90 Beautiful Braid Hairstyles That Will Spice Up Your Looks

Most hairstyles can make or break your look, but braids will never go out of style. One great thing about these protective styles is that they are versatile. They can take you from formal parties to casual weekends. What’s more, is that the ways of styling your hair with braids are endless. Think of waterfall braids, fishtail braids, French or Dutch braids, cornrows, and such that will add some personality to your style. This is why we rounded up these gorgeous braid hairstyles to enhance your looks!

Do you know that even the ancient Egyptians used this hairstyle along with wigs and jewels to decorate their hair? Braids were also used to style ancient Egyptians beards – a symbol of divinity that’s evident in Tutankhamun’s mask.

Around 79 CE, Julia, the daughter of Roman emperor Titus sported different styles of braids. If you’re a big fan of Greek goddess braids, you might know that even the servants in ancient Greece donned the look. In fact, some Greek sculptures show the hairstyles of the ancient Greek women, proving that braid hairstyles were a symbol of one’s social status.

Also, the ancient Celtic men and women wore intricate braids, especially the noble class. On the other hand, the working class only wore braids just to keep their hair away from their face while working.

You might be attracted to wear hair accessories with your braids – be it fishtail, French braid, or Dutch braid, but do you know that women in the Middle Ages were required to cover their braid hairstyles with headpieces, or else they will be called as witches?

So, to keep you updated with different stunning braid hairstyles that are making huge waves this year, check out this collection!

Inverted French braids and space buns

If you want your space buns to be more creative and stylish, you can start with creating French braids on both hair divisions. Then finish them on the top of your head with pretty space buns.

Simple braid hairstyles for girls

Havana twist, French braids, and braided low space buns are also great for teenage girls who are going out together for a brunch. These are easy and simple to do yet they offer elegance and stylish look.

Cute chignon twists

Although the typical chignon twist is done by pinning the hair at the back of the head or on the nape, there are different variations these days. It includes a number of tied strands done under each other and tied with elastics. It’s perfect on prom days!

Half-up double chignon twist with fishtail braids

Complete your look with these two stunning hairstyles on a Sunday date night with your loved one. Make two chignon twists in half-up style and finish it off with fishtail braids.  The icy-blonde hair color is so cool too!

Half-up crown braids

The good thing about crown braids is that you can wear them both dressed down or up at any time of the day. You can do this half-up style or an updo depending on the occasion that you are attending.

Blonde box braids

Box braids have been making huge waves throughout the world not only among the African people but also among the other races. These are done with square-shape hair divisions that are neatly braided towards the ends of the hair.

French braid updo

For formal hairstyles, you can opt for simple yet gorgeous French braids, also known as French plaits. These are done from the top or crown of one’s head down to the nape. For those who have long hair and want an updo, you can do the same, but pin the rest of the braided hair to the side. Embellish it with hair accessories such as flower pins or hair clips to look chicer if you are going to a prom or a wedding.

Side chignon twist

If you like chignon twist, but you want it stylish only to one side, do it only on any side of the head. Let the rest of the hair fall freely around your shoulders. This hairstyle is great for those who have medium-length or long hair.

Four-strand slanting braid

Working from the side of the head towards the other bottom side, this four-strand braid is great for those who are looking for a unique hairstyle.

Loose French braids

French plaits are already a cutie! But the loose ones are gorgeous, especially on long, beach waves with icy-blonde hair color. You can make one on only one side of the head and let the rest of your stunning beach waves fall freely.

Big loose French braid

Loose French braids are gorgeous than ever! If you love the smaller version, you will also like the bigger version like this. You can make one to one side of your head in all of your hair in one French plait.

French braids in a low bun

French braids are women’s go-to hairstyle because it’s easier and faster to make. However, you can make it more stylish when you match it or accent it with other regular hairstyles like a low bun. Simply put them ends of your braided hair together and make a low bun. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Simple half-up French braid

Here is another go-to hairstyle for women who are always on the road. Apart from ponytails and buns, half-ups are awesome too, especially when you don’t have enough time for tricky hairstyles. You can be chicer when you make loose and small French braid and tie it in one so they look like a crown braid in a half-up hairstyle.

