8 Preparation Tips Before Moving Your House

There are many things you will need to sort out in order to ensure a smooth home moving process. And you probably know by now how physically and emotionally taxing this process can be. Aside from packing things up, you also need to arrange transfer of your utilities, paperwork for your kids, etc. That is why, a lot prefer to hire removalists in Sydney.

Letting professionals handle your relocation in Sydney will significantly reduce the stress when moving to a new home. You won’t have to worry about how to ensure your large and heavy furniture is safely moved out from your old home and transported to your new home, renting a moving truck of your own and getting moving equipment you will use for the move. All this will be handled by the moving company you will hire.

But even so, there are still things you need to prepare before your removalist arrive. Things that are under your control to streamline the moving process and mitigate problems on your moving day. Think of it as laying the foundation of a successful home move.

  1. Properly pack your belongings before removalists arrive

If you haven’t asked your moving company in Sydney to include packing service, then packing your belongings will be all up to you. You should start packing your items as early as you can so you have enough time to ensure this is properly done. Make sure you have all necessary packing materials. Cardboard boxes of different sizes, bubble wraps, packing paper, packing tape and scissors are the few essential materials you will need.

Pack small but heavy items in a small box so it doesn’t get too heavy for the box to support the weight of the contents. Medium boxes are ideal to pack small appliances, pots and pans, and other miscellaneous items. And large boxes are best used to pack large but lightweight items like bedsheets, blankets, stuffed toys, pillows and clothing.

  1. Pack your valuables apart from removalists

All your valuable items such as jewelries, cash, small electronics, credit cards and important documents should be packed separately. Furniture removalists generally don’t move these items so they recommend you move these on your own. Pack these items early on in a secure box and make sure they don’t get mixed up with your other boxes of items.

  1. Create an inventory of your items

Make a list of all the items that you are moving so it will be easier to track if you’ve lost anything upon arrival at your new home. You can just easily tick off your list once you begin unpacking your belongings and see if all of your items have arrived.

Aside from creating an inventory, it’s best to document the condition of your items before moving by taking a photo of each, especially the valuable ones. It will be easier to identify if a damage to your item was incurred during transit and you’ll have proof. Bear in mind that cheap removalists may not have you covered under an insurance policy.

  1. Measure doors and prepare furniture

If your doorways are small or if a piece of furniture is too large to fit your doorway, you must find another exit way for them. So, plan ahead what to do by measuring and identifying if you have large pieces of furniture that won’t fit in your doorway or pathways. Aside from taking measurements, you need to ensure that pathways are clear of any obstructions. Remove baby gates and any type of object that can cause your movers to trip.

If you have pieces of furniture that can be dismantled, do so before your movers arrive. Make sure the dismantled parts are packed together. If you are not confident in dismantling them on your own, you can have your man with a van provider to dismantle it but make sure that you inform them about it in advance.

Inform your removal company of the size and type of your doorways, stairways, and corridors so they can plan ahead and prepare necessary equipment to safely move your belongings out of your old home.

  1. Prepare parking for your two man and a truck service

Before your Sydney removalists arrive, you should already prepare a spot for them to park. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking this aspect. Your hired movers will have this in their mind and will surely call you to ask where they can park their truck.  So, clear out your driveway of any vehicle. If you are sharing a driveway with your neighbour, make them aware of your moving day and politely ask for their permission to use the driveway for parking when your truck arrives.

  1. Protect your home

Ensure your home is protected for the move. Your floor is most prone to damage during a home move so you need to cover them. You can use cut cardboard boxes or plywood to cover the areas of your floor with the most traffic. You can also use adhesive plastic film protection for carpets.

Don’t forget to cover your bannisters and walls. You can use blankets and flattened cardboard boxes and tape it securely to the walls of your corridors and on your bannisters.

  1. Keep your kids and fur babies away from the action

On your moving day, you need to keep your kids and pets away from all the chaos. Having them running around will only distract you and your movers, causing delays to the job, worst, an accident may happen. Have someone to watch over them on your moving day. A friend or relative can come over to your home and look after them or you can drop them off at your friend’s or relative’s home. If this is not an option, you can hire a baby sitter or pet sitter.

  1. Prepare snacks and drinks

When you are busy supervising the move, you won’t have time to prepare something to eat in the middle of the action. So, before your  man with a van arrives, prepare snacks and drinks. Lifting and shifting heavy items is very exhausting, so your company will greatly appreciate it if you have something to help them fuel up.

Doing the preparations mentioned above is laying the foundation of a smooth and successful home move. Being prepared will help avoid delays and problems on your moving day. Knowing how well-prepared you are, your Sydney removalists will make sure they handle your belongings with their utmost care.

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