130+ Eye-Catching Coffin Nails Ideas to Reinvent Your Manicure Style

Long nails have been a trend for years that all women go crazy about, especially when shapes and designs are involved. The coffin nails, for example, have been making huge waves among women who love stylish and creative nail designs. While these are impractical for others, most girls just love how glam they look, especially when they are designed well.

This nail shape is elongated, sometimes extra-long, and square or flat at the top – far from being mischievous like the stiletto nails. Despite being long, most girls still love wearing them, bringing elegance and sophistication. There are so many designs to do on this nail shape – from flower and leaves design, lacy, geometric, rhinestones and gems, the sky is the limit!

Working with long nails is challenging and fun at the same time. This is why there are so many celebrities who are loving their decorated nails. It’s also one reason why women are inspired to copy these nails. Manicurists too have different approaches when it comes to styling this nail shape, offering a lot of variations to women who love them.

Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Kim Kardashian are among the A-lister celebrities who love wearing this nail shape. Even when Kylie Jenner had just given birth to her daughter, she was rocking this. But although she was under fine for wearing such long nails, she only proved that she’s a woman with extravagant and dramatic fashion.

Experimenting with these tapered nails is definitely fun as you can do a lot of things to these without hurting your budget. So, if you are planning on rocking this nail shape, but you are still in doubt which design is best for you, fret not! We are here to show hundreds of inspiring coffin nails, also known as “ballerina nails.”

Let’s take a look at these pretty nail ideas below:

Glamorous red nails with Mandala patterns

It’s time to glam up your nails with these dramatic black Mandala patterns accented on red nail polish with rhinestones to brighten up the day!

Matte gray nails with glitters

Drop the glossy top coat and settle for a matte gray finish with incredibly glamorous, sparkling glitters for a more feminine look!

Opaque gradient nails with lacy patterns

Painting your nails with lacy patterns in white would make the gradient effect more striking. You can also dress up your ring finger with a different nail polish shade for a chicer look!

Flowered accent nail

Nude nails have been long-standing for years that compete any other colorful nail lacquers. If you are a fan of it, you can be more stylish with it by painting pink flowers on your accent nail alone.

Monochrome nail polish on ballerina nails

You can match your manicure with your favorite lippie and be chic all day long! This matte dark red nail polish is so sexy and romantic you should get this soon!

Gray nails with animal print

If you are into dark shades, opt for a gray shade for your nails and paint any animal print on your accent nail for a stylish look.

Marble nails with gold mosaic

If you have not heard, marble nail polish in any shade is great on ballerina nails, especially when accented with gold foil.

Golden glitters in full

Such glam on your nails can’t be missed if you are looking for extravagant nail designs! These ballerina nails fully coated in golden glitters can compete with any other glamorous nails!

Gradient nails from dark to bright shade

Dazzling and pleasing to the eye, gradient nails have their own way of turning one’s head. If you are into gradient-effect nails, this dark to bright colors are a must-try.

Dark nude nails

With a darker tone for nude nail polish, this is perfect for you if you are into nudes. Its simplicity and elegance are visible!

Red Christmas nails

On Christmas holidays, it is always cool to wear nail art designs that relate to this time of the year. If you are planning for this, get a glittery red lacquer and paint a snowflake on your accent nail. It’s so pretty!

White nails with sparkling accent

Sometimes, your nail polish doesn’t have to be really colorful or bright. There are times that a white lacquer with a sparkling accent is enough to dress up your ballerina nails!

Glitters and rhinestones

Nude nails are already elegant on any nail shape, but if you want to take it to the next level, don’t be afraid with adding some glitters and rhinestones.

Nude to gray gradient nails

Playing with dark and light shades, you should try this nude to gray gradient effect on your extra-long coffin nails. Light it up with these trendy gold rhinestones and some Mandala patterns for more sophistication and elegance!

Nude and white combo with gems

If you are done with colorful nail lacquers and you are looking for a modest one, you can combine both nude and white colors. Just add some gems or rhinestones to define the design.

Matte teal coffin nails

Green lovers, rejoice! Here’s a perfect matte nail polish for you that you can never miss wearing. This dark green lacquer, also known as teal is so mesmerizing that anyone would definitely try. They are very sexy and gorgeous to wear, so consider this on your next manicure! Yes, we are absolutely living for this!

