Scalp Solutions: How to Beat Lacklustre Locks

When it comes to treating dull, flat, lacklustre locks, the most important tip is to use good quality hair products which will help you achieve shiny and lustrous hair that quite literally glows with health. Importantly, using salon-quality products to care for and treat your hair can also increase the longevity of your in-salon hair treatments so that your locks shine, are soft to the touch, and are easier to manage and style long term.

Needless to say, there are many products on the hair care market to choose from. Of course, shampoo and conditioner are both fundamental to caring for your locks. Just as necessary, however, are both pre-wash and leave-in hair treatment masques and oils. And, of course, ensuring that you are also regularly having your hair cut and treated at a professional hairdressing salon is also essential. But what are the best products to use to care for your hair and scalp in between salon treatments? Read on to find out!

The Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Healthy Hair

Good quality shampoo and conditioner go a long way when caring for and treating your hair. If you care about the health of your hair, it is best to avoid supermarket or drugstore shampoos and conditioners, which can often contain cheap and nasty chemicals and astringent fillers which will not do any favours to your locks. They can even strip the hair of moisture and natural oils, causing dryness and a dull, lacklustre finish. You can most certainly make better choices by selecting a shampoo brand that contains quality ingredients. For example, choosing a shampoo by Keune will ensure that you are washing and caring for your hair with a product that treats your locks with every wash, providing it with essential nourishment to ensure the health of your hair. Importantly, Keune shampoo and conditioner contains an essential mineral complex that not only improves the health and overall condition of the hair it also soothes and treats the scalp – the foundation of healthy hair growth!

Caring for your Locks with Hair Treatment Masques and Oils

Most often containing almond oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil and other nutrient-rich ingredients, hair oil treatment masques are essential if you desire healthy, shiny, luscious hair!

Importantly, traditional cultures throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East have been caring for their locks with hair treatment oils for centuries. The ancient Indian ritual of hair oiling has since been discovered and replicated in the Western world, with hair oil treatment masques now readily available to purchase. It has been found that hair oiling is especially amazing for restoring essential nutrients into the hair and smoothing the locks to create a more manageable texture for styling. And, of course, the shine that results from oiling the hair is undoubtedly gorgeous.

In our modern day, traditional hair oiling treatments have evolved into the use of both pre-wash rinse-out treatment masks (often containing oils of various descriptions) but also leave-in treatments, which are applied to the hair post-washing and which are especially good to care for and treat the hair before or during the ensuant and notoriously damaging heat styling process – which can include blow waving, hair straightening, or curling the hair with a hot curling iron, for example.

Crucially, restoring moisture and nutrients into your locks with a leave-in treatment applied after washing the hair not only protects it from damaging heat tools it can also increase and encourage softness and shine over time.

Regular Hair Cuts and Salon Treatments to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Regularly cutting the hair is essential to reducing split ends, dullness and dryness and to maintaining the health of your hair. Going to a professional hair salon to care for your locks is essential to the hair’s health.

Of course, this became very apparent during the recent COVID-19 lockdown periods and the ensuant closing of all hair salon businesses. Indeed, everyone’s hair suffered! An appointment at the hair salon was essential for all once hairdressers reopened post-covid lockdowns – with the majority of us in desperate need of taming of our wild and crazy lockdown manes. Barber shops, in particular, saw unprecedented queues of customers lining up outside their doors for a much-needed trim post-lockdown!

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