121 Gorgeous Acrylic Nail Ideas All Women Love

Acrylic nails are a bit expensive to achieve, and the upkeep can get pricey. It is perfect for people who have a hard time keeping their nails intact for long. And as a woman, you definitely want to have square, oval, or almond shaped nails that attracts attention wherever you go. And the price tag is certainly worth all the trouble, especially when you see the gorgeous beauty of your nails.

Light pink acrylic nails design for girls

But, what exactly are acrylic nails?

Well, basically acrylic nails are a perfect blend of powder and liquid monomer that forms a dough. The formulation is then applied to your nails using a durable brush and they are left to dry. This kind of artificial nails are primarily used to give a new shape to your nails, as well as extra length.

Grey nails with crystals

How to create acrylic nails design at home

If you have no time go to the nail salon, you can definitely apply fake nails at home. All you need are acrylic nail items, common sense, and knowledge on how to do your nails.


Black nails with silver dusts

Acrylic nails design kit

It is ideal to buy an acrylic nail kit for your personal nail grooming. A kit is best because it already contains everything you need to apply acrylic design on your nails. Plus, a kit includes a detailed instruction on how to do acrylic nails. Choose an acrylic nail kit that is made from high quality substances, and preferably organic.

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Light blue and silver dusts nails design

Separate acrylic nails design supplies

It is also a good idea to buy your artificial nails supplies separately. You can do this in order to have control over the brands and designs of your materials. All you have to do is visit a nail supply store and purchase the necessary supplies.

Blue and black nail polish combo

  • Acrylic nail tips and glue – the nail tips are typically long, which gives you the freedom to cut and file the tips to whatever length and shape you desire.

Sky blue and silver dust nail polish

  • Clippers and files– do not buy the regular files and clippers for normal nails. Use the specific nail clippers and files that are designed for acrylic nails. Choose products with grit of 180, 240, 1000, and 4000. And you may need a rougher file if the result of the ideal grits is extremely clumpy.

Black lines and silver nails design

  • Acrylic powder and liquid – be cautious in choosing the fake nails. Never buy a product that contains MMA monomers since it is hazardous to your health. Opt for acrylic nail product with EMA ingredient.

Pink and maps fake nails

  • Bowl and brush – purchase these supplies in the size of #8 to #12 You need these two for blending the acrylic prior to application.

White tipped artificial nails

  • Training hand or training fingers – as much as you want to apply acrylic on your nails, you should exercise patience. Purchase a training hand or training fingers and practice making fake nails on them. You need to make sure that you are doing things right, so you will have perfect acrylic nails. Remember that the wrong products can cause allergies and health hazards, so it is ideal to practice first.

Nude nail polish with ribbons

Prepare your acrylic nails

Acrylic needs to be applied on clean nails, so make sure to remove your previous nail polish. It is best to use an oil-free and acetone-based nail polish remover to get rid of your old nail color. And if you have an acrylic or gel nail already, you should soak your nails in pure acetone. Remember not to physically remove or peel your old acrylic nails to avoid damaging or thinning your nails.

Gold dusts and more nail design

Acrylic nails trimming

Use nail clippers or nail scissors to trim your original nails. Cutting your nails short is best to provide an excellent acrylic base. Choose how long you want your original nails to be, as long as you know you can manage the acrylic application. Make sure that you allow a couple of millimeters space to glue the fake nails tips. And then use an acrylic nail file to keep your nails even.

Light pink with flowers nail design

Acrylic Nails buffing

Get a soft nail file to buff the surface of your nails, making them shine less. A little rougher surface is great for the application of acrylic.

Colorful tips for fake nails

Work on your cuticles

When you apply acrylic, you need to make sure that you attach the formulation to your nails, and not to your skin. And so you need to take care of your cuticles by pushing them back, or trim them.

Black, white, and silver combo

  • It is better to utilize cuticle pusher that is made from wood. Though metal pushers are also good, wood pushers are friendlier to your cuticles. And if you don’t have a wooden pusher, you can improvise and use a popsicle stick to push your cuticles.

Striking green nail polish

  • Remember that you should leave your cuticles wet and soft before you push them. Dry cuticles can lead to skin injuries, so keep your nails wet. You can soften your cuticles by soaking your nails in warm water for five to ten minutes. And then work on pushing them with a wooden pusher.

Darker nail colors

Acrylic Nails primer utilization

You must not leave any oil on your nails before you apply acrylics. Use a nail primer to get rid of all oils and moisture, and this is a significant aspect of the nail wrapping process. Take note that if there is still oil in your nails, the acrylic formulation will not succeed. The fake nails will certainly fall off and not stick.

