander around for hours, dedicating far more time to selecting the right apple or tomato than I ever felt was necessary. As I grew up and moved out on my own, heading to the grocery store of course became a necessity, until recently that is. I realized that this was just not an enjoyable experience and so I eventually called time on hitting the grocery store, and here is exactly why. I could do many other better things.


The biggest reason that I wanted, and was able to stop going grocery shopping was the options which we now have online to do buy food and supplies. Now, I do not suffer the madness of the grocery store. I simply relax in my pajamas. With a tablet, I order everything I need. There are many services which you can use, but I recommend that you check out mercato.com for the best options and best service.

Nowadays, it is incredibly simple to buy groceries online. Everything you purchase comes to your door and the entire experience is really convenient. Also, in various cases you can use some coupon codes and there are some discounts that are only available online. Saving money is possible because of this but let’s talk more about this in the following section.


Since I have switched to online shopping, I save so much money each week compared with when I was heading to the grocery store. The reason for this is simple. I don’t make any spontaneous spends now. I just make my list, order it, and carry on with my life. When you are in the store, there is an abundance of offers and temptations to buy things that you didn’t want, and probably don’t even need.

Remember that specialists in product placement and temptation mange stores. This is very important. For instance, when you are close to the counter to pay for what you bought, look at the products presented there. You will see many sweets put at low levels. This is because younger children will see them and might want them, thus tempting parents to buy more. This is just one example of how grocery stores trick people into buying more.

Stress Levels

I am conscious about reducing stress in my life. This involves avoiding tasks that do so. The grocery store was a culprit I identified. It simply made my cortisone levels rise.  I used to put off going to the store for this reason, and there would be a wave of relief I used to feel after getting home. Not having to endure this experience on a weekly basis has most certainly helped to reduce my anxiety levels. Something like this is particularly visible during weekends, when many families go shopping. Being surrounded by many and having to wait for a long time in a queue is a horrible experience. We all know it.


It is not just extra money that going to the grocery store used to cost me, but also my time. The difference in time between ordering online and actually having to go to the store, find the items, buy them, pack them and get home again, is absolutely huge. For me what used to be a 3 hour ordeal, is now just a 25 minute task. Just imagine what you could do with all of the time that you would save if you ditched the grocery store in favor of ordering online, all of those things that you ‘just don’t have time to do’ can now become very doable.

I talked to many mothers that always highlight one thing. They gain so much time that they could use to do some daily tasks instead of waiting in lines at grocery stores. Gain 3 hours and you quickly understand how valuable it is to gain 3 hours.

More and more people do this. Join the revolution. Save time and money. Also, reduce stress by simply staying home and ordering your groceries online. You do not have to suffer during the trip to the grocery store every week! Obviously, for many the big gain will be the fact that they manage to save money. However, you also gain time.