115 Modern Chrome Nails To Keep You Chic And Sophisticated

For the new decade, fashion and beauty would be more resilient among me and women of all ages. New hair trends, outfits, make-up, and nails will have their own styles and variations – something that everyone wouldn’t want to miss. With that being said, we will be helping you out with what’s trending this year and that includes chrome nails that women are crazy about.

You might be thinking about the typical metallic polish being used to achieve this. It is somehow similar when it comes to the finished look, but it is actually different. What’s more interesting is that the colors or shades are as fun as the traditional nail polish. The application though is a little complicated, but nothing is impossible for someone who is determined to look beautiful!

To set an example, supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Heidi Klum have worn these nails in the runway. The same goes for make-up mogul Kylie Jenner as well as American singer-songwriters Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Beyonce. Even Barbadian singer Rihanna is a fan of it. Famous actresses like Anne Hathaway, Vanessa Hudgens, Blake Lively, and Katie Holmes are also loving these nails.

With so many variations out there, it could be hard to pick what’s best for you. But that shouldn’t be a problem for you as we are here to help you out. We have collected hundreds of stunning chrome nails that you can see on this page so you don’t have to go elsewhere. You can trust that these are worth your time that you would want to get them right away!

To keep you posted with these trending nails this year, check out our collection below:

Square nails in gold

If you are attending an event with a futuristic theme, you can trust that gold nails will make you stand out.

Round nails with gold metallic strips

For the girls who prefer cutting their nails short, it’s never hopeless to give them some beauty. You can still make them look great with metallic designs such as strips and some marks just to look artsy.

Holographic nails

Holography is an image recorded out of light fields. It is where these hologram nails got inspiration from. They are so pretty that you can have them when you have special events like a wedding or a night gala!

Metallic silver nails

Another great idea, the square-shaped nails in silver are very futuristic that they can make you feel like you can see what’s ahead of you.

French tip nails

Although the French tips are normally done with white polish and a pearly pink base coat, there have been a lot of variations done. This includes different shades such as this metallic silver shade that looks so dreamy and pretty!

The ballerina’s nails

If you love embellished nails but you still want to keep the shades low-key, the silver shade is one great idea for you to try. Rhinestones are perfect to make your nails look sweet and very feminine.

Dark oval nails

Freshly done with a dark shade, your oval nails would be chicer with just the plain color alone. This is one of the emo girls’ favorite nail polish colors to wear.

Lilac coffin nails

It doesn’t have to be white, black, or silver to look chic and classy with your nails. Sometimes, any shade of violet – the lilac color is super cool you can depend on it for your coffin nails.

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Embellished metallic silver nails

For the girls who love the punk side, the metallic silver nails will be your ultimate design. To make them look stronger and cooler, you can embellish them studs and rhinestones.

Ombre nail art

Achieved using a sponge, the ombre nails are very popular among women who love experimenting with different designs. While you can try this with other bright colors, silver and black are pretty cool too! Add some flower nail art to make it look more elegant.

Black chrome nails with metallic stickers

The metallic stickers will appear funkier when done on black nails. They appear more vivid and very artistic. If you are ready, you should try this on your nails!

Metallic brown and glitter combo

So, if you want it to be more dreamy and extra-classy, the metallic brown color is extremely interesting to try! Adding to the dreamy look, the glitters will make your nails more elegant and sophisticated.

Black and silver colors with V-shaped design

Two colors to create a V-shaped design for your nails is absolutely breathtaking! You can definitely have these both on formal and non-formal events.

Long, rose gold oval nails

If there is any word that can describe more than classy and sophisticated, then that would be a perfect description for these nails. Rose gold nails are very elegant, especially when they are paired with long, oval nails.

Elegant color-changing nails

Similar to hologram nails, this changes its color when it’s exposed to light. This is why metallic shades are perfect to combine with chrome nails.

