6 Ways to Revive Your Clip In Hair Extensions

There’s a reason why clip in hair extensions are so popular – they offer instantly thicker and longer hair without the need to grow your natural hair or sit through a lengthy installation.

Since high-quality clip in hair extensions closely resemble your own hair, they have the potential to become dry and damaged over time. This could be the result of heat styling tools, the wrong haircare products or simply everyday wear.

If your clip in hair extensions are not looking as fresh as they once did, here are a few ways to prolong the life of your best-kept beauty secret.

6 Ways to Bring Your Clip In Extensions Back to Life

1.) Try a Hot Oil Treatment. While Jadore clip in hair extensions are designed to look and feel great for years, not all hair extensions are created equal. If you want to revive your current clip in hair extensions, a hot oil treatment can be used to seal the cuticles and repair any split ends.

2.) Apply a Hair Mask. Hair masks are ideal for hydrating and detangling hair extensions. The mask is designed to deeply penetrated the hair follicles, while also locking in the moisture and creating a protective barrier. Once the hair mask has been applied, place the extensions in a shower cap or plastic bag before rinsing them with lukewarm water 10 minutes later. Let your extensions air dry before you store them.

3.) Find a New Shampoo. If your clip in hair extensions are suffering, it might be time to consider a new shampoo. A sulphate-free shampoo is always recommended because it’s gentler on the hair. It’s also best not to wash your clip in extensions too often – once or twice a month is more than enough. Lastly, make sure that you aren’t scrubbing your extensions as this can damage them too.

4.) Only Use a Wide Tooth Comb. Using a brush on your clip in hair extensions will only cause them to break, which is why a wide tooth comb is the preferred option. Comb your extensions any time you handle them and make a point of brushing them out on a regular basis to avoid any unnecessary tangles.

5.) Rethink Your Approach to Styling. Always air-dry your extensions if you can help it. If you must use a hairdryer, or any other heat styling tool, apply a heat protectant spray and use the tool on the lowest setting that you can. Use a spray after styling to lock in the moisture and prevent frizz – just be sure it’s suitable for use on hair extensions.

6.) Store Your Extensions Correctly. Your clip in hair extensions should ideally be stored flat but you can also hang them up. Make sure that you are storing them out of direct sunlight.

Bonus Tip: Spread any haircare products evenly across your extensions using a comb.

Keep in mind that your extensions may need more than one treatment before you see results.

When to Replace Clip In Extensions

If for any reason your clip in hair extensions have broken, it may be possible to repair them. You could attempt to do this yourself or you could seek assistance from a hair extensions technician. To repair the weft yourself, you will need a needle and thread, a pair of scissors and a new clip with a silicone backing. If you do prefer to go the DIY route, you will find a number of detailed tutorials and videos online. In some cases, however, your extensions will need to be replaced completely.

The lifespan of your hair extensions is always determined by three things:

  1. The quality of the hair
  2. How well you care for them
  3. How often you wear them

Here are a few guidelines that you can use to determine how often you will need to replace your clip in hair extensions.

  • Mixed or Synthetic Hair. Since this is the cheapest hair available, you won’t get more than 3 months out of them.
  • 100% Human Remy Hair. This particular hair is of a much better quality and will last you up to 6 months.
  • 100% Virgin Remy Hair. This is premium hair and while it costs more than the first two options, your extensions will last for at least a year.

With this being said, with the right care, 100% human Remy hair is perfectly fine and can be used for longer than 6 months in some cases –it’s all dependent on your reasons for wanting hair extensions and whether they’ll be worn daily.

If you would prefer something that will last you a little longer than a few months, you may want to look into a more permanent option such as tape hair extensions, which are light and look and feel completely natural.