Celebrating Her Biggest Moments

Life is full of special events. Some of them are spontaneous and unexpected, while birthdays and graduations are a little predictable.

As these big days come along for the women we love, we all want to help them celebrate. We want those days to turn out to be exactly what she wants, making memories for her and building the bonds of friendship and family for all of us.

The thing is that celebrations are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. We can tailor our activities for any given event to make sense for the event itself. Let’s look at some ideas about how you can customize the parties to the events.

Turning 21

Lots of little girls make a fuss over turning 10 and 13, and teens go big on 16 and 18 as well. But 21 is a fairly universal observance because it’s the age when she can finally go out and enjoy an adult beverage.

Not surprisingly, the things you do for her 21st should center around a partying life. You should accommodate not only her new and legitimate driver’s license but also her friends that may have a few more months to go. Since that will rule out most bars and clubs, you should make your own private bar with a spacious venue where you can bring in an event DJ, a cash bar, and lots of space for dancing and mingling.

Getting Married

Somewhere down the road, she’ll be heading down the aisle. Bachelorette parties just keep getting bigger and more creative. They’ve evolved far beyond a booze-soaked night with a beefy stripper and have become amazing experiences for the wedding party and bride alike.

Lots of betrothed gals are hitting the road for their final night as a single lady. Getting all the logistics in order for the trip is a great tribute to your years together. Or you can spoil her (and yourselves) with a spa day that can double as some pre-wedding prep for everybody’s skin and hair.

Turning 30

My, how things change in nine years. The party girl with the streamers and bottomless margarita may now have a husband, kids, and a house. The party should make sense with that.

With all those commitments, she might enjoy an overnight party. Consider booking a nice hotel suite, then stock the mini-bar, order room service, and just give her some time with her closest friends to blow off the stress of her daily routine and have some laughs. The lodging doesn’t have to be far away, but you can still make it a destination party too.


Husband? Check. House? Check. Adorable kids? Check. Next stop: Career milestones.

After a few years on the job, things can really start to come together for your friend. She’s worked her way up from entry-level to mid-management, and her ship has finally come in: She is headed to the top. Or at least, close to the top.

There will be lots of noteworthy points in her career. When she hits one, it’s time to celebrate. Make plans for her day to reflect on her successful progression, from her education to her earliest days with the company. It’s a great party for a time warp, where you can break out some retro music and serve up food from the restaurants she has frequented along the way.

One of the most important things we can do as friends is to help one another remember and observe the major events in life. The best way to do that is with a party that suits the occasion.