Almond nails with geometric patterns

The metallic almond nails; sharper than ovals, but safer than stilettos would be more creative and elegant with nail art designs. Choose the ones that can describe your nails well such as the geometric patterns.

Slight oval nails in fuchsia pink

For the ladies who love the shades of pink and want to keep their nails short, the slightly oval shape is a beautiful idea. The metallic fuchsia sensation is definitely worth trying!

Gradient stiletto nails

A combination of silvery-white and pink shades, stiletto nails become more sophisticated with gradient effect.

Metallic rose gold stiletto nails

Did you say dangerous? Well, we say elegant! Yes, that’s the perfect description for stiletto nails with a stunning combination of metallic rose gold shade. This is something we all dream about!

Long, square-shaped nails with silver reflex

Black nails have been very famous among women from all walks of life. But for those who want their black nails look more fabulous, you can add some silver reflex. They’re gorgeous indeed!

Short, round nails with the bronze shade

Short nails are still very pretty when they are shaped properly. The closest shape would be round as it can easily go with them. To make your nails more gorgeous, bronze color is something to consider.

V-shaped holographic nails

If you have a little shorter nails and you want them unique, you can try these V-shaped nails painted with hologram-inspired metallic chrome polish.

Peach gold nails

You can’t be too picky with peach! These are so gorgeous you may want to try them soon.

Metallic nude nails with dark bronze accent

There have been a lot of women who are loving nude nails and this is just one of the best examples. To serve the purpose, do it with an accent that’s darker than the nude shade such as dark bronze.

Futuristic Black and silver nails

No, you’re not looking at a disco ball. These are nails created with a futuristic approach out of square silver and glitters on black polish.

Pale pink nails with chrome accent

Glittery, pinky, and metallic! These are the perfect combo for your long nails that you can try next time.

Metallic silver nails with marble accent

Many women are obsessed with metallic silver nails. Why not? With the elegance and charm they bring, you can trust that you can put an accent in any way you like. Take it from the marble accent on this one. It’s so gorgeous and chic!

Extra-metallic gray nails

Ballerina’s nails are perfect for those who want longer nails but more practical. A combination of black and silver, these gray nails are elegant!

Rose gold short nails

If you can’t have long nails but you still want them extra special, fret no more! Get inspiration from these simple and elegant rose gold nails.

Matte black square nails with gold strips

A lot of women are matte lovers, but if you want your nails to be chic and classy, you can opt for some metallic gold polish to accent your matte nails. A gold accent would be really sophisticated for the black polish!

Silver square nails with 3D design

Another futuristic nail art design, the 3D effect is something that you should consider soon. They are very pretty and unique at the same time!

Metallic pale blue nails

Coffin nails are famous enough that you should do something to make it more striking. Resort to a metallic pale blue shade that doesn’t just give more definition to your nails but also provides class and beauty!

Short black nails with metallic gold accent

It is a fact that black and gold are two colors that can bring anything to another dimension. This includes nails that can perfectly wear these colors with beauty and grace. So, if you have short nails, design them black and gold for a chicer look!

Metallic nude oval nails

It is always pleasing to the eyes seeing some gorgeous oval nails that are painted with metallic colors – a nude shade for example!

Chrome Nails Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that it is important to know about something before you take the plunge. These nails, for example, may have so many questions from the ladies out there. But we are here to help you out with whatever you may have in mind.

See the list below for your guidance:
  • What are chrome nails?

These are not the traditional metallic nail polish that we normally use. Instead, they get their shine from chrome powder applied to the base coat using a sponge until you see a mirror-like or holographic effect on your fingernails.

  • Can you do this at home?

Yes, definitely! But it requires a little effort in applying this to your nails as the process is a bit complicated than the usual nail polish. Otherwise, schedule an appointment with a professional manicurist and let the do the work.

  • Is it safe for the nails?