Messy half-up French braid

A messy hairstyle has been popular among women these days, especially to those who are always in a hurry. Why not? Apart from being sexy and effortless, it doesn’t take too much time too. An example is a messy half-up French braid that you can wear at any time of the day. It’s great on a beach day out!

Low side bun Dutch braid

Similar to French braids, the Dutch braids are also great on low or high buns. If you like one that isn’t too loud, you can have a low bun to the side of your head with a loose Dutch braid. It’s a little messy and very pretty!

Low center bun Dutch braids

For the holidays, braids are a perfect hairstyle if you have parties to attend. If you want easy braids that are quick to make, opt for these loose and big Dutch braids. Make the tips a low bun in the center and you are ready to go!

Big side Dutch braid

Another messy braid hairstyle that is perfect during the fall season, the loose Dutch braid is absolutely pretty!

Half fishtail braid

The fishtail braid is among the famous hairstyles that women love. It is normally done starting at the crown of the head towards the tips. However, others would do it starting at the nape, letting the top part of the hair untouched. It’s a cute summertime hairstyle!

Auburn Halo braid

For a formal updo, you can opt for the beautiful Halo braid that is usually associated with crown braids. If you have auburn hair, it would be perfect for this braid.

Loose four-strand side braid

Nothing is prettier than having a messy hairstyle! You can have a four-strand side braid and make it look messy to the side. It’s cute and easy to make too!

Yarn braids with cornrows

One of the best protective styles these days are the yarn braids. Putting it into context, yarn braids are simply made out of yarn instead of braiding hair. The great thing about this is that there are so many colors that you can choose from or you can stick to dark colors. If you want to look extra chic, you can have a few cornrows on one side of your head. You can also put golden cuffs on your braids for a more stylish hairstyle!

Mohawk loose Dutch braid for long hair

If you have long hair, opt for this stylish Mohawk loose Dutch braid that although it looks great if it’s a normal size, it looks gorgeous when it’s big and loose!

Two Dutch braids

While rocking an on-trend hair color and highlights, you can go more stylish with Dutch braids, make them a little loose and tie them as soon as they approach your nape.

Icy-blonde Dutch braid

A one-sided Dutch braid is gorgeous for those who have medium-length hair. If you are looking for a stylish but easy hairstyle, don’t miss trying the Dutch braid!

Messy and loose Dutch braid

A messy hairstyle is stunning enough if you are looking for an effortless, easy, and go-to hairstyle. But combining it with a loose Dutch braid that is set to one side would be more beautiful and chic!

Blonde Dutch braids

If you have blonde hair, it would be cooler to style it with Dutch braids that you can start making on the crown of your head. Move it towards your nape and let the ends of your hair to just fall around your shoulders. Icy-blonde ends would be really lovely for this hairstyle!

Black lemonade braids

The lemonade braids rose to fame after American singer-songwriter Beyonce rocked them in her song Lemonade. It is worn on one side of the head. Cornrows are made towards the other side until the full hair is braided. It’s one of the most stylish protective styles that everyone loves during summertime.

Half cornrows ala Kristen Stewart

The Twilight star is known for her loud and stylish hairstyles, but sometimes she makes sure that she wears a cute and pretty one. Here’s a simple half cornrow style that she had with her messy, auburn hair.

One-sided cornrows

Unique and trendy, black women love braids that are stylish and catchy. If you have natural hair, opt for this creative one-sided hairstyle with tiny cornrows on the side.

Fishtail and cornrows

If one braid hairstyle isn’t enough for you, have two of the popular braids such as cornrows and fishtail. Make small cornrows on the side of the head and leave the other side fall freely with the ends of it in fishtail braids.

Detailed cornrows

Cornrows are done close to the scalp, starting from the top of the head down to the ends of the hair. Although it’s the typical style for the braids, others have different beautiful styles on their own. But here’s a great inspiration for you if you are planning on getting the typical cornrows.

