How To Decorate Your House On A Budget

New home owners, this one’s for you! First we’d like to congratulate you on purchasing or renting your first property. Especially with how expensive the market is these days and it’s because of that very expense, that you’re likely to be looking to decorate your home on a budget. As much as you would probably love to take out a small loan, they are available for financial emergencies only, and shouldn’t be used to decorate your new house.   Therefore, we have culminated a list of top tips to help you do exactly that, and save money whilst making your recent purchase into your dream home.  

Decorate Yourself

Often, the price of a painter, carpenter or electrician, is quite pricey. So, why not dedicate your free time to painting your new home yourself. If any of your friends or family members is an experienced carpenter or electrician, ask them to help you, and you may get a discounted price!

Buy Some New Pillows

Is a new sofa a little out of your price range? Don’t worry about it, there’s plenty of affordable ways to change your sitting room’s appearance, specifically cushions.

With a variety of patterns, sizes and colours to choose from, these squishy god sends can serve as the perfect refresher for even the most haggard of sofas. Simply cover the sofa’s imperfections and it’ll appear as good as new.

Restore Your Furniture

Remember that old piece of worn furniture your significant other has been pressuring you to get rid of; perhaps it’s an old armchair, or wardrobe, even a table, well stay strong.

Simply apply a coat of varnish, a new paintjob or even a different patterned piece of upholstery to the the once weathered piece of homeware, and you’ll have a new stylish addition to your house’s collection of furniture.

Add Some Greenery

Plants breathe life into even the most dull and empty surroundings, with greens adding a vibrant contrast to drab colours like grey and white.

With an array of natural flowers to choose from, if you’d rather not invest the time in watering them you can buy an orchid, so you don’t even have to maintain it, making it both a time and cost effective solution.

Make Storage Functional

Now that you’ve moved into a new residence, you may well have an abundance of storage that you don’t know what to do with.

Well instead of it stuffing it out of sight, why not make it into a piece of useful furniture. Using luggage as tables, footrests and even for decoration is common practice in quaint hipster cafés, so why can’t they be just at home in your new house.

Paint Your Walls

Easy, inexpensive and immediately noticeable, adding a new lick of paint to your home provides an instant lift.

Whether you intend on painting a single feature wall, perhaps you want to opt for a unique two tone scheme or simply want to repaint an entire room, you’re guaranteed a fresher look than what your house possessed before, for a wide selection of paints, you can visit any number of retailers.

Shop Secondhand

A piece of furniture that you purchase for your house doesn’t always have to be brand new; second hand homeware can be just as good.

With so many reliable second hand sites like Preloved, Yell and eBay, that have stringent vetting processes to ensure the used item is of the highest quality, you can rest assured that you’ll find a second hand gem perfect for your new residence.

Add A Collage Or Photo Gallery

A collage or photo gallery serves as the perfect solution when you’re looking to provide a bare or cheerless wall with some much needed character.

Whether it’s for sentimental or artistic purposes, you can experiment with different shapes, sizes and frame designs to make the perfect collection of photos for you and your family without any significant expense.

Declutter Your Home

Now while for much of this guide we’ve been encouraging you to the make the most out of what you have, a room full of dated, worn or broken items can do just as much damage as a half empty one.

So, remove any non-essential and unusable items from your home, any old posters with rips in, any old curtains that your in-laws might have forced upon you and especially those pair of trainers that you’ve had for over a decade.

Set Up Sales Alerts

We understand that affordable alternatives can’t always suffice for the real thing, so if you really are set on an item outside of your price range, the one tip we can provide you with, is have patience.

Set up a series of sales alerts on the relative items you wish to purchase, that way you’ll receive an email notification when they do eventually go on offer for a reduced price and you will be the first in line for the great deal.


Add Some Wood

Many older, more expensive builds from the Victorian era often feature eye-catching woodwork, so why not elevate your home and add some to your new house.

Whether you want to install a new crown mold, perhaps a new chair rail or even a newel post, all will help to take your house from its current form of a relatively uninspired new build, to a customised vintage Victorian haven.

Make Your Own Art Gallery

Often a room doesn’t look quite complete without the addition of some art work, and while on your budget you can’t exactly afford the original classics, you can opt for prints of the very same paintings.

With many prints costing less than £20 and frames being at a similar price, you can create your own collection of curated and most importantly affordable, art in your new home.


We hope that these top tips have of been use to you in your attempts to decorate your house on a budget. We understand that it can often be hard to know where to start when decorating, so hopefully this guide will serve you well once you come around to changing up your home’s style. Remember, new doesn’t always mean best!