Sunflower nails

Gradient nails are very popular among women with long nails. If you prefer to have nude to yellow shades, brighten it up with a sunflower design on your accent nail. It looks so cute and sweet!

Pearl pink nails with glitters

One of the best shades of nude, the pearl pink nail polish will dress up your nails with a striking elegance. Add those golden glitters to highlight your design!

White nails with a bow

A white nail polish would be more elegant when you add some glitters on your nails. Highlight your middle fingers with cute embellishments like this tiny bow.

Forest green nails

If you are into dark colors, opt for something that doesn’t only define your elongated nails, but can make you feel the nature. Have a forest green nail lacquer for a greener look!

Matte maroon nails with rhinestones

Maroon, as usual, is elegant and romantic! Why not add it on your long nails and embellish them with gems or rhinestones for a more dramatic look?

Long, pearl pink nails

Premium nails have the most points from women who love elegance with creativity. However, if you love it simple and classy at the same time, get your nails painted with premium pearl pink lacquer.

Mickey Mouse nails

There are so many nail art designs out there that you can choose from, but if you want some touch of Disney characters, Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse would be awesome! You can decorate your nails with gems and rhinestones for a more fun and chicer effect!

Gradient nude nails

Nothing is prettier than a modest lacquer on long nails. If you are a woman who loves elegance and simplicity, never miss trying nude nail polish for your nails!

Holographic coffin nails

Adding to the seduction, these vintage and sparkling gems that are embellished on holographic nails are so stunning! Consider these on your next manicure and you should be in the spotlight!

Laura G matte nude nail polish

If you love matte nail polish, consider getting Laura G to give your nails such defining look.

Pastel pink nails

Pastel colors have enough white with them that the color would appear pale. These are perfect during the summer season. You ca do it on your nails too!

Premium white nails

Purity and elegance in one! These are the best description for these nails. They look so heavenly with white lacquer!

Pearl pink ballerina nails with accent

Elegance may not be enough to describe these nails with pearl pink lacquer and a premium accent to define class and fashion!

Black and white combo

The accent nails made the entire manicure more interesting and stylish. The addition of rhinestones as embellishment is a plus!

Chrome V-shaped tips

So, instead of the typical French tips, you can be more creative with your nails by painting V-shaped on the tips. You can choose whatever color you like, but these nude and premium gold colors are great too!

Flower and leaves nail art design

Opposite attracts they say! Black and pink definitely look great together! These contrasting colors are perfect on your nails if you love both dark and light shades. Add some nail art design for a more feminine look – flower and leaves for example!

Marble, nude nails, and glitter combo

If you want extra-stylish nails, put three different nail art designs namely glitters, marbles, and the plain nude lacquer!

Pink nails with a transparent accent

Transparent nails are the divas of this manicure. Add some gems or rhinestones to make it look more sweet and feminine!

Burgundy nails with transparent accent nail

This is perfect for the dark color lovers out there who want to show off their long nails. Paint your accent nail with transparent geometric design and add gems for a more creative look!

Pale pink ballerina nails with glitters

Nude or light shades of nail polish are perfect for glitters, gems, or rhinestones for they can show the sparkling effect that they bring. Grab it now and be chic!

Marble nails with silver foil

Marble nails combined with chrome nails work great for this manicure! They are elegant and stunning at the same time!

Colorful transparent nails

Have you heard about transparent but colorful nails? Yes, it’s possible and it’s right in front of our eyes! Geometric patterns strike together with colorful gems and painted with an abstract accent nails.

Glitters, gems, and marbles

If you are adventurous and you love experimenting with different nail designs, you should not miss trying these gorgeous styles for your nails. There is a lot to do with long nails, so you should enjoy them with beautiful designs!

Matte, rhinestones, and gradient nails

With so many gorgeous designs out there, it can be hard to pick the best one for you. If so, then why don’t you get them all? Gradient nails, rhinestones, and matte lacquer in one ultimate design!

Golden glitters and rhinestones

Combining the golden glitters with gems or rhinestones is definitely worth the try, especially when you love sparkling themes!

Nude nails and golden glitter combo

Gold and nude nails are a combination you can’t fail with. You have to try this design if you love both modest and bold colors.