Yes, they are. In fact, they are the healthiest option, especially for those who don’t have strong nails. The chrome powder is odorless that doesn’t require a strong nail solution or any toxic substance for fixing. It’s safer than gel nails or any nail lacquer that you can even smell the strong odor. The powder doesn’t cause allergies to the nails either as it doesn’t stain them. It’s also easy to remove when it’s time to take it off your nails.

  • How long will it last?

Just like the gel nails, they last up to three weeks and sometimes a month if they are properly done and well-cared. Always use gloves to protect your nails if you have to do some errands at home. For those who have green thumbs, gardening gloves are very important to take good care of your nails.

  • What are the best brands for these?

With so many options available, it’s hard to tell. But you can opt for Born Pretty, Essie No Place Like Chrome, Zoya Nail Polish in Cassedy, Deborah Lippmann in Take the A Train, among others. But Ciate London was the first to release the very-first chrome powder nails. Then, everyone went crazy about it not to mention the celebrities who first made it very famous.

Now that you have some information about chrome powder nails, let’s keep checking our beautiful collection below.

Inverted black and silver French tip nails

Some manicurists love experimenting with different nail designs. This includes the French tip nails that are so lovely we can’t miss trying them. Both black and silver colors are gorgeous together!

Matt black inverted French nails with gold accent

Similar to the design pictured above, the accent is gold this time making these nails look more elegant and chic!

Metallic silver chrome polish by Born Pretty

Here’s a sample for Born Pretty’s chrome polish if you need to see how it looks like. Although they come in other colors, silver is one great shade to start with!

Black and gold combo

If you have medium-length nails, you can opt for black and gold chrome polish. Design them with geometric patterns for a chicer look!

Silver nails with light gold finish

Such a pretty combination is something to consider if you are looking for chic nail polish! Both silver and light gold hues are gorgeous!

Metallic copper nails

A perfect mix of red and orange or even the copper itself will result in these stunning short nails. It’s perfect to wear on your date nights! It looks romantic!

Holographic silver nails

You have seen a few examples of hologram-inspired nails, but here’s another inspiration that can certainly make you try it soon.

Gold nails with an animal print accent

Putting gold into consideration for your nails, we can say it’s worth a try with how it can make your nails look classy. With an accent of nail art in animal print design, your nails will look even prettier!

Silver stiletto nails with a 3D accent

Without the help of other colorful shades, silver can stand out alone, especially on stiletto nails. If you want it more stylish, you can put a 3D accent such as flowers or leaves.

Short, colorful oval nails

Oval nails don’t have to be long. Sometimes, they can be medium in length with this holographic effect in multicolors! These nails look so dreamy and adorable!

Decorated burgundy nails

If you want extra-glam nails, you can have your nails in burgundy and decorate them with different gems and rhinestones.

Silver and rose gold combo

When you match silver with rose gold, it looks like this! They are so fabulous, especially when paired with your jewelry!

Holographic square nails

Stunning and eye-catching, holographic nails are definitely colorful, especially on square nails. The geometric designs are so creative too!

Black and glitters

When black and glitters were made, they brought beauty with them and here’s the product! Glitters are absolutely gorgeous when combined with black polish. It’s time to have glam nails, girl!

V-shaped design on short nails

Your nails don’t have to be long, they can be short and glamorous too with white and copper combo! It’s a perfect idea for those who are attending a wedding or any formal event.

Pastel blue nails with forest green accent

There is enough white hue in every color to make it pastel, but if you pair it with any dark shade is very unique and classy!

Short metallic blue nails

Make your nails regal and sophisticated with metallic blue that will make everyone wonder whether you’re a member of the Royal family! Why not though!

Hologram-inspired square nails with an accent

Classy and eye-catching, hologram nails are so gorgeous on long square nails that you can’t imagine would be real. If you want it more feminine, accent it with any rhinestones like a butterfly design!

Check more of these lovely nails below!

Do you now have at least a few favorites from our collection of chrome nails? Let us know which one would you consider getting soon. Drop your comments below!