How to Look Stylish but Feel Comfortable in Maternity Clothes

During pregnancy, a woman’s body will go through a lot of changes to accommodate her baby’s growth. Some of these changes include a distinguishable growing belly, enlargement of the breasts, and swelling of the feet and ankles. At times, these physical features can make it challenging to wear clothes that fit well. This can sometimes be discouraging, especially for women who enjoy dressing up and getting ready in the morning.

The good news is that you have plenty of stylish options to wear during your pregnancy while still prioritizing your comfort. Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to shopping at the maternity section. In case you are looking for new outfit ideas to dress up your growing baby bump for the next nine months, here are some tips you can follow to look and feel good.

Raid Your Wardrobe for Chic Pregnancy-Ready Clothes

Before you head to the mall to revamp your wardrobe, check your closet first for clothes that you still fit into and that you can wear as your body goes through various changes. Wearing what you already own until the last possible moment can also help you save some money. When browsing through your closet, look for pieces made from stretchy materials so they can adjust to your body.

Many pregnant women find athleisure to be a stylish and comfortable wardrobe option. Also, it helps you get the most wear out of your yoga tops and leggings. Aside from your activewear, see how you can maximize your favorite pieces throughout your pregnancy. For example, you can continue wearing your button-down shirt dresses while they fit. Once the hem starts rising too high due to your baby bump, you can pair your dresses with leggings and wear them as long blouses instead. If you can no longer close the buttons, you can use them as a light cover-up.

Invest in Staple Pieces

Once you need to shop for maternity clothes, choose staple pieces you can wear with your other regular clothes. These can include denim jeans and leggings with high-waist elastic bands. In case you prefer the comfort of leggings but the look of denim, another option is to get a pair of denim leggings. When searching for where to buy denim leggings, make sure to shop from a brand that offers a wide selection. You can look for denim leggings with a wide waistband or select a pair with an adjustable drawstring waistband.

Additionally, pick good-quality bras and underwear. They can make a big difference in keeping you comfortable. Select adjustable bras that you can wear until you are nursing. When it comes to underwear, find designs with extra waist support and styles that you can wear postpartum while you’re working your way back to your pre-pregnancy body.

Shop for Clothes That Will Grow with You

When you shop for new clothes, make sure to get ones that you wear throughout your pregnancy. In case you are buying new trousers and dresses, check the materials if they are stretchy. Also, select the colors and patterns you can easily wear and pair with your other clothes, like neutral hues of black and navy.

If your pregnancy will last throughout fall or winter, get oversized jackets that you’ll be able to zip up or button close even when you reach your full term. Another option is to buy a wrap coat. This type of outerwear can help create various chic styles. You can keep the front panels open and tie the wrap at the back, leave them slightly open and tie a ribbon just above your bump, or close the coat completely for a bundled look.

Select Comfortable Footwear

When it comes to shoes, prioritize your comfort. But this doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice your personal style. You can go for a sleek and simple look with a pair of sneakers or flat booties. Knee-high boots in the winter are also practical since you don’t have to bend down to wear them. You can hold on to the top of the boots, insert your foot, and zip them.

In case you are looking for fashionable yet comfortable footwear, sock booties are a great option. Unlike leather boots that have a fixed width, the flexible material allows your feet and ankles to fit in easily even if they swell up. You can also try wearing Chelsea boots as their flexible paneling on the sides can give your ankle more room.

Work with Your Current Figure

The easiest way to stay stylish with your baby bump is to work with it. Dressing up according to your current body shape can also make it simpler to pick your clothes. You can keep your silhouette consistent with certain styles including ruched blouses, v-neck tees, or wrap dresses. For example, an A-line dress creates a flattering figure because it naturally accentuates your body with the gradual flare from the hip to the hem. Also, many A-line coats, dresses, and skirts can easily be worn from casual daytime settings to more formal events at night.

Another stylish tip is to wear belts to create a more polished look. Some loose clothes tend to appear big and shapeless. By wearing a belt on top of your bump you can quickly transform loose dresses or oversized sweaters into a chic outfit.

Check Out Menswear for Alternative Clothing

Don’t be limited by what you see in the maternity department of a store; consider checking out the men’s section as well. Many men’s shirts are long enough to cover your whole belly and they are great to use for casual outfits. If you are living with your partner, you might want to borrow some of his oversized button-up shirts. You can wear them with your beloved leggings or pants. They’re not just effortless to style but are also comfortable and chic.

Pregnancy can be both wonderful and challenging for many women, especially when wearing stylish and comfy clothes. The good news is there are different options you can select aside from what’s available at the maternity section. While you need to prioritize comfort, you don’t have to forgo fashionable pieces. You can still wear outfits that look and feel good as you wait for the arrival of your little one.