How to Protect Your Nails While Cleaning

I love to spoil myself every so often because I do think that my life should not be only chores, work and chores again. One of the presents I love to give myself is getting my nails done at the near salon. Sometimes, if I have enough time to spare, I do them at home by myself using nail kits. I am in love with the simply coloured manicures. However, the biggest problem with doing your nails at home is that when you wash the dishes, wash your hands, or shower, the glue often loosens because of the water and sooner or later, the nails fall off. Most of the kits I use cannot last for more than a week because the nails starts popping off. Believe me, it can be quite embarrassing if it happens in public. But is there anything you can do in order to protect your nails while you are cleaning up? 

Here I would like to share with you a few tricks that might help you protect your pretty nails. Shall we begin? 

1. Nail protector clips 

Thankfully, we are living in a world where we can find everything we are looking for. There are a wide range of products at the store that we can use to put our fingers inside of clips and protect our nails. Usually, these clips help the polish to soak off. They would also help protect your nails from water when showering or bathing. You may find it weird or uncomfortable to use your hands with these but, luckily, they can prolong the time your nail polish will stay nice. Give them a try! 

2. Rubber finger gloves 

If you use regular gloves then you have probably experienced hands shriveling up. Unfortunately, water often collects under the sleeve which is contrary to our purpose. A friend of mine, also a fan of the pretty nails, recommended me these rubber finger gloves. I did not know they existed by then. I bought such and you will not believe how snugly they fit each finger. I am so happy to use them because they protect my nails while I am cleaning up around the household so I do not have to worry about my nails. They are quite cheap so tossing them after each use and buying new ones will not cause you any financial inconveniences. Try them out and tell us how you feel. 

3. Finger guards 

Yes, I know that people use these finger guards to protect their fingers while sewing but why cannot we use them to help us protect our professional manicure or press-on nails while we are doing the chores around the household? What I love about them is that they have a good grip. Also, they are cheap! The bad news is that they come 3 per pack so you will be needing at least 4 in order to cover all of your nails. But it is worth it! 

4. Waterproof cleaning gloves 

There is another option to protect your lovely manicure when doing the chores – pair of waterproof cleaning gloves. No, it is not a joke. These gloves are so long that they can even cover the elbows. As said by if wearing them, you do not have to worry about water or cleaning solution getting inside of them. If you cannot find such gloves you can also use regular ones. Simply secure the gloves at the bottom using a rubber band. 

Hopefully, these cheap, simple solutions will help you protect your beautiful nails for a longer period of time and you will be able to do the cleaning without you having to worry about them.