Everything You Need to Know About Casting a Break Up Spell

You’ve undoubtedly heard break up spells mentioned before, even if it’s just in a joking manner. People say things like “Oh, I wish I could just cast a spell to make them break up” all the time when they see a friend in a relationship that’s bad for them emotionally, or that’s going nowhere.

The good news is that these spells do exist… and if you’re spiritually inclined, there’s no reason you can’t try it out.

However, stopping a relationship with break up spells and rituals is a process that needs to be taken seriously. You’ll need to do your research beforehand to familiarize yourself with the process and to determine if you still want to proceed. There could be some ethical considerations – like is it your business who your friend goes out with? Consider whether it’s really in everyone’s best interests for you to meddle in other people’s relationships before you proceed. If you’re sure you want to go ahead, this article is a useful place to begin when starting to cast break up spells.

Below is a list of everything you need to know before casting a breakup spell or performing a breakup ritual.

Things to Consider Before You Begin

As mentioned above, casting a break up spell or performing a ritual shouldn’t be taken lightly. This isn’t something that you should do if you simply don’t like your friend’s boyfriend, or if you’re looking for revenge. The spell should only be used when it is the best thing for a couple to separate. It could also be used if you want to remove a person from your life who is unwanted, or that might be harmful to your well being.

A breakup spell is considered a manipulation ritual, which by definition, interferes with the free will that all people should have. Because of this, it’s recommended that you consult with a professional spell caster. This consultation could be used for educational purposes, or you could enlist them to perform the spell for you. The latter is always the safest option, but you can conduct the spell yourself if you take the proper precautions. Bear in mind that the caster may refuse to perform the ritual if they have ethical concerns – if this is the case, you should think twice before attempting it yourself.

How to Prepare

In terms of the supplies you will need, all that’s necessary is a pen, a piece of paper, a candle, and an item that reminds you of the person that you want to separate from yourself or someone else.

As for the location where you’ll perform the spell, you will need to find a place that is calm and quiet. You shouldn’t have any type of interference, so removing your phone from the room will be necessary. Set the scene: play relaxing music, close the curtains, and maybe use joss sticks. Treat this location as a meditative place, where you will need to focus and commit to the task at hand.

You’ll also need to determine what type of spell you want to cast and plan accordingly. Spells and rituals are affected by astrology, so timing is everything. For example, break up spells that are designed to work right away are most often done on Saturdays. If you opt for a spell that is of kabbalistic origin, these are usually done on Fridays. Both of these types are performed in the waning moon, so lunar phases are also critical.

How to Chant a Spell

When chanting a spell, it can be directed towards a natural phenomenon, an abstract concept, a divinity, a person, or an object. The power of a spell is to capture the designated party and to change its behavior. In this case, the change would be a breakup.

Spells have ancient origins and abide by individual, equally ancient rules. They are often intelligible, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t effective. They are musical in nature, and they work by using the formula of the words and rhythm to effect nature, objects, and the stars. These words are a manifestation of a thought, and the power of words helps to propagate the idea by adding energy. It’s through this method that the spell is put into action.

Final Thoughts

Again, it’s crucial to do your research about breakup spells before you do anything else. When done in the correct manner and for the right reasons, these are very effective spells and can be used to the benefit of many.