Dark to light gradient nails with marble accent

Marbles and decorated nails look best on a longer manicure. Add some rhinestones or gems to make it more elegant and feminine. It’s perfect on date nights!

Pastel nails with glitters

There is enough elegance in pastel colors that you should try them on your nails. Do you want to be chicer with it? Add a touch of stunning glitters – silver or gold and standout from the rest!

Sparkling creamy white nails

Creamy white nail polish can be sweeter and more romantic with glitters or any sparkling gems added on them.

Sparkling pale pink nails with black roses design

If you are into chic and dark shades, combine a sweet pale pink shade nail polish with stunning black roses to accent your manicure. Those roses look so real and stylish!

Multicolor glittery nails

Shimmery nail polishes confer the impression of galaxy nails. You can have these arranged by shade or do it in style with a sparkling top coat!

Short ballerina nails with pineapple accent

Your white nail polish doesn’t have to be alone. Make it cuter with an adorable pineapple painted on your accent nail!

Transparent Gucci nails

Do you love signature brands like Gucci? If you do, you should get inspiration from these highly-decorated transparent nails. Those sparkling gems make the best fashion statement for Gucci – classy and pricey!

Dark nude shade with studs

Studded accent nail completes a fancy manicure that you should try soon.

How to shape elongated coffin nails

Having coffin nails won’t be too simple or easy as these require time and effort for you to maintain them. Take note, moms are not too keen on getting these nails, especially when they have babies. But there are many women who simply love this nail shape and we are here to back you up for this.

Check out these easy tips below on how to have ballerina nails and how to maintain them:

Technique #1: It is important that you determine how long you would want for your ballerina nails. Cut the tips off in a straight line and use a nail file to grind the sides of your nails down. You should do it at an angle of 45 degrees.

Technique #2: You can begin the opposite way by using a nail file to shape the sides of your nails. Then, just cut off the tips equally in a straight line to achieve the shape.

For short nails, you don’t have to be complicated in achieving the coffin-shaped nails, but you must be extra careful when you cut the tips. Never cut your tips too narrow or they will look like a chopped triangle. But you should not leave your nails too wide either because you won’t achieve the ballerina’s pointe shoes inspiration any longer. Instead, your nails will resemble the shape of a square.

On the plus side, there are so many fake nails that you can use if you don’t want a commitment. We will provide you some answers to your questions about getting fake nails that you can use temporarily.

For now, let’s keep our little tour below going!

Pretty in pale pink

Simply pretty! It’s the perfect description for these medium-length ballerina nails on pearly pink shade that we all love!

Dark to light nude nails

Gradient nails have been making huge waves for years. It’s one of women’s go-to nail design when there are times that modest nails are needed.

Glitters, marbles, and black combo

There are so many ways to wear your ballerina nails and these black, marbles, and glitters are gorgeously done! The golden glitters make the design extra-luxe!

Turquoise nails accented with glitters

Sweet and feminine, these turquoise nails look flattering on long nails. Add a special effect by sporting a sparkling ring!

Acrylic nude nails

One of the most in-demand fake nails in the market, acrylic nails are perfect for those who love to wear long nails temporarily. The nude color is a sweet inspiration if you want a modest shade for your nails.

Skin tone to white gradient nails

Gradient effect in skin tone and white combo with stunning gems on accent nails? Yes, please!

White nails with Mandala accent nail

One of the most pure and comfortable nail polish shades, white lacquer is definitely great on long nails. You can be more creative with it by painting Mandala design on your accent nail!

Camouflage nails

Used in concealing objects, animals, and humans, camouflage has been popular among men and women. Even on nails, it does wonders when it comes to design. It’s one great way to conceal your warrior nails, girls!

Artificial Nails Frequently Asked Questions

Extra-long nails for some women may sound impractical, especially for moms who have small kids. But for those who want them temporarily that they can wear only on special occasions, there are plenty of artificial nails that are available at beauty shops. These can be installed at home or you can set an appointment with a professional manicurist to do it for you.

Faux or artificial nails include acrylic, gel, wraps, and press-ons. These are the top choices when it comes to fake nails for women who don’t want a commitment. But wearing these artificial nails need proper and extra care so that you don’t hurt your natural nails.

