Finding the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

With Valentine’s Day lurking just around the corner, many women are already starting to plan out that perfect evening for their special someone. However, when it comes to most guys, finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that will be both appreciated and entertaining can be quite the daunting task. In fact, many men do not believe this holiday should be reciprocated in the least – making it that much harder to wow that special someone in your life. Have no fear, the Valentine’s Day gurus are here! We can help you find that perfect gift that will make even the strongest man cower to your every desire this holiday season! Forget about the typical gifts such as ties, chocolates and shirts he will more than likely only wear just to appease you. Get him something that is both useful, needed and more importantly, something that he wants more than he wants you! Why not give him the best of both worlds this Valentine’s Day? Let’s see what your options are.

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The Romantic Options

While a common misconception is that men are not the romantic ones in the relationship, this is just that – a common misconception. In fact, many men will appreciate a quiet evening at home more than they would a night out on the town. This Valentine’s Day, try creating the perfect evening for your man, packed with everything he holds dear. Start the night off with his favorite home cooked meal. While candlelight always creates the perfect romantic setting, this is not something that your man will miss if you opt for regular lighting! He will, however, miss that perfect wine that offsets the meal you serve! If your man is a beer drinker, make sure to keep a cold one at his side before he asks for it. Give him the night off from any responsibilities or traditional rules that you usually impose. This may include skipping the routine conversation of issues, problems and financial worries. Just for one night, try to keep conversation pleasant and catered to him. Ask him about his sports teams or any upcoming events you know he is dying to see. This will stimulate his mind and make him remember that you’re his friend and his lover! Finish the night off with a few of his favorite movies and junk food. Don’t be afraid to throw something super sexy on that sets the mood but doesn’t take his attention fully off of the events you have planned. Making him wait until the last movie is always a surefire way to keep the passion built up!

The Perfect Manly Gift

If you must buy him something lavish, stay away from the jewelry this holiday season. Why not make him a gift basket that completely caters to his needs. Many women are successful with the ultimate manly care package, consisting of his shaving products, colognes, candies and the bare necessities such as boxers, underwear, socks and undershirts. Most likely he will let the basket sit on the dresser fully intact for as long as possible, however he is guaranteed to use the products every day, giving him a constant reminder of how well you know him! Other women choose to go all out and prepare the perfect gift based on the latest electronics or tools that are on the market – even if they will quickly regret it after the holiday. Why not get him something that can enhance both of your lives or strengthen the quality time you spend together? Many men adore gifts such as tickets to a sporting event or their favorite concert or performance. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than showing a man how well you know him to please him!

Seal the Deal with Passion

Being passionate does not necessarily mean that you have to whip out the lingerie and seduce your man! Most men will appreciate a simple night more than a lavish love scene! Why not spice things up by throwing on one of his jerseys with just a cute pair of boy shorts or lace panties? They will love the idea of seeing you in their clothes – but don’t forget to pull up those tube socks of his just below the knee – killer finishing touch! Climb into bed with your loved one and throw on a game, a concert of one of his favorite movies that you have no intention of watching – dressed in his clothes, you probably won’t get too far into it anyway!