103 Baby Shower Ideas To Make Your Moments Unforgettable

A baby shower is an occasion for parents-to-be to celebrate the arrival of their baby with their loved ones. It is traditionally held right after the gender-reveal party, where parents-to-be already knew the gender of their baby. Just like the bridal shower, the baby shower means that the mom-to-be is showered with presents. This is why compiled these baby shower ideas for your inspiration.

Do you know that baby showers originally designed for the first child, and only women are attendees? In the modern world, you can set your own rules as to who would be the guests you would like to include in your list. Gift-giving and playing games are some of the fun activities done in that event.

However, since the occasion is gift-giving, it is more appropriate when a close friend hosts the baby shower although it varies in many cultures. Some tradition even holds a baby shower after a baby’s birth. Did you know that baby showers became a tradition during the 1950s after World War II?

Since then, it has been a household name among parents to celebrate a baby shower as a thanksgiving for heaven’s gift. It’s not just the rich and the famous who holds this tradition, but even the regular people.

Baby showers are more than just tradition, as it’s the perfect way for parents-to-be to celebrate the arrival of their baby. You might have heard of fun games like Balloon Baby Twister, Nursery Rhyme Game, Nappy Change Relay Race, Don’t Drop the Egg, Ice Ice Baby, Don’t Say Baby and such. These games are common in this celebration.

Since it’s one of the occasions filled with joy, we gathered hundreds of baby shower ideas to make your moments unforgettable. Let’s start the tour below in checking these great and sweet inspirations that you may want to consider soon.

Pink balloon theme with sweet notes

If you are having a baby girl, you can make your own them like this. Cut out circles out of a colored paper and stick them on a frame where they would look like balloons. It’s where your loved ones would write their messages for your baby girl.

White and pink pumpkin theme

Your little pumpkin would love to see this beautiful them with her name on it. There are retail stores that sell baby stuff and it’s where you can buy these ready-made pink pumpkins at a reasonable price.

Pink floral with game instructions

Flowers are so feminine, especially when they’re pink. So, for your baby girl, you can have a floral theme. There are flowers that are made out of papers that you can buy at retails stores or better yet, make them by yourself!

Baby store theme

If you want an extra-fancy baby shower, you can set up a baby store where you can place all giveaways and others. You can combine pink and gold for an extravagant look!

Spoon and fork blue wrap

If you are having a baby boy, the usual color would be any shade of blue during the baby shower. Wrapping the spoon and fork to use during the party with a blue-colored wrapper would be a creative way to celebrate your baby boy’s arrival.

Letter standee with messages

For your baby boy with a letter A on his first name, you can buy a letter standee at retail stores for a dollar or two. Some sell the letters without paint or color. If so, you can paint it yourself and choose any shade of blue. The letter standee will serve as a notepad from your loved ones where they can write their messages for your baby boy.

Black and white theme

Whether you are having a baby girl or boy, the black and white theme is a great idea for a baby shower. It’s elegant and you can enjoy giving the colors another accent for a more defining theme!

‘Who’s That Baby’ fun game

On baby showers, fun games and activities are important to build great bonding with your friends and family. The “Who’s That Baby” game is great and fun!

Baby diapers with messages

Adorable and unique, the baby diapers can serve as the notes where the guests can write their messages for the baby.

Pastel cupcakes

A baby shower isn’t complete without sweet treats. If you will have cupcakes, opt for colorful ones like the pastel shades with peach pink and sea green colors. It’s great for those who are expecting twins – a boy and a girl.

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Egg relay

Here’s another great game idea for baby showers.

Colorful balloons

A sweet treat, colorful balloons, and a baby who is coming soon! Yes, please!

Cupcakes and bears

Little boys love baby pandas! You should consider this idea if you are having a baby boy soon. Those colorful bears are so cute!

It’s A Boy!

For your sweet baby boy, fill him with so much love with these adorable and cute decorations on his baby shower. These cute baby blue, black, and white colors bring fun and energy to the celebration.

Plate-size cake with a rabbit standee

Cakes are always present during baby showers. They bring luck and joy to the parents for the baby’s arrival. If you want it simple and cute, opt for these plate-size cakes and put some cute animal standee on the top – an adorable rabbit for example!

Garden theme for a baby girl

It’s not just weddings that get the garden theme, even baby showers can have it too! You can either get real flowers and leaves to decorate or get the artificial ones for easier work. Add some creamy and white balloons to make it more fun for the baby girl!

A huge balloon with colorful circles

One of the things needed for a gender-reveal party is a balloon. The size doesn’t matter, but if you want a jumbo one, try this huge balloon with multicolor circles around it.