Check these FAQs below for your information:
  • How long do acrylic nails last?

These last up to two weeks before the need to be filled. Because these are the most standard fake nails in the market, you can easily get them done at beauty salons. When removed properly, these won’t damage your natural nails.

  • Are gel nails affordable?

Gel nails can be a little pricey to maintain and can’t be removed in any chemical process. You should wait for them to grow out before they get filed down. But women love gel nails because they are more natural-looking. They are also more expensive than acrylic nails.

  • What are nail wraps?

These are fine layers if linen, silk, fiber, or tissue that are pre-shaped and installed or attached to the nails. They are used to repair broken or damaged nails or tips and strengthen them. Nail wraps are low maintenance although they cannot be removed by any chemical. They should grow out first before re-application.

  • What are nail press-ons?

Press-ons are very temporary and easy to apply on the nails. These are considered the quick fix for those who have no enough time for a salon appointment. Nail press-ons are also cheap although they can be obviously fake to look at.

Wearing artificial nails are great for women, but you should be responsible for your nails that they don’t get damaged or broken. Always work with professional nail technicians to ensure that your nails are in good hands. You should do anything with them or use any tools that will damage your natural nails while wearing the fake nails.

When you choose to do it at home, make sure that you have all the tools needed to install and remove the fake nails when it’s time. Always read instructions and some tutorials for safety.

Let’s continue checking more nail inspirations below!
Simple and elegant nude nails

Nothing is prettier than having the modest and simplest nail polish!

Matte maroon nails in winter theme

It doesn’t have to be winter season to wear these luscious ballerina nails. You can drop the glossy top coat and opt for this matte nail polish. Be more stylish and paint your nails with snowflakes and reindeers in white for a snowy effect. Add more gold studs for a classy look!

Glossy maroon nails

If you are done with matte nails, premium maroon nail polish is there for you! Glossy nail lacquers are already classy even without any gems or art on them.

Dark glaze nails

Many girls love dark nail polish, including this black lacquer with colored glaze in it. They look brilliant and romantic, which is perfect when you do on dates!

White nails in blue marble

With white lacquers, you can play with colorful nail art designs. But if you want one colored art on them, stick to a bold blue shade in a marble design.

White, nude, and golden glitters combo

There are a lot to say about this nail design, but one thing is for sure – this is an infallible combination. Consider getting this next time!

Roses, glitters, and chrome nails

Just because your nails are extra long doesn’t mean they have to have a modest design. You can have dramatic and romantic nails in one occasion too. Take it from this glamorous design that you have to try soon!

Nude pink coffin nails with glitters

This soft pink brings subtle and smooth effect on the nails that’s perfect to get accented with glitters. It’s more feminine when you stack some sweet rings on your fingers too!

Matte burgundy coffin nails

Bold and beautiful, this burgundy nail polish shade is already lovely that you can wear the color alone without a nail art or gems.

Sky blue nails with marble accent

You can take your nails to the sky with this baby blue nail polish shade accented with marbles and adorable gems!

Gucci, glitters, and roses

As extravagant as the Gucci brand, these bold and stunning nail art design is perfect for girls who loves this brand – obviously!

Gradient nails with vintage gems

Keep your long nails classy with these vintage gems and studs attached to your gradient nail polish.

Classic maroon nails with glitter accent

Both bold and dramatic, the classic maroon nail polish shade has been most women’s favorite for their coffin nails with glitters on their accent nails!

Red and white combo

Match your nails with your favorite white and red sneakers. This combination is gorgeous on coffin nails embellished with rhinestones.

Simple pale pink nails with golden strips

To keep your simple nude manicure pretty, accent your nails with tiny golden strips.

Nude lilac nails with colored glitters

Glitters are always to the rescue when women want to embellish their nude nails with striking colors. They spark and give the most elegant colors to your nails!

We will leave you with more gorgeous and romantic coffin nails below for your inspiration!

With these hundreds of coffin nails for your inspiration, would you take the plunge? If so, what style or design would you like to try? We encourage you to pick your favorite ones and share your preferences with us! Or, do you have any nail design ideas suited for this nail shape? If your answer is affirmative, then share them with us!

Let us feel your presence by dropping your comments below!