7 Ideas for a Unique Valentine’s Day

Look, when Valentine’s Day comes around, it’s important to ensure that you do something other than just the traditional flowers and chocolate. While nobody is going to reject a thoughtful gift, there are plenty of other more unique ways to show your significant other you love him or her. Not sure where to start? We’ve got your back. Below, we’ve compiled the steps necessary for a totally unique Valentine’s Day surprise.

Buy flowers but send them to your S.O.’s work

Sure, flowers are a staple during the Valentine’s season but why not level up this year and send a flower delivery to their work. Not only will it make your partner happy, it’ll send waves of jealousy through the office, too.

Plan a volunteering date

Skip those crowded restaurants this year! Does your significant other love animals? Sign up for a volunteer shift with your date at a local animal shelter. You can help socialize cats, feed kittens, walk shelter dogs, and assist in adoptions.

Or, you can volunteer at a soup kitchen and help feed the homeless. Whatever your passion or interest, there are plenty of ways to give back on a day typically characterized by gifts and displays of love. So, why not share the love and help out the local community for once?

Make a staycation date

Embrace childlike wonder and create a full fort situation in your living room. When your girlfriend or boyfriend comes home from work, they definitely won’t be expecting a medieval style fortress created out of cushions in their living room. Complete the date night with romantic fairy lights, a movie, and movie theater snacks like popcorn and candy.

If you really want to go the whole nine yards, invest in matching footie pajamas, so you can spend your movie night in total comfort.

Name a star after your S.O.

Your partner is the star of your world, why not make it official by naming a star after them? Believe it or not, there are services dedicated to doing this! On sites like CosmoNova, you can buy a star and name it after him or her. Or, you can even name the star both of your names to represent your future together.

Naming a star through the site gets you official registration on the Star Registry, a personalized Star Certificate, a Star Map of where you can find your star, and a digital copy of your Star Certificate. It’s a unique gift perfect for those interested in astronomy or just casual stargazers.

Plan a hike with surprises along the way

This involves a lot of motivation as well as innovation. Is there a lesser known hiking trail where you live? If so, you can consider going on the trail a few hours early and hiding some small gifts along the path. Just make sure that there’s not going to be trash left behind or food that wild animals will get into.

As you walk along the trail with your S.O., reveal the gifts to your partner.

Find a speakeasy

No, we’re not talking about 1920’s illegal speakeasies, we’re talking about those hard-to-get-into places that are behind trap doors and feature secret entrances. Going to one of these small little bars is going to involve months of advance planning, but if you do it right, it can be a great way to enjoy fancy cocktails with your partner. Plus, those months of advance planning will surely impress him or her.

Do a breakfast date

Restaurants are going to be packed on Valentine’s Day night, so why not opt for a breakfast date instead? We all know that breakfast is the best meal of the day, anyway. Go somewhere that offers boozy morning cocktails, call off work, and enjoy your day together. There’s nothing better than a post-brunch snooze after all!


This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to do things a little different. Instead of relying on the ol’ dinner and a movie date, consider one of our date ideas. Not only will any of these ideas delight your partner, they all provide a departure from typical dates. All it takes to have a successful Valentine’s Day is a little thoughtfulness. With this article in hand, you can plan an amazing day full of wonder and excitement. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan the best date ever!