4 Unique and Romantic Proposal Ideas

A wedding proposal is one of the biggest events in any person’s life. If you’re proposing, you’ll want to get it right and make it as idyllic as can be, so that your future spouse says yes right away!

You’ve already spent weeks looking at engagement rings and found the perfect one, but now it’s time to pop the question. You want it to be a memorable moment that your partner never forgets, and you want to set the bar high so they know you mean business. However, that’s a lot of pressure to live up to.

We’re making this moment easier for you. Here are 3 wonderful and unique proposal ideas that will leave your partner drunk on love for years to come:

  1. The Photo Booth Proposal

Picture this — you and your love are having the most wonderful evening at the fair. You’ve danced, you’ve laughed, you’ve snuggled under the stars. Now you’re walking around eating cotton candy, mesmerized by the sight of each other.

You walk hand in hand and approach the much-loved photo booth. You suggest getting your pictures taken to commemorate such a wonderful evening had together.

You both go inside, insert the coins, the countdown begins – and you pop out the ring.

The moment you proposed is now on camera forever, capturing just the two of you and the look on their face! Romantic or what?

  1. Plan a Romantic Getaway

If your love longs for romantic city breaks, or walks along a beautiful golden beach, then why not whisk them away to a dreamy location for the big question?

Either that, or take your beau back to the place where you first met, or to a place you both love and have spent wonderful times. There’s nothing more romantic than re-visiting a place that holds a special place in both your hearts.

Once you’ve planned the romantic getaway, decide how you’re going to propose. You could either propose on the way or on the first day so that you can celebrate the engagement while you’re there, or you could plan a special, whimsical evening and pop the question over a fancy dinner and champagne.

Whatever you decide, everyone loves to be whisked away and doted on. Your partner will always be able to cherish the memory of that special holiday you took together.

  1. Make a Home Movie

There’s nothing more romantic than spending time looking through your old videos and photos and making a memory lane video.

Why not create a home movie of all the footage you and your partner have together and end it with a video of you asking for their hand in marriage? When your video comes up, turn to your lover, take out the ring, get down on one knee, and ask again face to face.

To make it even more special, why not set up a camera in the corner of the room so you can film your partner’s reaction as they watch the video and ultimately the proposal?

Not only will it be a memorable and an ultra-romantic gesture, but you’ll also have the moment they said “yes” captured on-camera forever. If you’re feeling brave, you could even set up a private livestream so your loved ones can tune in for the big reveal.

There will definitely be some tears — happy ones of course!

  1. Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Choose a special date for the both of you – perhaps your dating anniversary, their birthday, or the date that you first met – and plan a scavenger hunt across the whole day. Wake up your partner with breakfast in bed, with a note containing a riddle about what you’ll be getting up to that day.

Leave notes in special locations for your love to find. Make a whole day of it! You could even call up your favorite restaurant and have them deliver the next note after you’ve had lunch or a romantic dinner there.

In your final note, pop the question to them and pull out the ring as you watch the surprise on their face.

Which Idea Will You Choose?

Asking the person you love the most in the world to marry you is one of the most special moments that we can experience in our lifetimes. Why not make it even more memorable and plan one of these proposal ideas?

Not only will these three ideas show the person how much you love them, but they will also show your loved one that you care deeply about this important event. Take the pressure off yourself to make the perfect proposal and steal one of these ideas from us!