The Most Common Household Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

All homeowners and renters have faced the problem of household pests at some point in their lives. No matter where you live or how clean you keep your home, at some point or another you’ll find yourself plagued by one of the pests listed here.

So, what are the most common pests? And how do you get rid of them? Read on to find out.

#1: Ants

Ants are only after one thing: food. When you have ants, you have a lot of them as they swarm around food and follow trails other ants have laid out.

To get rid of ants, find out where they are getting into your house and seal it off. It also helps to avoid leaving sticky residue on surfaces. If you spill soda or juice, ants will flock to it.

#2: Moths

Moths are particularly destructive. They wreak havoc on materials such as leather, silk, fur, and wool if they find their way into your fabrics. They thrive in dark areas of the home such as closets and basements.

The best form of moth prevention? Clothes moth traps in your bedroom closet. The traps attract moths with pheromones and then trap them on a sticky surface for later disposal.

#3: Flies

Not only are flies incredibly irritating, but they can also carry infectious diseases.

A great way to catch flies is to put vinegar and dish soap in a glass and cover with plastic wrap. Use a pencil to create tiny holes in the plastic wrap and wait.

The flies will be attracted to the vinegar, but sink in the dish soap and be unable to fly out.

#4: Mice

Although some people may find mice and rats cute enough to have them as pets, undomesticated mice are an unwelcome sight in your home.

Mice can carry diseases, and they’re known for chewing through electrical wires, which can be a fire hazard.

When it comes to getting rid of mice, you may want to hire a professional. Although mousetraps might take care of a mouse or two, it doesn’t fix the underlying problem, which is that there’s an entryway into your home.

Exterminators can identify mouse entry points and seal them, for good.

#5: Bedbugs

Bedbugs are a particularly unsavory pest and can be quite hard to get rid of. They feed on blood and leave behind red, itchy bumps on their victims.

Bedbugs love small crevices. If you have a wooden bed frame with cracks in it, you are susceptible to bedbugs.

When it comes to getting rid of bedbugs, it pays to be thorough. Wash any clothing or linens that may have been exposed and clean the area thoroughly.

Although there are sprays you can buy, it’s often better to trust an exterminator when you want bedbugs gone for good.

#6: Cockroaches

Cockroaches are particularly common in urban areas but can thrive anywhere where food is stored. They are fantastic at surviving and can be hard to get rid of.

Cockroaches are attracted to food, so keeping your kitchen as clean as possible is a good way to prevent having them in the first place.

You can buy traps that attract cockroaches with an enticing scent and then trap them on a sticky surface. However, these traps work best when you have no crumbs or food out in the open. If the cockroaches have plenty of food to eat, they won’t go for the trap, but if they’re desperate, they will.

#7: Termites

These destructive pests can cause serious structural damage to your home by feeding on wood.

This is another instance where it’s best to consult with an exterminator. You don’t want to fool around with termites. If they do too much damage, it can cost you a lot more than an exterminator would in the long run.

Bottom Line

Pests cause untold chaos in homes — be sure to keep an eye out for evidence of them and quickly act it turns out you have an infestation!