Rejoice Valentine’s Day with innovation!

Well it’s not just another day of your life; not just another 14th of a month… It’s a symbol which embodies LOVE, an opportunity to verbalize your heart and a reason to celebrate your love and affection for your intimate companion. It’s Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day provides you with a break to strengthen relationship and make it more precious, then why let this special day go ordinary by doing prosaic and conventional things? Break the monotony; bring in something novel, something that you and your beloved would remember forever! Something that would bring you and your honey closer, closer than ever before! Reinvigorate your relationship this valentine’s day with some creativity and make it large. Here are a few suggestions that you might find interesting to pick:

Take your beloved’s fancy by gifting a Lunar Crater:

You might have heard of gifting stars and moon in fanciful songs. But now you can realize this fancy by actually presenting a lunar crater to your sweetheart! Yes you read it correct! With the hints of life on moon and moon has already been put on sale! You can choose and buy out of the available land, “your own acre of moon crust”! Upon buying, you get a classic carved and customized parchment deed certificate as a proof of your property on moon, along with a satellite picture of the area; its geographical attributes (in order to locate it on moon) and much more! .

If you want to make a present, I am sure that you can’t find anything on the earth more appealing than a premium acre of crust on the moon! Also you need not push the boat out for it as the real estate property on moon begins as low as 19$ an acre! Gift your honey this exotic celestial space and present the deed certificate as a valentine!

The moment you get in your hand that stylish engraved certificate, it really induces in you a feeling of being right over the moon! Followed by a passionate kiss, it is perhaps the most romantic present that your honey could ever expect from you!

Enjoy the idyllic Valentine’s Day’s special couple’s mud-bath:

Mud-bath is one of the traditional beauty rituals which are being practiced for thousands of years. Besides, it is also deployed as an effective stress relieving therapy. Mud-baths are common in the areas which are bestowed with the co-existence of hot water springs and volcanic ashes by nature. This moist volcanic ash is believed to have relaxing effect on the body and serves as the main constituent of the mud used in the bath. The other constituents are peat and heated minerals. Nowadays Mud-bath is a common therapy in most resorts with deluxe spas round the world. In US, Mud-baths at spas of Calistoga, Nappy Valley, California are the most eminent because of their originality.

Couple’s mud-bath is a recent thought in the spa Industry which allows couples to enjoy the mud-bath together. For the purpose the private spa treatment rooms are equipped with the necessities of two. The general procedure followed during the mud-bath is: Immersion into your individual bath tub full of warm mud, clay masking for skin nourishment, staying in for a while so as to allow the mud to cast its magic by sucking up all the stress and pain from your body, this is followed by hot mineral spring shower and an altogether private stay in a common Jacuzzi. (Does not it sound seductive? It feels even better!) Finally you are given a blanket wrap treatment under the spa trainers. After having the treatment, you can spend time in pool or head to your rooms straight away!

During valentine’s season, the resorts offer Valentine’s Day special couple’s mud-bath, which are designed to meet to couples’ expectations on this special occasion and most of the times they exceed yours! Couple’s mud-bath allows you to spend time with your beloved in a halcyon atmosphere where you feel a new vigor in your body and it is the perfect state to transfer the same to your relationship as well. It leaves you and your sweetheart in probably the most romantic fantasy that could be realized – you can express your love verbally as well as physically! Besides, because of the action of healing mineral water and mud, the mud-bath leaves you rejuvenated and refresh. If you have any plans to make out with your sweetheart on this Valentine’s Day, Aesthetic couple’s mud-bath spas at a deluxe resort should be your only destination for the purpose.


To be honest, it is not the mud-bath, lunar crater or any such thing that counts in a relationship; rather it is how you feel about each other which matters the most. True love is the only foundation of a healthy and trustful relationship. If you do have that ardent love for the one you are in relationship with, and he also feels the same, it will surely reflect in whatever you do! Being together, you will always feel that ecstasy of joy and love that you seek in these activities. May this Valentine’s Day take away all the misunderstandings from your love life forever and confer upon you and your partner, the bliss of being together and you enjoy each bit of that togetherness!

Before I put my pen down here, let me say a few words to all those ‘singles’ who have not yet felt the sensation of eternity associated with a relationship:

If you have not been fortunate enough to be in a relationship yet, however there is someone in your life you can see with closed eyes, the one you always dream of, the one you want to be with forever, the one without whom you think your life is meaningless; then trust me it is the right time to express your beloved what is engraved on the walls of your heart! Muster up that courage and ask him to be your valentine!

Good Luck!