Plain blue and more

It is best to use a lint-free paper towel or clean cotton ball to remove the surface residues with acetone. However, be very careful in using a nail primer since it can hurt your skin. This product is made with methacrylic acid that can burn your skin. To avoid this damaging incident, purchase an acid-free primer.

Black and brown nail design

Acrylic nails application

When you purchase artificial nails, you have to ensure that the size fits your nails perfectly. If they don’t fit, use an acrylic nail file to adjust the size and shape according to your needs.

Transparency and flowers nail design

Let us look into the steps on applying the fake nails.

Bloody red fake nails design

Prepare the materials for acrylic nails

In one acrylic dish, put the acrylic liquid, and in the other dish, pour the acrylic powder. It is best to work on a properly ventilated area in your home, since the acrylic materials are somewhat toxic.

Metallic black false nails

Use acrylic brush

Soak the acrylic brush on the liquid acrylic dish, ensuring that no bubbles survive the dip. Get rid of excess acrylic liquid by lightly scrubbing the acrylic brush at the side of the dish. And then put the acrylic brush on the acrylic powder bowl. Create a little misty ball collection at the tip of the brush.Flowers and more nail design

Note: It may not be easy to achieve the right combination of liquid and powder acrylics, so a little practice is necessary. Remember that the acrylic small ball must be moist, and easily spreadable. However, don’t make the ball too wet or avoid making the substance drip from the brush.

White tips and flowers nail design

It is handy to have paper towels when you are in the process of mixing the liquid and powder acrylics. You can wipe off the excess moisture and remove the small ball of acrylic mixture in between the acrylic application.

Golden tips on acrylic nails

Acrylic nails mixture application

And now that you have mastered mixing acrylic materials, you are now ready for the application. Start your application at the tip of the acrylic nails. Level the acrylic ball at the tip of the acrylic, and spread it smoothly. Apply another ball of acrylic mixture on your natural nail near the cuticle. And then bring the fake nail in close proximity to the cuticle. Repeat the process in the other nine nails.

Flowers and crystals nail design

Note: With every nail, wipe off the acrylic mixture and dip your brush again to the acrylic liquid and powder dishes. You can avoid lumps in between your natural nails and the false nails by creating small and one-directional strokes.

Purple nail design with glitters

Always work with small balls since large acrylic balls can cause issues with filing after the application. Too much mixture is definitely not good for your acrylic nails.

Heart tips acrylic nails design

Remember not to put acrylic on your cuticles. And be gentle with your mixture application to create a smooth transition from your original nail to an artificial nails design.

Dark red artificial nail polish

Let dry

After you have applied all ten fake nails to your natural nails, you need to make the application dry. The timeframe for drying is about ten minutes only, and you can test the dryness by using the brush handle to tap on the nail surface. And if you hear a clicking sound when you tap, then your acrylic nails is ready to handle the next process.

Butterfly fake nail design

Acrylic nails design tip formation

Once the false nails are set, it is time to shape the edges according to your preference. Use a specific 180 grit acrylic nail file to file and form the nail tips. And buff the nail surfaces with a 180 grit file to get rid of any scratches. Complete the process by using a 1000 grit file, and polish your acrylic nails with a  4000 grit. Brush off the residue from filing with the use of your acrylic brush. It is very important to remove all small particles in order to create a beautiful and flawless artificial nails design.

Lighter hue of nail polish

Color your acrylic nails

Choose a clear coat for your false nails, or opt for colored polishes. You have the option to create your own artificial nails design, and you can lavish your nails with whatever nail polish or style you desire. Look at the many acrylic nails design ideas, and you can it all out. However, always consider the nature of your work or school before you paint your nails. Remember that extremely bold nail polish may not be appropriate for the office or formal events.

Black shapes nail design

Acrylic nails design maintenance

It is ideal to keep your fashion nails well-maintained. In two weeks after your acrylic application, your nails would be grown out. In this case, you have the option to take out the acrylic, or reapply them. However, if you see that your nails are appearing yellow, green, or simply unhealthy, then stop applying acrylic.

If your nails develop fungus or other infections, consult a doctor immediately. Covering your nail condition with fake nails is absolutely not advisable. And remember that nail fungus is infectious, so always disinfect your nail grooming tools.

Benefits of acrylic nails design

This post includes more than a hundred acrylic nails design that can give you great inspiration for your nail styles. There are many benefits of creating this kind of nail design. And the most important advantage is artificial nails makes you look more sophisticated and poised.


False nails are long-lasting, and they are resistant to cracks and breakage compared to your natural nails. By sporting fake nails, you get to enjoy gorgeous nail designs for a long time.

Long red nail design

Hundreds of acrylic nails designs

There is absolutely no shortage of artificial nails design. There are in fact hundreds of styles that you can browse through. Moreover, you can create your own nail design that suits your taste and preference. The endless parade of nail wraps design can sometimes confuse you, but it is always good to have so many options.