Two small side cornrows

Side cornrows with only two lines in detailed braids would be a perfect hairstyle for a day out with your girlfriends. But you can also wear them on formal events. It’s chic and formal at the same time!

Mohawk with French braids

French braids are among the popular and go-to braid hairstyles for women. But if you are funky and adventurous, pair your bright hair color with a complete chic hairstyle. Do it with a Mohawk hair cut with two French braids on each side of your head. It’s pretty cool and stunning!

Simple side Dutch braid

If you are into simple hairstyles, opt for this effortless and easy Dutch braid that is set only to one side. It’s great on a Sunday brunch with your friends and family!

One-sided loose French braid

For those who are looking for easy but chic hairstyles, you can have a one-sided loose French braid. It’s easy and very effortless to make while looking stylish and pretty at the same time!

One-sided headband braid

Headband braids are the favorite of the younger girls because it’s not just easy to make but also cool. It’s ideal for the girls who are going out and those who just want to keep their hair off their face.

Tousled braid

Sometimes, it’s not just the hairstyle itself that makes a woman look fascinating but also how it’s done. If you are having a date with your friends at a tropical place, this tousled single braid that is set to one side would be perfect. It’s effortless and chic!

One-sided halo braid

If you are attending a prom or other formal events, the halo braids are a great idea. However, you can be chic with it too in a one-sided style – making you look extra sweet and innocent!

Stylish inverted braid and a massive ribbon hair

This is probably one of the most stylish and creative braids that we have on this page. Instead of starting at the top, you should begin doing French or Dutch braid from the nape towards your crown head. If you have long hair, it’s perfect for this hairstyle as you will have to make a ribbon out of your remaining hair. The addition of icy blonde hair color with dark roots is very attractive!

Neat French braid

If you still love the typical French braid, you can go out wearing it with ease! It’s great if you have medium-length to long hair.

Headband braid with chignon twist

Combining two famous hairstyles is definitely stunning! When you are out and about, you can be chic with your hair by making a tousled headband braid and finish it with a pretty chignon twist.

Glossy French braids

Whether you have medium-length or long hair, expect French braids to bring you elegance and style. You can either make this your everyday look as your protective style or do this on special occasions.

Disheveled and pretty

Another tousled and loose Dutch braids, you will certainly love how the braids are done on this long hair with lovely beach waves. You should consider this soon if you are looking for gorgeous and messy braid hairstyles!

Jumbo braids

It’s not just the small braids that look pretty whenever you wear them. Even the big ones also turn heads. Go for a jumbo Dutch braid and set it to one side of your head for a more attractive look!

Braid Hairstyles Frequently Asked Questions

One of the women’s best options is a protective style whenever the weather changes. When it’s too hot or too cold in your place, the possibility of damaging your hair is huge. High and low temperatures can affect your hair’s health, which is why women and even men resort to wearing braids to protect their hair.

If you plan on wearing a protective style, you are in the right place. We will provide you some tips about this. While braids are low-maintenance, it can also be damaging if you don’t tend to it.

So, here are some FAQs that you should check if you are thinking about getting braids.
  • What are the best hair products for my braids?

There are so many products out there that you can choose from that are safe for your hair as well as your braids. Among the top-most good hair products are brands like Shea Moisture, Taliah Waajid, Ruckers Roots, Carol’s Daughter, and more. These brands have the best products for braids while giving you what you need for your hair and scalp.

  • How long can I wear my braids?

Protective styles can last up to 6 – 8 weeks. You should not go beyond this time as it might out your hair in danger. Let your hair rest for a little while and you may resume installing another protective after a few weeks.

  • Can I wash my braids?

Yes, you can. But don’t overdo it. Sometimes, too much washing will only mess up your braids that it won’t look fresh any longer. It’s not nice. So, wash it at least once every two weeks and use non-heat blow dryers to dry it. On the days that you are not washing them, spray dry shampoo and an anti-itch scalp moisturizer. This will help your hair and scalp moisturize and condition naturally without washing them all the time.

