Best Glass Frames For Different Face Shapes In Men

Shopping for eyeglasses is quite a hectic task to do. However, if you have every detail about it and your mind is prepared about the type of frames you want, it will not take much time and effort. Here, we will talk about the best-suited glass frames for different face shapes in men so that from next time you will have sufficient knowledge about the kind of glass when you are buying glasses online.

But before that, let me tell, how to understand the face shape you have.

How to guess the face shape?

Are you planning to buy new glasses and confused with the frame you should choose? You must remember that all glasses do not look good on everyone, and randomly picking a frame can ruin your looks.

While buying the right frame can be quite tricky, analyzing your face shape will certainly simplify the task. Understanding your face shape might seem to be a basic thing, but it can significantly impact your glass choice. There is a large variety of fashion glasses for men available in the market; hence, it becomes important to choose a pair of glasses that particularly bring out the best in you.

The right choice can save you money in the long term and save you from regrets in the future as well. There are different methods to understand your face shape. You can use your photo or the mirror.

But how exactly will it work? Let us tell you.

The first method could be using your phone. You can begin with taking a selfie that focuses on the front view of your face. Now, you can use some pen-like tools from any app to trace the shape of your face. Use any bright color that is easily noticeable and draw the outline of your face.

The second method is to print out your portrait in black and white. Even a passport size photo will do. Now, take a highlighter or marker and mark the outline of your face with the hairline.

The third method entails standing close to the mirror and marking your face shape. Make sure to use a non-permanent marker to save your mirror.

The last method is understanding common face shapes and drawing virtual points across your face to match with different face shapes. You are likely to end up understanding your face shape for sure.

Different face shapes of men and suitable glasses

Now that you know how to understand your face shape, the next thing you need to know is suitable glasses for your face shape. So, here is a list of some common face shapes in men and suitable glasses for them.

If your face shape does not belong to a common face shape, you can simply mix our suggestions to come up with something that is appropriate for your unique face.

●     Round male face

A round male face basically means a softer outline and no angles. The cheeks are likely to be fuller, and the chin is curved.

Now, you need to add the angles your face lacks. So the best suggestion for you is square frames. Or anything that has defined edges and angles to juxtapose your face features and highlight them.

●     Square male face

Square face shapes in males are angular and have more plains than curves.

What do you think the face shape lacks? Curves! Exactly!

So, you need to add more curves to your angular features. Round glasses can do just well for men with square faces.

●     Triangular male face

Sharp jaws are a major feature of triangular male faces. Well, triangular faces are pretty versatile as they are mostly a combination of square and triangular shapes or oval and triangular shapes.

So, you can choose either angular, edgy frames, or something circular. Both are going to define either the upper or lower half of your face.

●     Oval male face

This is a common face shape among both genders. And boxy frames are the best choice for them. You can pick anything from the square and rectangular ones.

The final pick!

Once you have understood your face shape and have sufficient knowledge about your features, you can easily pick a pair of glasses that can enhance your features.

So, take your time, analyze your face shape and facial features well and pick the best frame for you.