Sketchy nails design

Looks natural

Fake nails can look like the real thing, especially if you know how to apply them. You can make artificial nails on your own, or you can visit your local nail salon and pamper yourself. False nails are designed to look real nails, with a plus that they are more durable than your natural nails.

Gold dominance fake nails

Stop nail biting

If you have the ugly habit of biting your nails, putting on artificial nails will help stop your obsession. The nail wraps provide difficulty for you to bite your nails, which curtails you bad habit. And by training yourself not to bite your nails anymore, you can continue to let go of your habit even when you’re not using fake nails anymore.

Matte brown artificial nails

Nail protection

Putting on nail wraps is perfect for protecting your unhealthy nails. Though it is not wise to hide your nail condition, false nails can save you embarrassment from your disease while you are treating your natural nails.

Matte dark blue nail finish

Caring for your acrylic nails

Sporting false nails allows you to achieve elegant, durable, and beautiful nails. And to keep your artificial nails intact and last long, there are methods that you can do to preserve your nails’ allure.

Nude nail color with flowers

Right nail length

In order to ensure that your false nails will last for a long time and will not crack or chip, choose the right length. Consider your lifestyle in selecting the size of your fake nails. If your work involves manual labor or your hands are always busy with office work, don’t go for long nails. Keep your artificial nails short of you are in-charged with household chores or you are in the manufacturing field. However, if you have a relax lifestyle, you can have a long nail wraps design. Selecting the most suitable nail size is crucial in maintaining the beauty of your acrylic nails. So choose wisely.

Bright pink fake nails

Nail oil application

Your acrylic nails have the potential to go rigid, and when this happens your nails could possibly break. To avoid this problem, you should purchase a nail oil in your local beauty shop. Apply oil at least twice a day to your 10 fake nails to keep them moisturized.

Simple artificial nails design

Waterproof gloves

When you have to do household chores, don’t forget to don on waterproof gloves so you can protect your acrylic nails. Remember that cleaning products can harm the beauty and durability of your artificial nails. Wearing gloves also ensures that your hands will not acquire any bacteria or germs that can be risky to your health.

Black, white, and crystals fake nails design

Visit acrylic nails technician

If you notice that your acrylic nails design is slipping away, consult a nail technician immediately. You may have the urge to repair the damage, but leave it to the expert. You are not trained to repair acrylic nail damages, and you may only cause more harm to your nails.

Stripes and more, acrylic nails design

Wash acrylic nails regularly

Your nails can acquire tiny debris and residues from the environment. Make it a point to wash your hands and nails regularly to get rid of harmful dirt that can ruin your acrylic nails design. Wash at least three times a day, excluding the washing you do every time you go to the bathroom. And whenever you get your nails dirty, wash them right away.

Many women uses a specific nail brush to clean the acrylic nails surfaces and that really helps in eliminating the growth of bacteria and germs in your nails.

Proper drying of acrylic nails

After washing your nails, dry them properly. Do not let your nails stay moist for long, since that can spread fungus and bacteria. You can use the electric warm dryer in the restroom, or a cloth towel or paper towel. You can dry your hands in any way, as long as the means of drying is clean. But, in circumstances that water and soap are not readily available, you can use alcohol or sanitizer to clean your nails.

Lotion application for acrylic nails

Aside from the nail oil, you can also use your favorite lotion to apply to your hands and nails after washing. Lotion can keep your nails properly moisturized, so you are shying away from possible damage.

Acrylic nails design that you can gain inspiration from

Let us look at a couple of acrylic nails photos.

Adorable circles acrylic nails

acrylic-nailsCircular shapes convey nonstop luck, plus they are great to look at. Put circles on your fake nails and make the girly pink color stand out.

Not-so-short red acrylic nails

A red false nail color always looks elegant and stylish, even if it is devoid of any design. Red surely stands out on your medium length nails.

Short Nude Acrylic Paint

Keep your nails short and elegant with nude acrylic nail paint. You can wear this style any day, at any kind of event.

Dominant blue acrylic nails

Lift your blue mood with this strong blue acrylic nail design. The unique background adds allure to your nails. And conveys a strong characteristics.

One odd finger acrylic nails style

Make your fingers stand out with this amazing nail wrap design. The color combination is absolutely striking.

Plain and glitters acrylic nails

Long nails are perfectly gorgeous, especially when you choose acrylic nail paint with a soft hue. And a single glittery ring finger makes your design stand out.

Go literally green nails

Green is definitely a good thing for the environment. And it is perfect as an acrylic nail design too. Opt for different green versions in each finger.