Baby shower games

If you are also looking for fun activities and games for the baby shower, you can try these three different games. The color combination is absolutely cute and adorable!

Eco-friendly theme

If you are one of those parents who don’t want to use too much plastic during parties, get inspiration from this eco-friendly baby shower theme. The straws and cups used are made out of paper and are biodegradable. Although balloons are involved, you can get ones that can easily decompose and not the ones that last for many years.

Cookies for the baby boy

Cookies are fun to make, especially when you want them in different sizes and shapes. Here’s one great inspiration for you!

Clouds and raindrops

If you are having twins, both pink and blue colors are the perfect shades for the baby shower. Clouds and raindrops are also a unique theme. Be sure to use biodegradable utensils like the paper straws here!

Alphabet and numbers

If you are looking for a unisex theme, these letters and numbers on small cakes are awesome. Pastel colors will do great for a baby boy or girl.

White and pink cake

For your baby girl, a pink rabbit and letter are adorable to make for a cake.

Three-layer colorful cake

If you love playing with colors, get all those fun colors done on the cake on the baby shower with a crib made out of fondant. You may include the baby’s name too!

Pink and white theme with fresh flowers

Make the baby shower for your little girl more feminine with these fancy white and pink cake and cupcakes. Accent the table with fresh flowers to make it chicer and friendly!

Blue, yellow, and white combo

Are you having a baby boy and you don’t want the blue color alone for the baby shower? Choose other unisex colors like yellow and white to pair with the baby blue shade.

Pastel donuts

Instead of cakes or cupcakes, you can have donuts in pastel colors that are sprinkled with colorful tiny candies. Get letter standees to put on the donuts to make it more unique and sweet!

Sky theme

One of the best baby shower ideas for a baby boy is the sky theme where the galaxy is featured on the blue cake. You can do this at home without spending too much!

The white and gold theme

If blue and pink colors are overrated for you, there are so many colors to use on your baby shower. Take it from this gold and white theme that includes fresh flowers! It’s both elegant and sweet!

Pastel pink and white with animal toys

If you have picked a name for your baby girl, it would be cuter if you put her name on the small flaglets. Set some toy animals on the table with the sweet treats and choose pale pink and white colors.

The white and baby blue baby shower theme

Metallic balloon letters would be easier to form a name. However, if you haven’t picked a name for your little one, simply put the word baby that is formed out of the metallic balloons. It looks fine on the white and baby blue colors!

White and gray combo

For a baby boy, it doesn’t have to be the blue shades for the baby shower. Sometimes, other unisex colors are great too like the white and gray colors. It looks modest and elegant!w2

Cupcakes with blue fondant designs

Make your cupcakes more elegant with these fondant designs for your little one’s baby shower!

Baby Shower Frequently Asked Questions

Throwing a baby shower is the same as throwing a birthday or any other special occasion. It requires time and effort to make it successful. If you are planning to hold a baby shower, you should check these FAQs before doing so.

These should serve as your guide for a successful baby shower!
  • Who should throw the baby shower?

You might be surprised, but it’s not the mom-to-be who would do it, but a close friend or a family member will. The mom-to-be will only be asked for ideas, but she should not be the one preparing for everything.

  • How much does it cost?

If you have enough budget for an extravagant baby shower, it wouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly party, you should be able to do it without breaking the bank. To save more, you can hold the party at your house or at a place where it doesn’t require you to pay.

  • When should I start planning?

You should begin planning at least a month or two before the targeted date so you can prepare everything.

  • When should it be held?

One to two months before the mom’s due date would be the best time to hold the baby shower. But if she is having twins or triplets, it should be at least before the 7th-month pregnancy in case she needs bed rest.

  • Is it fine to have more than one shower for the baby?

Yes, it is, especially when the mom-to-be has a few groups of friends and colleagues.

  • Can I hold a shower after the baby is born?

Yes, you can. But if the parents don’t have the stuff that the baby needs, it is important that you hold the shower before the mom gives birth. However, if the parents already have the things they need for the baby, a shower would be great after birth so the guests can also visit the newborn.

Let’s check more of these beautiful and adorable baby shower ideas for the moms-to-be below!

Eiffel Tower theme

Unique and elegant, you can get an inspiration from the Eiffel Tower if you are having a baby shower for the arrival of your baby girl. Put an Eiffel Tower figurine on the dessert table and have it printed on the invitation cards!

White and pink dress standees

Here’s another cute baby shower inspiration if you are expecting a baby girl. Get those standees shaped like a dress in white and pink colors! They are so cute!