  • I want to have cornrows. Will it be easy to achieve?

When it comes to creating cornrows, you have to part your hair depending on how big or small you want your braids to be. As a rule of thumb, the smaller portion of your hair is good for cornrows. Since you need to make your partings precise and neat, use a rat tail comb, then, secure them with a hair clip, so no stray hair will get in your way while doing the braids.

As a tip for cornrows, you need to use strands of hair, doing the standard braid crossing each section. One good thing about cornrows is you’re free to experiment with your hair, as you can create thick and thin braids, along with zigzag, curvy, and other designs on your partings.

Regardless of the protective style that you want for your hair, it is important that you have a healthy head of hair. You should always tend to your hair while you are rocking your favorite hairstyle!

Let’s keep checking more gorgeous braid hairstyles below.

Jumbo Dutch braids

Jumbo and lose Dutch braids are gorgeous for those who have long and thick hair. Don’t miss trying this out if you are planning on having braids on your next hairstyle!

Stunning side-swept braids

If you want a more feminine style of braids, go for side-swept braids that can take you from weekends to parties. Side swept braids can look casual and laidback, or fancy and glamorous depending on how you’re going to style your look.

Big Dutch braids updo

If you like, you may even go for a big Dutch braid updo. All you need is to secure your hair with a clip, so your hairstyle will look polished and neat. Some women even think of getting double Dutch top braids for where even shorter hair lengths will be able to rock the look.

Half-up Halo braid on blonde hair

If you’re aiming for a sleek, minimalist braid, opt for a top halo braid. However, this hairstyle is best when your hair is a bit voluminous and puffy. A great thing, you can add some texture to your straight hair with a texturizing hairspray, giving you that gritty yet polished look.

Jumbo fishtail braid

If you want a flirty look for a Sunday brunch with your girls or a romantic look for your upcoming dinner date, go for a fishtail braid. It can actually dress up your simple outfit of tee and jeans, or a sexy backless dress.

Disheveled fishtail braid

Fishtail braids are best for women with voluminous and fuller hair, so the intricate details of the braids will show. But a messy hairstyle works great on this too. If you need to boost your hair volume, prep your hair with a volumizing hairspray or cream. These are best with ponytails, so start by parting your hair in your desired part and pull your hair into a ponytail, securing the ends with a hair elastic. Or leave your hair fall freely and messy!

Loose one-sided fishtail braid

If you’ve got some highlights, a loose fishtail braid is the best way to show off your hair. If you’ve got long hair, you may even think of mermaid braids that will look great when mixed with fishtail braids and even traditional braids. Just finish off the look with a texturizing or even a volume-boosting hairspray, keeping your hairstyle polished and neat.

Triple fishtail braids

If you are looking for elegant braid hairstyles, this would be a perfect one for you! To get these sleek fishtail braids, you should start with clean hair. If you like, you may even use hair products that minimize frizz, so your braid hairstyle will look polished all day.

Big icy-blonde fishtail braid

If you wish to upgrade your braided headband, think of a fishtail braid. This look is great for women who’ve already mastered the hairstyle. All you need is to keep it in place and secure it with a hairpin.

We will leave you with more eye-striking braids below and let us know in the comments as to which one is your favorite!

If you want to add some carefree spirit to your style, go for bohemian braids, giving you a surfer-inspired look. To make the hairstyle a bit undone, you have to start with a hair with a slight texture, which can be achieved with a texturizing hairspray. You can even create braids without the need for hair ties. That might sound impossible, but everything can be achieved with a good hairspray.

Do the braids of your choice whether it’s a French braid, Dutch braid, individual braids, lemonade braids, and more. After all, you don’t need to weave all your hair till the ends just to create the look. A strong-hold styling hairspray is great if you want to skip hair ties, but you can always go for clear elastics to secure your braids.

Braids are an expression of art and personality that will allow you to show off your creative styling skills, revamp your style, and add some life to your daily looks. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to switch between these beautiful braid hairstyles and make your everyday looks fashion-forward and chic.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!