5 Tips For Alleviating The Aches And Pains Of Pregnancy

The miracle of birth comes with its share of un-miraculous aches. More than half of women report experiencing back pain during their pregnancy, which can cause ongoing discomfort and stress if left untreated.

As your baby gets bigger, the weight puts more stress on your lower back, which in turn causes your upper back to shift back (compensating for a change in your centre of gravity). Add to this  the natural, preparatory change in your hormones to get you ready for childbirth, resulting in the  loosening of your ligaments, and less stability in your joints. The combination of these postural changes, and some joint instability, can all add up to back pain. But, fortunately, there are ways to tackle these pregnancy aches and pains.

Visit A Chiropractor

During pregnancy, there are numerous benefits of visiting your chiropractor – many of the items on this list. Essentially, they are your spine experts: as your spine and nervous system is introduced to new stresses during pregnancy, they bring to bear their training and knowledge to offer tips and adjustments for alleviating pain, and help you to have the best pregnancy possible.

Rethink Your Sleep Posture

If you’re someone who used to like sleeping on your back or, worse yet, your stomach, you will need to rethink your sleep posture. It is recommended that you sleep on your side, with a pillow between your knees. Given the amount of rest you should be getting during pregnancy (a few more hours at least), it is important to get into the habit early on of sleeping on your side.

Get Some Comfy Shoes

With the extra weight comes extra stress on your feet, so your pre-pregnancy high heels just won’t cut it anymore, unfortunately. In order to avoid and alleviate pain, get shoes with proper arch support.

Hot And Cold Therapy

To alleviate the aches and pains by reducing muscle inflammation, experts recommend alternating hot and cold packs. Start with the cold pack (a bag of frozen peas works in a pinch!) and then move onto a heated pad (or, in a pinch, pour rice into a cloth bag and heat for a minute).

Stay Physically Active

Exercise is good for everyone, baby or no baby. Regular (gentle) physical activity will help keep your back and muscles strong, allowing you to avoid aches and pains. Consult with your chiropractor on which exercises are best, and be sure to include a lot of stretching into your exercise regimen. For a gentle, low-impact exercise, try swimming or water aerobics.

With over half of all pregnant women experiencing back pain, tips like these can save you a lot of stress. Regardless of trimester, aches and pains do happen, so visit your chiropractor for stretches, posture tips and for gentle spinal adjustments. Stay physically active with gentle exercises and get yourself a supportive pair of shoes. And remember to rest often and rest properly by laying on your side. Pregnancy shouldn’t be a pain in the back.