A colorful theme with big and small balloons

If you are throwing a party for gender reveal and baby shower, opt for unisex colors or get both gender colors!

Baby blue cupcakes

The cupcake alone doesn’t have to be baby blue or powder blue in color, but the fondant can do wonders in making creative designs for a baby boy. Here’s a cute inspiration!

Cute pastel colors

There are so many shades in a pastel that you can use as a theme for your baby shower. Here’s one of the cutest and smartest ideas that you can try soon.

Golden yellow and teal combo

On the dessert table, place those plate-like circles on the wall with golden yellow and teal colors. It’s perfect when you are having a baby boy. While there are so many adorable baby shower ideas on this page, this is definitely one of our favorites!

The simple pastel-colored baby shower theme

Simple yet colorful, pastel colors are great for baby shower themes, especially when you are expecting a baby girl.

A colorful theme with butterflies

So, instead of a cake, you can make a three-layer cake-like stand that is made out of rolled face towels, nappies, and baby clothes. Use colorful ribbons and put white artificial flowers on them. Don’t forget those colorful butterflies!

Popcorn and gummies

If you are also looking for snack ideas that you can easily make in the kitchen, caramel popcorns is ready to pop! Pair them with colorful sugar-coated gummies for a fun baby shower!

Shower with raindrops

It may not be a literal shower, but you can make raindrops out of paper and hang them on the ceiling where they meet the white balloons. It’s simple yet very sweet for your baby girl!

Pink piñata with owl toys

Shower your baby with sweet animal toys like these colorful owls. If you are also throwing a party for a gender reveal, you can change the color of the piñata into other unisex colors. It would be fun!

Hanged shaped animals with messages

After the baby shower, you will keep memories of your friends and family with their beautiful and sweet messages for your baby. It would be a great idea if you use wooden clothespins to hang these animals that are made out of papers. It is where the guests will write their messages.

Oh Baby theme

With a gold accent, you will have a classy baby shower theme.

Baby shower gift ideas

If you are still out of luck in finding presents for the baby, you should check these wonderful ideas.

Swimming ducks on cupcakes

Here’s a very creative way of having sweet treats during the baby shower! You can have these cute ducks on the cupcakes so they would look like they’re swimming in a pool.

Cupcakes in checkered wraps

Pastel colors are always lovely for the babies! You can have the word baby made out of fondant in pastel colors and put them on top of the cupcakes. They would look like they are letter standees. Another great idea is to put the name of the baby if you have picked one!

Eye candy baby shower theme

If you are too indecisive in finding the right color for the baby shower, get every color you can and combine them in one! This is another eye candy inspirational theme for you.

Hello World in pastel colors

Welcome your new baby with these pale shades decor. Instead of the word baby, you can put Hello World instead. Prepare a frame where you can stick those love notes for the baby from the guests.

Baby shower welcome sign

If you have floral, and rustic themes for the baby shower, these two ideas would be perfect for the welcome sign.

Animal cake toppers

For the cake, you can out animal cake toppers that are designed for babies. They’re cute and adorable!

The lush baby shower theme

Get into the wild with this forest theme for the baby shower. It looks lush with real plants. This is perfect for an outdoor party!

Blue and pink cupcakes

If you are having twins – a boy and a girl, the cupcakes may look like this if you love to have the traditional pink and blue colors for both genders.

Wine glasses with candies

Here is another creative idea if you are looking for boxes or containers to put the candies. Put ribbons on them for a chicer look!

Green theme for twins

Regardless of the twins’ gender, you can pick any shade of green for the baby shower theme. These can be achieved through DIY too!

Blue giveaways

For a baby boy, the giveaways can be as cute as these candies in the small jars. Get blue candies that you can find and put small ribbons!

Pastel colors for a baby boy

Baby boys also fit the pastel colors – powder blue and pale lilac colors would be great!

Cookies dipped in candy melts

Sweet treats are important when you are throwing a party – may it be a birthday, a wedding, or a baby shower. Cookies that are dipped in yellow and red candy melts would be sweet!

Champagne with cotton candy

For grown-ups, sparkling wine or champagne would be the best drink to offer. To make it sweeter and more unique, put a pink cotton candy at the top!

We will leave you with a few more baby shower ideas for both boys and girls!

Indeed, the arrival of your baby is one of the best reasons to celebrate and have fun with your loved ones. Having fun games, encouraging conversations, and dining with them is great to make the occasion more memorable. By taking inspiration from these, you’ll be able to make your baby shower one of a kind and unforgettable.

So, which of these baby shower ideas do you like the most? Are you having a baby girl or boy? Let us know in the comments below!