Timing Is Everything: When’s the Best Time to Buy Concert Tickets?

Do you want to learn the ways on how to get concert tickets first?

Every fan—casual or hardcore—wants to see at least one live concert of their favorite artist. With tickets becoming available for sale online, it’s harder to secure a concert ticket today. In 2018, the K-pop group BTS had their concert tickets sold out in mere minutes.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best time to buy concert tickets. We’ll also give you some tips on finding cheap tickets and how you can still find good tickets if they’re all sold out. Read on to find out more.

  1. Why You Can’t Seem to Get Good Tickets

It’s not uncommon for unknowing fans of artists to find that the tickets for their concert are all sold out. Sometimes, it seems like a terrible turn of fate that you won’t get to see your favorite artist. Then, out of nowhere, you see a ticket is for sale online.

Though it’s more expensive, the fear of missing out compels you to buy the ticket. Sometimes, it’s the fear of never getting the chance to attend a concert in your state again. Thus, even if the ticket is $100 more expensive, all you can do is close your eyes and encode your pin into the checkout.

No matter how long you wait for the ticket release hours, you sometimes only end up wasting time. You may even find out that the concert seats are already out before the sale even opens. Unless you’re an insider or you know a generous one, you’re one of the masses wondering if you’ll even have another chance.

It can feel like back in the old days when tickets were only available in ticket stores and outlets. You’ve been in line for hours and you’re excited to get your hands on that concert ticket finally. Yet, you’re just unlucky enough to get in line after the person who’ll buy the last ticket.

This kind of situation can be frustrating, rage-inducing, and disappointing at the same time.

What You Need to Know About Pre-Sale Tickets

The thing about event tickets is that select people can get them before the online ticket sales open. Who are they? A handful of them includes event insiders, industry executives, and season ticket holders.

Did you ever wonder how radio stations and other platforms can afford to give away tickets? This is because they also get concert tickets in advance. Fan clubs of the artist doing the concert also gain advance tickets.

You may be wondering, are presale tickets cheaper? No, pre-sale tickets have the same price as regular tickets. The difference is when and to whom they’re available.

If a ticket becomes available, it’s because an industry exec who got an early ticket decided not to use it. Only less than half of the tickets become available to the public. For many casual fans that aren’t in an exclusive super-fan club, they have to settle for second-hand accounts or short clips on the internet.

Some insider people buy these tickets in bulk and sell them at higher prices. Though it’s a form of applying one’s business smarts, it can be unfair to unsuspecting fans. If you’re not an insider, the best way for you to get a concert ticket is to learn the rules and play the game.

Keep reading below to learn how to play the game of concert ticket-buying.

  1. When Is the Best Time to Buy Concert Tickets?

The best time to buy concert tickets is at the last minute. To be specific, the day before or the day of the concert is when you want to buy tickets. Now, you may think this is counterproductive and risky.

Your enthusiasm to see a concert will become the voice that tells you to hunt for one as soon as you can. After all, what if a hundred other fans are also waiting the last minute to get concert tickets? What if only a handful of tickets become available?

Stop worrying and read about the ticket market. The ticket market has two parties. The first one is the primary ticket market, and the other is the secondary ticket market or resellers.

Primary ticket sellers are ticket agents who sell tickets to the public. An example is Ticketmaster. Secondary ticket agents are those who sell tickets that insiders choose not to use.

Primary market ticket prices don’t change over. Compare this with secondary market tickets that have high prices at first. However, as the time nears the event date, the ticket prices become lower.

Secondary ticket agents need to recover at least some of their initial costs. If they don’t resell all the tickets by the day of the concert, they end up with losses and useless bits of paper. Some secondary market sellers even sell ticket prices lower than the original price.

There is also a benefit to waiting for the last minute to buy a ticket. Take the coronavirus pandemic, for example. Because of COVID-19, over 83 million attendees of sporting events, concerts, and more had to change their plans.

If you wait at the last minute, you’re sure that the event will continue. If more important emergencies come up, you don’t have to regret buying the ticket.

  1. Tips for Finding Concert Tickets Early

Waiting for the last minute isn’t always a good idea. It’s still better to secure your ticket as early as you can. This lets you get the best seats available and puts you at a reduced risk of running out of tickets.

One way to get tickets in advance is to become an insider.

There are several methods of becoming an insider. First, you can join fan clubs or groups. Once you’re in, sign up for pre-sale alerts in the group.

If you’re a credit card holder, check the credit card company. Chances are it offers special tickets or access to Ticketmaster events. Check the website of your credit card company for offers like these.

Note that finding early and/or cheap tickets isn’t easy. It takes time and effort to find concert tickets, especially those for good seats. You can also visit websites like Craigslist where concert tickets pop up often.

Also, stay alert when you’re hunting for good concert tickets. Remember that you’re up against ticket brokers and scalpers. They have experience with grabbing as many tickets as fast as they can.

If the ticket prices for a concert are expensive in your local ticket outlet, look for it in another state. Some states sell tickets at lower costs. You’ll need to set aside time and gas money for the travel, but it’ll be worth it.

If you must buy tickets for a group, try to buy them in pairs. It’s easier and faster to find deals for two tickets rather than five or six. This will mean you and your friends will have to separate during the concert, however.

Useful Tips on Buying Concert Tickets From Ticketmaster

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of becoming an insider, use Ticketmaster instead. As a tip, it’s better to be on the Ticketmaster website on Wi-Fi. Also, don’t use shared Wi-Fi networks as they can slow down your connection.

A good tactic is to set up an online account on Ticketmaster. This way, you can get instant alerts on artists or other events you mark as your favorites. Also, try downloading and using the Ticketmaster app.

If you’re waiting for tickets to become available on Ticketmaster, avoid opening the site on too many tabs or browsers. The Ticketmaster website may think you’re a bot. If you must, use two computers instead, each with only one browser to open the site with.

If you’re on the website and it says tickets are all sold out, don’t fret yet. Keep refreshing the page. You never know when one becomes available on Ticketmaster.

  1. How to Save on Tickets 

Concert tickets can be quite expensive, especially for special seats. If you know your budget can’t afford good tickets, there are some ways to still buy a concert ticket.

Start looking at coupons. Try coupon sites like Retail Me Not. Online discounts are also a good alternative, but be careful with the deals you make.

Again, as we mentioned, finding cheap tickets is about playing the waiting game. The perfect timing when buying tickets is at the last minute. However, this comes at the risk of not being able to attend the concert.

As a tip, look for scalpers or ticket brokers. Get in touch with them when the time is right. There’s a chance they still have some tickets on them.

However, be careful about showing your strategy. They can turn the tables if they know you’re asking for updates so you know they still have tickets left. They can lie and tell you they’ve got the last one.

Find Tickets to Your Favorite Artist’s Concert 

Nothing is as exhilarating and sensational as seeing your idol live. Even if you’re the length of the stadium away, the feeling of being present in a concert is so unique. There’s not much you can compare with a concert experience.

Now, you know the best time to buy concert tickets and then some. We hope this guide helps you make a dream of yours or a loved one’s come true.

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