8 Music Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss

Going to a big music festival is a fun way to socialize with thousands of other people while jamming to your favorite tunes. These festivals are great for quick vacations in the summer or spring! Being organized all over the world, they give party animals an opportunity to vent in the wildest way possible.

The 8 Greatest Music Festivals in the World

If singing the songs of great artists while watching them perform in person is on your to-do list, you need to attend a music festival. In this article, we’ll tell you more about the biggest music-related events in the world! Pick your favorite festival from the list below, and start packing your carry-on bag!


Being one of the biggest music festivals on the planet, Coachella regularly hosts a plethora of heavy hitters. ASAP Rocky, Kanye West, and Billie Eilish are just some of the stars that have entertained millions of people over the years! With more and more people deciding to visit the festival every year, you should consider visiting it as well.


Hosted in the scenic village of Pilton in the English county of Somerset, Glastonbury is the go-to festival for people from all over the world. Should you decide to stop by, the village’s mesmerizing architecture will knock your socks off! Add to that the place’s fresh air and the festival’s stellar lineups, and you have an event that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Electric Daisy Carnival

The multifaceted approach of the organizers behind Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas makes this music festival so popular. Thanks to them, the festival’s lineups are always outstanding and filled with super famous artists, and its visual elements are out of this world! Artists’ performances are always beautifully complemented with cool stage decorations and smoke. If you’re into house, dubstep, trance, and techno, this is your festival!

Creamfields North

Organized in the United Kingdom, Creamfields North is famous for being one of the most beloved electronic music festivals. Throughout the years, this festival has hosted some of the best electronic artists in the world, including Tiësto, The Chemical Brothers, and David Guetta. Those who enjoy the sound of digital instruments will fall in love with this open-air event the moment their favorite star starts performing.


Lollapalooza is one of the most magnificent music festivals out there! With roots that go back to the 20th century, this festival was once meant to be Perry Farrell’s farewell tour. Nowadays, this is just a great regular music event that has hosted many fantastic artists, including Amy Winehouse, Nine Inch Nails, and Daft Punk. If you’re up for an incredible experience, you should visit Lollapalooza!


The vibrant atmosphere of Tomorrowland is definitely something worth experiencing. This famous music festival includes different music genres, from dance, hip hop, and pop to EDM and house. It’s hosted in Belgium, a country worth booking a flight to, and its lineups are always wonderful. If you’re interested in dancing to the songs of artists that are less known and those that are super famous, go to Tomorrowland.

Primavera Sound Barcelona

Primavera Sound Barcelona is a music festival of great significance in Europe. Attracting more than 500k people annually, this event isn’t just for the fans of specific music genres. At PSB, you can relax to gentle indie tunes, jam hard to rock, or jump around while listening to hip hop! Visit it, and show off your best dance moves next to 500k other individuals!


If you’ve never been to Poland, you can schedule your next trip there during the Woodstock fever! This huge music festival lets more than 750k people roll! That makes it the go-to festival for folks who like being part of a massive audience. Although it used to host Polish rock bands back in the day, the festival’s big popularity brought many famous artists onto its stages.

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