5 Unexpected Ways to Exercise Without Hitting the Gym

For many of us, exercise feels less like fun and more like a chore. Whether that’s due to the pressure of going to the gym, or a fear of panting and heaving in public, many of us dread working out.

However, exercising doesn’t have to be an arduous workout: it can be whatever you want. Thirty minutes of exercise is recommended per day. And, as long as what you’re doing raises your heart rate, that’s all that matters!

With that in mind, we’ve compiled this guide of easy and unexpected ways you can exercise, many of which you can naturally incorporate into your day.

1) Playing an instrument

Maybe you have been thinking about learning a new instrument, or you need the motivation to play your instrument more. Well, it turns out that jamming out is great fun and has lots of physical benefits, too.

Singing or playing instruments like the trumpet or clarinet can do wonders for your aerobic fitness and can help you increase your stamina. If you want something more intense, then taking up the drums is for you.

A lot of drummers believe their fitness levels are undervalued, and research backs up their feelings: a professional drummer’s fitness is comparable to that of a soccer player’s.

This is because drumming is a full-body job – it requires a lot of upper arm strength, strong core muscles, and gets your legs involved, too. Drumming is brilliant for building up your endurance and works out many different parts of your body. Prepare for toned calves and forearms. Check out these snares and other kit parts to get started.

2) Chores and cleaning the house

You can get the most out of home chores when you put your back into it! Cleaning floors, vacuuming, and carrying laundry up and down the stairs all count as good exercise because they raise your heart rate and work out a range of different muscles.

Putting more effort into how hard you clean maximizes the physical benefits and ensures you finish your dreaded chores much quicker!

3) Walking with your groceries

Heavy and awkward, nobody wants to lug their shopping home… which is why we often hop on public transport or drive to and from the shops.

It is time to rethink that attitude! Walking with your groceries is a convenient and free exercise that burns fat and works out your arms, legs, and back, while conditioning your core.

You may dread the thought of walking home with your groceries, but you might feel better about it when you get home after a free workout. It’s also an opportunity to take in your environment and clear your head. Buy a treat for yourself to enjoy once you’re home!

4) Power walk everywhere

Getting your 30 minutes of exercise every day is important, but so is how hard you do it. The key is intensity, possibly more so than the amount of exercise you get every day. You need to feel like you have raised your heart rate substantially.

Power walking is great because it is the most natural way you can incorporate quality exercise into your daily life by walking to meetings, shops, or work. Power walking for five minutes will burn five to seven more calories compared to a slow walk, for instance, so take every opportunity you get to power walk.

5) Exercising at your desk

Sitting at your desk all day is a problem that needs solving. You rarely move unless you are off to the bathroom, a coffee break, or a meeting. Bad posture and being sedentary all day will take a toll on your energy, mood, and overall health.

Try adjusting your desk so that you can stand at it throughout the day, or bring in a swiss ball to sit on instead. Both options will test you more than sitting down without being too hard. These will help you condition your core and improve your posture.

Bottom line

If you make exercise a priority, there are tons of ways you can move your body and build your fitness throughout the day. If you’re a true beginner to fitness, incorporating some of these easy tips into your daily routine can make all the difference – you might even find after a while that you’re ready to join a gym! Not only that, but exercise can mean you find a new hobby, make new friends, and reduce your stress levels. It’s a win-win.

Try out some of these easy non-workout methods today!