Non-Pharmacological Ways of Dealing with Depression

Breakups are common in today’s relationships. It affects people differently and while some can move on and continue with their normal lives, others go into depression. Depression is simply a condition that is characterized by low mood and loss of interest in almost everything. Use of any substance that Decreases cortisol levels can help alleviate one from stress. Depression is a mental illness that requires both pharmacological management and holistic management to enable people to recover. Breakups come with the emotional trauma that makes people go through real grief and feels worthless.

Talk and Associate Yourself with Friends

There can never be depression without loneliness. The more you stay alone, the more depressed you become and you may even end up having suicidal thoughts. Many people who remain alone without friends can be hit by stress to the extent that they get insomnia. You can use the substances for insomnia treatment but the best thing is to associate yourself with friends. You will feel relieved and feel mentally free.

Get Enough Sleep

Depressed people cannot comfortably sleep and this is among the aspects of ailments that come with depression. Improve your sleep quality but eliminate the things that cause sleep disturbances in your room. It is among the ways of doing self-care so that you eliminate stress from your body. Get clean beddings, ensure you have a silent and comfortable room where you can sleep without any disturbance.

Indulge in Sports Activities

Sports activities are among the things that you can do to make sure you don’t think about your former girlfriend or boyfriend. That is the best way to ensure you don’t always think about someone who is no longer part of your life. The more you play sports, the more you gradually continue forgetting about him or her. That way, you kill depression as you will see the other part of the world that is composed of happiness and joy.

Watching Comedy Movies

Watching comedy is one of the ways of bringing happiness and enabling your mind to break from the stressful events of the breakup. You will laugh, smile, and entertain your mind. The thoughts pre-occupying your mind will be completely erased from your mind and you will be able to regain happiness once more. The more you do activities that break the thoughts about your former fiancé, the more you get away from depression.

Go to Fascinating Places

One thing about the mind is that it likes new places that are breathtaking and calming. Places like the beaches, viewpoints, and parks are good because they make your mind get fresh air and make you enjoy yourself throughout. You get time to forget about the breakup and relieve yourself from depression.

Don’t Make It a Habit Thinking About It

Most people spend a lot of time figuring out what they could have done wrong. That is normal but don’t make it more of your hourly thoughts. Give yourself a break and make sure you always focus on the positive things. People walk away when they want to, it doesn’t necessarily require a reason for one to walk away. That way, you will relieve your mind from unnecessary thoughts.

Get Busy Most of the Time

Make sure you are always engaged. Whether it is work, exercise, or books, just make sure you don’t stay idle. Staying idle will precipitate thoughts about your former relationship and this will even worsen the depression. Make sure you are engaged in leisure activities, professional duties, or chatting with friends. Never stay alone at all.

Learn to Share What is Troubling Your Mind

There are professional counselors, psychologists, and relationship advisors who can advise you accordingly to ensure you walk on the right path. That is the best way to ensure you get the best way forward so that you don’t remain stressed.

Start Going for Counselling Sessions

Professional psychologists are known to have the techniques to structure dialogue sessions with people affected by depression. You will start feeling better if you adhere to the therapeutic sessions because every session is geared towards easing the stress in your head. The aim is to help you reconnect with the real world and be able to let go of stress so that you live a sober life.

Drink Coffee in the Morning

Coffee is a stimulant that stimulates the brain to work actively. When you drink it in the morning, it helps to awaken the brain and make you feel fresh. You are therefore able to function without the dormancy of the brain. The alertness helps to relieve the mental burden that people feel when depressed. Don’t use alcohol or smoke weed because after their effects on your brain is over, you end up feeling the same way like before. 


Depression is not a good condition and if left unmanaged, it can lead to a serious mental illness that will affect both your social and economic life. If managed well, people can recover but you need to be very resilient to the therapeutic approaches to ensure you don’t get a relapse.