Different subtle acrylic nail colors

Soft colors are beautiful in their simplicity. And to have different acrylic nail hues on your fingers is absolutely amazing. Plus, add a crack pattern to add mystery to your nails.


Sophisticated white acrylic nails and more

This is an elegant acrylic nail style that is perfect for a party. It has little metallic balls that add allure to your nails.

Signature acrylic nails

Indulge in a cute acrylic nails design that consists of little signatures. And the white tips are incredible. This design is great if subtlety is your aim.


An assortment of sorts

Bring glamour to your nails with this acrylic nail design. You will surely garner a lot of attention in any party you will attend.


Pure acrylic nail style

This is a straightforward acrylic nail style with a nude finish on the roots, and white at the tips. It is a great for any casual or formal event.


It’s all about gears

Acrylic nail with gears design is completely mind-blowing. The style is so modern and intricate, people cannot help but stare admiringly.

Simple yet elegant acrylic nails

The simple design of this acrylic nail is highlighted with a touch of clear crystals for subdued elegance.


White acrylic nails

White long acrylic nail design is charming. Add a bit of a twist and transform your simple nails into something that deserves a second look.

Dazzling acrylic nails

Going to a glamorous party requires a matching dazzling acrylic nails design. Let the beauty of black shine with the incorporation intricate flowers and beads.


Super cute acrylic nails

Bring out your girlish personality in this cute and adorable acrylic nails design. This style makes you look young and fresh.


Simple yet bold nails

Long slim nails design with a single color is indeed simple. But the acrylic nail shape of this style sends a bold message not to mess with the person.


Anything but simple false nails design

There is absolutely nothing simple about this fake nail design. It is gorgeously bold and sophisticated. Definitely perfect for a party.

Give love nails design

A woman in love glows with happiness. Show off your happy love life by creating heart acrylic nails.


Buffed for perfection

Young girls love to incorporate their favorite character into their fake nails design. And this pointy long nails style is certainly a perfect choice.

Very pointy nails

Long pointy nails are certainly stunning. Indulge in an temporary nails design that is sure to capture alot of attention.

Unique nails design

Try something new and choose this unique false nails design. It will surely shock your friends.

Pink it is!

Let your love for pink show in this beautiful nail wraps design. It is perfect for ang type of event.


Edgy stylish nails

Artificial nails with trendy design. Let nature be your ultimate inspiration for style.

Dominant pink fake nails

Allow pink to dominate the color of your acrylic nails. Let your favorite color shine in your nails.

Simple one color

Simplicity never goes wrong. Get an acrylic nail polish with one color only, and create a subtle elegance with your nails.


Matte Black Nails Design

Your long nails surely transforms into an elegant nail style with an acrylic matte black paint. It is perfect for a bold look.


Formal nail design

Are you going to a formal party? Then visit your favorite nail salon and try this acrylic nail color.

Long and super pointy nails

Make your fingers look slimmer with this fake nails design. Throw in different patterns and enjoy the result.

Metallic grey false nails

Add more allure to your metallic grey artificial nails with gold nail accessories.

Triangle lover fake nails design

Show your bright personality with a triangle design fake nails. The colorful design is perfect for a wild party.


Halloween time! 

Do you love halloween? If so, create an artificial nails design that features this scary and fun season.

Fake nails for halloween

When halloween is near, or even in ordinary days, sport on a halloween nails design. Your nail wraps will surely attract alot of stares.

Assorted patterns acrylic design

This messy temporary nail design is good for daily use. It is preferred by young teens, but also great for young at hearts.

Colorful flowers false nails

Carry colorful flowers with you through this artificial nails design. Your hands will look gorgeous in this flowery style.


Cutie penguin artificial nails design

Penguins are super cute. So why not indulge in a fale nails design with penguins in their natural habitat?


Alerting blue nails

Let your artificial nails glow with a blue finish with a twist.


Winter blue acrylic nails design


Shimmering blue false nails idea

Stunning blue fake nails design

Very colorful false nails design

Contrasting colors for artificial nails


Very girlish fake nails design

Cutie shoes acrylic nails design

Beads and more design for fake nails

Crystals, beads, and glitters acrylic nails

Colorful glitters for false nails

Very light brown fake nails design

White nails plus beads acrylic nails design

Pure dark pink artificial nails design

Pink and triangles acrylic nails polish

Medium hue of pink for false nails design

Light pink acrylic nails design for girls


More than vanity, applying acrylic nails design is a necessity. You must always ensure that your nails are cared for, to keep them healthy and strong. There are hundreds of acrylic nails design to choose from. You can apply one on your own, or visit your preferred nail salon.

Designing your nails is a wonderful method of pampering yourself. And it is a great way of showing the world your true self. Indeed, the choice you make for your acrylic nails design speaks highly of who you are. So choose from the heart.