Tips for Small Offices Doing Big Business

Are you an entrepreneur in England operating a small business or sole proprietorship? Sometimes it can be difficult to overcome the limitations of operating your company within the confines of tiny office spaces, but the expenses involved in leasing a more spacious facility are just prohibitive to any kind of profit. However, even if your bottom line doesn’t leave you room for renting a larger office on a permanent basis, you can still hold meetings with perspective clients and put on presentations for your best customers in an impressive and spacious conference room that won’t cost you your bottom dollar.fotolia_3085467_XS

If you are faced with the dilemma of wanting to impress an important new client at your upcoming conference but you have only a small, unimpressive office space available as a venue, perhaps you should hire a meeting room in London for the day. There are actually quite a few very nice office buildings that provide conference rooms on a short-term basis, whether just for a few hours or the full day. So instead of trying to squeeze your new clients, your assistants, their assistants, and all of your AV and presentation equipment into your cluttered workspace, invite them to a meeting somewhere upscale and classy. There are actually quite a few benefits to hiring a temporary meeting room, and we’ve listed some of them for you here:

Eliminate Distractions

Say you have a potential client that you really want to bring on board, one with deep pockets and very demanding needs. If you try and present your proposal to the new client in your own small office space, you are certain to be interrupted by the sound of ringing telephones, other customers clamoring for your attention, or employees who have questions that just can’t wait. You don’t have enough floor space in your own offices to set aside a designated conference room where you can put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, so what do you do to keep outside elements from interrupting your very important presentation?

This is where a meeting room comes into the picture. By holding your conference away from the office, you are able to focus completely on your presentation, giving your client all of the attention that he deserves and avoiding the potential for damaging interruptions. You won’t have noisy phones and needy assistants creating distractions that may annoy your perspective new client or derail your train of thought.

Create a Professional Impression

When your perspective new client comes into your small office, they may think that you are too small-time to handle their big business. They see that you can’t afford a decent office space and think that they should find a more established company than yours for handle their job. However, if you welcome your potential customer into an elegant, upscale conference room, they are under the impression that yours is an important company with professional capabilities equal to anyone. They are soothed by the veneer of luxurious surroundings and are more likely to focus on the subject at hand than they would be in your own less austere office space.

Your clients can relax in nice, comfortable chairs, spread out reports and documents on a large, spacious conference table, and soak in the ambience of a professional, efficient, business-like setting. You can provide them with lovely refreshments, and set up an impressive presentation that will likely win them over to your company.

Stage a Professional Presentation

One of the most utilitarian- and yet very important- benefits to using a hired meeting room for your job proposal to a potential new client is that of utilizing the on-site Audio- Video Equipment for the presentation. Most of the meeting rooms and conference spaces in London are set up with all of the latest technical gadgetry to help you stage a very professional, modern business presentation. You’ll have the use of a projection screen and projection equipment for a professional Power Point presentation. You can display your charts and graphs with sales data or other pertinent information in a manner that is concise and well documented, so that your client can easily understand your intentions and the potential for success that your company brings to the equation.

You don’t have to let the physical limitations of a small office or home-based company keep you from attracting big business to your small company. Hiring a meeting room can solve a lot of problems that could otherwise put you out of the running for jobs that larger companies would usually handle.