6 Secrets of Being Happy in a Relationship

Many of us at least once reached the point when our romantic relationship turned into a constant battle. From an idyllic atmosphere to a toxic tension, when sweet kisses and joking around are replaced with hidden meaning and exchanging mean comments with each other. What is the reason why a happy couple out of a sudden becomes a nightmare? How to avoid this kind of a turn out in a relationship?

Relationships tend to be very easy-going at the very beginning, making it difficult to notice potential problems. Sadly we may sometimes not be ready to be with someone, and before we realize it, we begin to blame our partner and start looking for problems to pick up the fight.

So, before getting into a relationship with another person, you should make sure that you have a great relationship with yourself. Self-acceptance and self-respect play a vital role in any relations between people.

Dating experts from Beyond Ages explained why loving yourself is so vital when it comes to couples. “As the old saying goes, “If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else?” Why is this saying so true and universal? In the process of learning to love yourself, you’re going to improve and grow as a person. You’ll fix the things you can and come to accept the things you can’t change.”

Knowing and accepting yourself brings you much more confidence, improves your communication skills, and helps you better understand other people. It’s a fair thing to do before you decide to share your life with somebody else. Once you get into this point, you can start a beautiful journey with your beloved.

In this article, you will learn more about it and find several other secrets of a happy relationship.

Work on Your Relationship

A good and happy relationship is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to us. Sharing everyday joys and struggles, emotions, and memories with someone we love can change our lives. If you want to keep it pure, you better work on it.

A relation between two people demands engagement, affection, acceptance, and understanding. Both of you need to be ready to compromise and stay calm about it. Remember that showing love is essential; say how much you love them in the morning and tell how safe you feel with them around. Keep the spark alive with feelings and intimacy.

Communication Is the Key

Lack of communication is a common problem, which may be surprising, considering how easy it is to get rid of it (in theory). Many couples decide not to communicate things that bother them till they get to the point when it’s way too much, and it can only end with a furious rant. There is no need to set the fire here. You both have to learn how to gently communicate things you don’t like, and you both should improve. In the end, it’s all about making your relationship better. Don’t forget to speak out about good things as well – we all like to be appreciated.

Know How to Argue

If you get into a fight (which is a normal thing for every couple), make it a good one – listen to each other, point out your mistakes and try to understand the other side. Don’t let the emotions take control over you. Passionate arguments are good, but there is a thin line of respect that shouldn’t be crossed. If you’re too angry to talk, wait for a while; otherwise, the conversation would be just you throwing missiles when your partner is a target.

Stay Transparent

A big part of any happy relationship is transparency. It doesn’t mean you should check your social media accounts regularly, but you definitely should not hide things from your partner. It’s better to hear the bitter truth than being fed with the sweet little lies.

Be a Team

Keep in mind that a relationship is not a competition of who beats whom, because you both play in the same team. There is no need to feel intimidated and compete when you can (and should) support each other. If your partner has a better job than you, that’s good for them! If they just got promoted, celebrate it together! All in all, it’s your joint success.

Give yourself space

Even though you love spending time together, doing this 24/7 is not a healthy thing in any relationship. We all need time for yourself, our work, friends, and hobbies. So, let your partner have their poker night or accept that they want to hit the club with their friends on a Saturday night. If you trust each other, it should not be a problem, right? Giving each other some space is the right approach that can make your relationship healthier and happier.


A relationship is a beautiful connection that can bring much joy to both of you. When you take care of it, it will grow to be better and more fulfilling every single day. Remember, you are one team, so better make your relationship a fair play.