Awesome Ways To Say Thank You

Gratitude goes a long way but what more can you do when a simple ‘Thank you’ is not enough? Thoughtful gestures, no matter how small, can make a person’s day better and make them feel super special and appreciated.

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Of course, thanking someone with a hug or a phone-call never goes out of fashion but there are times when you want to do more than just this and here are some ways to do just that.

Traditional Ways To Say Thank You

Who doesn’t love receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers? Most women gush over a beautiful bunch of flowers or a potted plant; there is just something warm and fuzzy about it! Ordering flowers from Reids Florist Belfast for delivery to that special someone to convey your gratitude with a note is the tip-top way to say ‘Thanks’!

If you want to send something other than flowers, consider a balloon bouquet or a chocolate hamper. Both are great ways to make someone smile!

You can even make your own hamper and hand deliver it in person if you wish. After all, you know this person well, so it shouldn’t be too hard to put together some of their favourite things, such as nice wine or champagne, their preferred brand of chocolate, and some gorgeous hand-made soaps or bath bombs.

Another way to be present for the occasion of conveying your appreciation includes picking up a takeaway coffee and doughnuts to deliver personally. Add a hand-written card for that extra special touch.

Quirky But Cute Thank You’s

Singing telegrams may seem old fashioned to some but a surprise serenade is something they won’t soon forget. Make sure someone (if not yourself) is around to take pictures of this special act to send to the recipient afterwards as a keepsake.

If you live near a beach, a super nice way to say thank you is to write the words out using a stick in the sand, seashells or beach pebbles. Take a selfie with the message in the background and send it via social media with a message of thanks.

Making a home-made item to convey your appreciation is just as cute. Think bath salts, spice rubs or even delicious baked treats. Add a handwritten note and arrange to leave the item on their work desk, doorstep or car bonnet for an added surprise element. Who wouldn’t smile and love that?

Make a home video of you (and a cast of many if you prefer) singing and dancing a thank-you song. You can have a lot of fun doing this kind of video. You can post the video on your loved one’s timeline – they are sure to appreciate the gesture!

Personal Touches

If you would like to thank a family member, husband, wife or partner – you could offer to cook dinner and make their favourite dish as a surprise. Add candles and wine and you cannot go wrong. The gesture would be most appreciated especially if they are the main cook in the house.

Bake a cake and decorate it with a personal message to say ‘thank you’ from the bottom of your heart. Shop-bought cakes are nice, but nothing beats the time and effort that goes into making a delicious cake for a loved one. Chocolate cakes always go down well, but fruit cakes are just as tasty and last longer. Check out some of the recipes from the Great British Bake-Off for inspiration.

Having something personalised is also a super way to say thank you. Consider an engraved leather keyring with their name or a shopper bag with their favourite saying embroidered on the bag. Another sweet way would be to engrave ‘friends forever’ if you are close on a photo frame and place your favourite camera shot of the two of you inside the frame.

Paint a picture if you have some artistic talent. A lovely painting or collage framed and ready to hang will be much appreciated. If painting isn’t your strong suit, have a go at a cross-stitch instead. Cross-stitch is easy if you have a pattern to work from. You can make your own personalised design and create a lovely and meaningful gift as a thank-you.

Extravagant gestures could go as far as booking a spa treatment, a unique piece of jewellery or even double tickets to a concert or event.

All of these ideas involve organising and effort but are worth the pay-off. Making someone feel just that extra bit special and appreciated is worth the time and money.