Hair Hacks! Tips and Tricks to Save You Time and Make You Look Fabulous

The days of quarantine are wrapping up and people are beginning to head back to work. All those days of working in your pajamas with a casual ponytail are over. As happy as we are to be getting out of the house, we’re also dreading having to head to work looking presentable.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to make your hair look great for work or a weekend out with your friends. Read on for some hair tips and tricks that are low effort and stress-free!

Hit the Shower Early

If getting ready in the morning is a big source of stress for you, then it’s time to conquer that stress by making more time for yourself. Start by hitting the hay a bit early so you can get up earlier in the morning.

Try getting up at least two hours before you need to leave for work and taking a shower first thing. Learn how a microfiber hair towel works and put your hair up to towel dry while you prep your outfit or make your coffee. Let your hair air dry for as long as possible so you don’t need to spend a ton of time blow drying your hair.

Once your hair is mostly dry, break out the blow dryer and style your hair in no time!

Go Au Naturel

Want to save even more time in the morning? Try skipping the blow dryer altogether and going au naturel.

All you need to do to make this work look is some styling cream based on the type of natural hair texture you have. For those with naturally curly hair, run a curl-enhancing serum with an anti-frizz cream and run it through towel-dried ends to create defined curls.

Have natural waves? Try a wave serum or salt spray for a beachy wave vibe. Those with straight hair should opt for a smoothing serum like Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum for smooth, shiny hair.

Bun It

Don’t have time to do a full wash and style in the morning? That’s okay!

A simple bun can be as casual or as formal as you would like, and it’s something you can take from day to night.

If you’re heading to work, smooth hair with a brush and twist your hair up into a neat bun. If you have fine or thin hair, you can roll your hair over a hair donut for more volume.

If you want something more casual, try flipping your head over and smoothing your hair with your fingers instead of a brush for a messier look. Then twist and wrap your hair in a coil and use a band to hold it in place. Use bobby pins to pin up stray ends.

Go for a Refresh

Think you have to wash your hair every day? Think again!

Washing your hair on a daily basis can dry out your hair and lead to overproduction of oils. Opt to wash your hair every two or three days for optimum hair health. Use a dry shampoo in between washes to keep hair looking clean and smelling good.

If you notice excessive oil or flaking in between washes, then go ahead and wash it. Over time, you’ll learn how long your hair can stay clean between washes.

Style Bangs Immediately

People who have bangs spend a lot of time agonizing over styling them. They’re the first place that hair looks dirty and can be hard to tame if you have cowlicks.

Make things easier by blowdrying your bangs straight out of the shower. Use a comb and add the concentrator nozzle for your blow dryer, then comb your bangs straight down for the initial blast and then to the left and right to smooth out cowlicks. End the session by blowdrying your bangs in the direction you want them to lay.

Cold for Shine

Are you dealing with dull hair? You don’t need an expensive treatment from the salon to make it shine. All you need is a little cold!

When hair cuticles are healthy, they lay flat and smooth. Hair color and heat treatments cause cuticles to lift, resulting in coarse, dull strands.

After you’ve rinsed out the conditioner in the shower, and right before you jump out, rinse your hair with cold water to smooth out the cuticles. Ideally, you’ll avoid heat treatments, but if you must, use the cold function on your blow dryer to smooth cuticles and boost shine.

Only Use Conditioner on Your Ends

If you’re struggling with limp, flat hair, then you need to take some steps to give it more body. First, use a lightweight conditioner and apply it to the ends only. Putting conditioner on your roots weighs down your strands and makes your hair look lifeless.

Need more volume? Use a volumizing serum and blow dry hair upside down to give your roots a lift!


Save Money with Violet Shampoo

Lots of women go to the salon to lighten up their hair to a sunny shade of blonde. Unfortunately, over time, many blondes tend to go brassy. Usually, this means that you have to go back to the salon for a touch-up or for toning.

If you don’t have the time or disposable income to keep your blonde hair looking great, then we have good news for you! Many shampoo brands feature a line of violet shampoos that work to counteract brassy tones.

Violet shampoo contains violet color molecules that absorb into your strands and cancel out yellow tones. Use them approximately once a week according to the instructions on the bottle for great-looking hair!

Loved These Hair Tips and Tricks?

Getting up in the morning and getting ready for work is super stressful, especially when you’re used to working from home. Thankfully, doing your hair doesn’t have to add to the stress. Utilizing these hair tips and tricks will have you out the door looking your best without adding to your stress!

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